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windows 10 2004

Forum discussion tagged with windows 10 2004.
  1. Mk782001

    [SOLVED] Windows Won't Boot into Setup

    Hey Guys, I just got a 2.5" inch 240GB Sata SSD (WD Green) for my OLD hometheatre PC with H55 Mobo and i3 540 with GT710, enough for movies/streaming on my TV. The question is that I wanna do a clean installation of Windows 10 on the new SSD and I cannot seem to boot into the setup using my...
  2. yullbarez

    Question Should I Upgrade My Windows 10 To 2004 From 1909?

    Hi, should i upgrade my Windows 10 to 2004 from 1909? Thanks.
  3. GGOD

    Question I'm getting a BSOD "KMode Exception not handled"

    Im Getting a BSOD "KMode Exception not handled" each time i try to update my device or boot from Windows installation media. Everything else works fine ,but i cant seem to be able to update ,nor force a clean install ,cause i get this BSOD every time i try to update ,or reboot into a Windows...
  4. somesh101

    Question random reset of windows 10 2004

    i have a windows 10 on Ryzen 1600 MSI B350 tomahawk Msi gtx 1060 OC 6gb recently.... I performed updates on the system including windows 10 2004 update. I started to have random restart. System turns off as if power is cut off and then it will start again. suspecting of power supply...
  5. Mk782001

    [SOLVED] Constant Blue Screen

    Hey Guys, The problem is suddenly from yesterday, my PC constantly runs into Blue Screen with "System Service Exception" StopCode Error 90% of the time. And while I am browsing the webpage crashes sometimes saying Restart Chrome or PC. And I've been getting crashes during game sessions. I have...
  6. Nightmare1223

    Question Windows installation media unable to boot with raidarray 0

    Note: please go easy on me with spelling and such I'm currently on my phone cuz my server won't work Alright, so I have an IBM system x 3650 M4 server. At one point I had a bootable windows 10 pro hard drive in it, it worked fine boot it and everything until I tried to reset the array Windows...
  7. Question White line on left of main monitor.

    Hi, I've recently updated from the W10 1903 update to the 2004 update and recently whenever I have a chrome tab at full-screen and not have it focused a thin white line appears on the left of my main monitor.
  8. J

    Question Can't Overclock GPU with New PSU PC Crash Always

    Hi Guys!! Issue is my GPU is behaving fritzz with my new PSU ever since i installed it, causing Windows to crash or give me blank screens in a loop and ultimately it's reset now and at this point i have to setup all my software and work softwares again of which many were paid and lost hours of...
  9. M

    Question HDD Usage 100% even at idle and unable to load dll "iaStorAfsServicesApi.dll"

    So I recently updated to the new 2004 build of windows 10 and my pc started lagging a lot. I checked the task manager for issues and it shows my hdd is at 100% at all times maybe dropping to 98% for a second or two and after some time a new error also started popping up. unable to load dll...
  10. CAF-Arie

    Question My PC won’t turn on after I force shut down during installing windows 10 2004

    So I saw an update on the newest windows 10 2004 and when it finished downloading it needed to restart and it wanted to restart immediately, but i was working on some stuff so I pressed cancel immediately. Then the screen got all white but my mouse curson it still there. So I pressed the...
  11. CrispyChrispy

    Question Windows 10 Activation Error 0xc0000022 and 0xcC004F012

    I have been experiencing this problem on my laptop, where it says I have not activated Windows 10 yet, even though it's been activated for the past 3 years, up until now. I get both errors 0xc0000022 and 0xcC004F012 when I try to troubleshoot it in Settings. I have tried enabling/starting up...
  12. vincenzoo1

    Question PC freezes while playing games

    Hi! So I just built my PC a week ago but it freezes whenever I play games, once it does I have to force reboot it. It happens randomly. Do you have any ideas what might cause it. I do not have any BSOD prompts once this is happening. Here are the things I have tried so far. Flash BIOS to...
  13. G

    Question Windows 10 2004 (May 2020 update)

    Hi all I upgraded my PCs to Windows 10 2004 release on the day it became available on 28th May. I’ve noticed since then that there are no new updates in Windows update when I check. I thought after 5 days there would at least be a security update or some other kind of update. Normally after...
  14. H

    Question Doesn't Windows 10 v.2004 Create a Recovery Partition Anymore?

    I just installed Windows 10 version 2004 on a VM and I see that the Recovery Partition is not being created anymore: View: https://imgur.com/a/Y6DySvC But, on Windows 10 version 1909, I noticed that the Recovery Partition does get created: View: https://imgur.com/1tF9j9K Is it the...
  15. c76_pcGmFR1SP4bq4aUHvy3Q

    [SOLVED] Drops to ~3 FPS in all games every 2-20 minutes, CPU Utilization drops to 4%

    Hello everyone, G5 15 5590 laptop here. For about 1 1/2 months I've had this problem (can't tell exactly when since I haven't been gaming lately) where, in every single game I play and every 2-5 minutes, my FPS will be drastically lower (3) for a minute, then come back up. The reason I posted...
  16. A

    Question Microstuttering in games

    Hello Guys, I am having some stuttering issues while playing games like Fortnite, AC Odyssey, Watch Dogs 2, I get some micro stutters and it's really annoying, I have tried tons of method and it didn't remove the stuttering. Now I am using the windows 10 2004 and still I notice mild...