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  1. Z

    [SOLVED] Unresponsive Web Pages (Network OK)

    Hi all, I have a user at my workplace who has reported websites loading extremely slowly. I've been to check myself and it's definitely as slow as he says When he tries to load a website, it'll hang there for about 5 seconds before saying the page has become unresponsive, with a choice to wait...
  2. ditrate

    Question Can I damage a file while using and seeding?

    Is it safe to use a downloaded file and seeding it at the same time?
  3. C

    [SOLVED] System interrupts at 100% cpu usage for no reason?

    Hello, I'm new to the forums and I hope this is the right place for this question. I found similar problems mentioned online but none of the solutions worked so far. I have been having some CPU usage problems with my PC lately. It first began with random web browser crashes which has never...
  4. C

    [SOLVED] Web browser in an email

    Hi guys, At my work, I have access to internet but only the mail box which is based on Outlook. I'd like to have access to the whole interconnected world wide Web net and I thought of a solution but I'm not sure if it's possible. Can we integrate a Web browser like chromium in a mail and...
  5. W

    [SOLVED] Can't view Camera Feed Via Anymore

    Ok so I have DVR cameras set up, they are connected to the router via ethernet. After finding out about using web browsers to view the camera feed, I've using it every day. It occasionally changes IP if the router resets or it turns off but I just switch to .4 or.6 and find it. Now when I try to...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] vpn software for mac

    i'm looking for a vpn service for my mac osx version 10.7. i know i have to upgrade but i need something for now. free would be great. by the way is tor browser any good? is it worth it?
  7. O

    [SOLVED] New PC built reboots every 2-3 days

    My new build hard reboots every couple of days when gaming no BSOD. I79700k Asus 390 Gaming E with 0702 BIOS flashed 16GB 3000mhz Vengeance pro RGB (CMW16GX4M2C3000C15) RTX 2080TI Corsairs 1000 HXI First off I had issues with my ram losing it's RGB profile settings until I updated the BIOS to...
  8. M

    [SOLVED] GTX1070 running PCIE 3.0 x8

    Here is my System: 1. New Ryzen 5 1600x 2. New Gigabyte b450 Aorus PRO 3. New 16gb Kit G.skill Aegis 3000mhz 4. New-used INNO3D GEFORCE GTX1070 HERCULEZ TWIN X2 V4 5. New Corsair RM750X - tested on many systems. Computer won't post(vga led is enabled) when GTX1070 is in Primary PCIE 3.0...
  9. R

    My 1st pc gaming build - RATE ME :)

    Hi all, Thank you for taking the time to rate this build. Its my 1st one ever so please be gentle. CPU: - Intel Core i7 8700 BOX (1151) GPU: - GIGABYTE GeForce GTX1060 6GB GDDR5 WindForce OC MB: - MSI 1151 B360 Gaming Plus RAM: - Corsair DDR4 2666 16GB Vengeance LED CL16 KIT (2x8GB) Red SSD...
  10. R

    Ryzen 5 2400G vs Ryzen 3 2200G

    Hi, I just saw the benchmarks of 2200G & 2400G and I was hugely surprised to see that 2200G is better than 2400G in Average benchs! 2200G in bench is 75.6% whereas 2400G in bench is 71.5% ! Does this true or not? here is benchmarking link 1-...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] New to PC gaming do I need a mechanical keyboard? If so which one?

    I purchase a custom built a rig for me (I5 3.2Ghz, Nvidea GTX 1060 3gig, 16 gig ram, 1 gig SSD) and I'm currently using a logitech wireless keyboard. I would like to upgrade to a mechanical board but honestly I don't why they're better. My budget is $30 to $40 and do I need a wired mouse? I'm...
  12. S

    Rebuild nightmares windows code

    So I took some old parts out of my pc to make a new one, with some new parts, using the old gpu, cpu and a cloned ssd. It started ok but got the windows code 0xc0000225. Whats the easiest way to fix this without reinstalling windows?
  13. S

    Can somebody link me the chart for supported ram

    Hello i'm picking parts for a pc and i can't find the chart for what ram is supported on the B450M PRO-VHD. Thanks in advance
  14. N

    Z390 win7 --> win10

    Hello, First time using the forums here, tried researching as much as I could and spoke to different individuals as well but couldn't get a solid answer. So question is, I'm building a new rig since mine fried (was 10yrs old) and upgrading to a z390 (asus hero xi) w/ i7-9700k. The concern I...
  15. F

    power supply issue

    Hello my power supply fan is having an issue my pc works fine while using it for browsing the web as soon as i start a 3D game after 5 minutes of play time my pc crashes so i noticed my psu fan is spinning but slowly i had it checked out nothing is cloging the fan from spining and i can't feel...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] Sony Bravia Vs Acer KG241Q

    Hello! I am a casual gamer, but also would like to have the best set up I can! Mostly FPS (rainbow six etc..) and I play on x box.. I had to order a couple new monitors for work, and figured I might upgrade my current set up. I am currently using a Sony Bravia KDL-52V5100. With a fairly large...
  17. B

    Low fps with EVGA GTX 1050ti

    My Specs are AMD Ryzen 3 1200 @3.49GHz EVGA 1050ti 16 GB DDR4 RAM Screen Res is 1920x1080 Getting about 40-60 fps in CSGO, 60 fps in Rocket League, and less than 60 in almost every game, all on the lowest settings. -All Drivers are up to date -PC was recently cleaned, fresh install of Windows
  18. J

    Windows don't recognize GPU (gtx 1060)

    Hi all, today i've installed windows 10 and made all the updates and installed all drivers except the nvidia driver because i get an error. this one: GPU-Z : imgur.com/a/3a1J2pW (can't use the picture button for imgur) I already updated BIOS. Any idea? Thank you all.
  19. A

    High Ping on Amazon EC2 servers (PUBG, Fortnite and Overwatch)

    [Moderator Note: Moving post to Networking.] I've been having this recurring problem with my ISP and I feel so in the dark about it since the people that answer their support hotlines don't provide you much information. I'm from the Philippines and my family is subscribed to PLDT's 50mbps...
  20. V

    Fps drop a lot

    I didn't find an explanation for my problem here , so I will put a question myself. I was usually getting 90 to 120 fps(with high settings) on fortnite until last day when suddenly I got to 10-20 fps. After that I switched to the lowest settings and the game still ran with 30fps max. Then , I...
  21. H

    Wich CPU for MSI 1080?

    Hello, Im planning to build a new PC but I dont know wich CPU and motherboard fits well with the 1080 ( I dont want to overclock).
  22. 1Reality1

    [SOLVED] Fastest Boot Drive - M.2 / Sata3?

    What is the fastest type of drive to boot, an M.2 or Sata3?
  23. D

    connect a display with usb 3.0 input to hdmi output on device

    I have a display that only accepts usb 3.0 input. I want to use it as wall mounted display and stream or cast to it. I can't find anything that converts HDMI to USB 3.0 (I don't think I can anyway). I see lots of HDMI/USB adapters but they seem to imply a direction i.e usb to hdmi not vice...
  24. A

    Asus x555l Battery/Charging Problem

    I've had this laptop for over a year and had no problems at all. Yesturday my daughter plugged in the wrong charger and it instantly shutdown the laptop and it would not come back on until I plugged in the correct charger. I thought phew, that was a close one, until I realised the battery was...
  25. E

    Can’t connect to specific FTP server

    Everyone else with access can connect to it, but I can’t connect from my home network, both on Ethernet or wifi using different applications. I can connect to other FTP servers though. Is it possible the server has blocked me or my internet has blocked the server?
  26. C

    Internet download speed appears capped, but only on my PC (upload is OK).

    Hello everyone and thanks for reading into my problem. Here's the issue in detail: I have a 60mbps down and 10 mbps up fibre optics connection, with a ZTE F660 router provided by the IP. Recently, I noticed my downloads were much slower than before, most prominently in Steam where I have a...
  27. B

    What is the best water cooler

    Corsair H110 Corsair H100i gtx Corsair H100i Nzxt Kraken x60 My spec Asus z170 pro gaming Intel i5 6600k 8gb 2400mhz Corsair ax850
  28. M

    why is my cpu overheating

    ok so about an hour ago i decided to clean the radiator of my AIO CPU liquid cooler. it was full of dust and i didnt have any can of compressed air so i used a damp paper towel that i ran under the kitchen sink faucet the rang dry to get most of the water out. i put everything back together and...
  29. bariqin

    Is Deepcool maelstorm 120t durable and worth to buy ?

    hi guys so iam new with using water cooling well yesterday i bought deepcool maelstorm 120t, without doing some research beacuse i want to use watercooling so bad after i ask people on several forum, some people said that i have to be carefull because it can be easily leak, and other people...
  30. D

    i5 4th gen or FX 8###

    Hello, I want to upgrade my CPU but my situation is a bit strange. I have 2 systems that one has [ FX 4300 - GIGABYTE 78LMT-8G RAM] and one intel system with the following specs [PENTIUM G3258 - GIGABYTE H81-S2-8G RAM].(got a r9 280). What i want now is to be able to play games like PUBG at...
  31. X

    Pc restarts on it's own

    Hello. When I boot up my PC to the desktop, at any point when I'm playing games or doing something else, the PC will restart on it's own then i dont think it won't do it again the second time. This has been going on for a little while now and I'm sick of it. It will restart by itself the first...
  32. A

    Where to find different drivers for a new laptop?

    Hi everyone! I purchased an ASUS laptop that comes with a driver disk branded 'Win 10-only compatible'. Much to my frustration, on their website the company offer no other driver versions so what about users of other OS? I have used Win 10 and I don't like it, would much prefer 7. And what about...
  33. G

    i7 8700k cpu

    watched a few videos that say this chip gets super hot and hard to cool. is this right ?
  34. L

    Max Temp on my pc decreases my cpu performance

    The problem started out of nowhere, every time my cpu reaches 53.5 degrees the usage is set to 30% limit so that the temp on it decreases, but so does performance. I have tried to mess with the BIOS, even update it, but the problems still carries on. You guys have any ideias? My pc specs...
  35. V

    R7 360 Fan Durability/GPU Temps Questions

    Hello! I've recently bought a ~ 2 year old PC for a pretty good deal. Lately, I've been running into temperature issues with my GPU under full load when gaming. The temperatures at idle are fine though, only sitting at around 40 degrees Celsius. However, under gaming load it jumps up to 85...
  36. D

    7700K bottleneck sli 1080ti?

    Will a stock 7700K bottle neck sli 1080ti?
  37. R

    PC problems with Toshiba Satellite A215=S4757

    I cannot get any flash drive to download nor get my 15 pin output to hdmi into the TV work. HELP! please
  38. D

    PC randomly crashing and restarting

    Since about one month my gaming pc started to randomly crash about every hour and reboot directly afterwards. Now this crashes happen already about 20 seconds after the start so most of the time I can't even log into windows. I was already monitoring the temperature. Also i was trying to use a...
  39. D

    My pc is getting bsod constantly

    So as i said in the title my pc is getting bsod for the past 3 months. Bsod message included (whea unccorectable error,clock wqtch dog, and many others) but since i went trough a lot of fixes i just get driver irql less or equal. I can go around my pc for about 45mins and then bsod. My pc is 6...
  40. G

    How To Use Dev. Tools To Stop Pop Up Windows/Redirects

    Hello! Alright, so I'm having an issue with multiple websites. They are show/movie streaming sites, and, as many know, they are notorious for redirects, fake links, etc. So, quite a few of these sites have a pop up window that comes from a specific website (deloton.com), which, as soon as that...