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  1. F

    will a gtx 760 sli, 4790k (may overclock) and a h100i work on a ax 760 or ax860?

    im needing to know this for a new build thanks in advance :)
  2. Alex Kelly

    Prime95 28.5 crazy high temps?

    Hey guys :) I've been trying to get more out of my 4670K lately, and decided to update Prime95 from 27.9 to 28.5, since doing this, my max temps have shot up from 74C to 82C with a voltage of 1.8, after running Small FFTs for over an hour. Should I be concerned? My temps in Intel Burn Test are...
  3. J

    r9 290 tri x or msi and monitor

    Hi guys .. i need to buy vcard and pc monitor soon , i just sold my 32 inches tv monitor to buy pc monitor because i dont like its picture quality etc and mainly because its a tv.. and my gtx 470 is now outdated and crashing.. i need your ideas on ehat to buy msi or tri x or wait for 290 vapor...
  4. Thanatognomonic

    Nvidia installer not working

    Hey folks After recently having to completely wipe my Nvidia drivers due to a Nv4_disp.dll blue screen error, (apparently re-installing all Nvidia drivers made the error go). Now, every time I go to install the drivers, the installer gets stuck on the "system check" part. I've had it sitting...
  5. W

    AMD cpu tier

    Hi, does anyone know what tier Amd:s Phenom II X4 820 2,8 GHz lands at in the hierarcy chart. As of rigth now i have an 9350e but i can get a hold of the 820 for a small buck, don´t know if it´s worht it tough. Thanks for any input.
  6. S

    Help me in finding the right laptop.. VS toshiba U940-X3110 I want the laptop to be alive for 3-5 years with not much of problems .. I need for gaming and movies .. Thanks in advance
  7. E

    Gtx 780 ti Game Problems

    I have trouble with my MSI Afterburner gtx 780ti where it doesnt get any good fps on any games, it should atleast get 30 fps on battlefield 4 on high but it doesnt seem to get any better than 10. And on assassins creed 4 its unplayable, its weird cause they followed with the graphics card? Help...
  8. S

    GTX 780 core clock speed or these are the two gpus im considering for my build. theyre basically...
  9. L

    hal.dll Bluescreen Windows 7 x64 Dell Studio 1735

    Hi, I have only just installed Windows 7 x64 on my Dell Studio 1735 and I am suddenly getting a "hal.dll" bluescreen with IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. I never got this before formatting and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on fixing it. I have installed all the available Windows updates and have...
  10. Mortifix

    Having trouble with my card.

    I have an ASUS S96J with an X1600. As many of you know the drivers for this card are crap. I installed the latest video drivers from the ASUS website and everything was working fine, but I would get lots of problems with games that used shaders such as EVE Online. I decided to install the latest...
  11. L

    192 168 1 1Admin Netgear

    Hello, i need anew password formy new computer in order to get my router to perform its a netgearwgr14v9
  12. B


    whats the deal between OEM and Retail? people tell me to buy retail and people tell me to buy OEM to save money. whats tha deal?
  13. D

    Lexmark printer drivers p6250

    Hello, I have a Windows 7 company computer which has disabled function for download of driver from Microsoft and said I need to either use my original CD that came with the printer (All in one printer) or google the download, but I'm not sure if I should download the software for the printer or...
  14. S

    How i solved my inexplicable lag in games.

    Hi, I just thought I would share the story of how I fixed the mysterious lag that I was having In games shortly after I upgraded to Windows 7 64bit. I had a really annoying symptom where I would fire up an intensive game such as MW3 and it would play fine for around 5 - 10 min from a cold boot...
  15. C

    Windows 7 search problem

    hello all, i have windows 7 starter running on my pc and when I search for files or folders that are sure present on my PC or want to search for remaining files or residual folders after uninstalling programs in windows 7, the search function in Windows 7 finds no remaining files or residual...
  16. Mithness

    Windows 7 not supported on my Motherboard What does that mean?

    Windows 7 isn't supported on my Motherboard does that mean i can't get it? or is it just theirs no drivers and stuff for windows 7 for my motherboard?
  17. F

    File Information Utility

    Back in the early DOS days I used a FileInformation (FI) program that was part of the Norton Utilities. It was a very handy tool to create short descriptions of the various files in a particular directory. The FI program was dropped from the Norton Utilities, and I have never been able to find...
  18. G

    MS NotePad

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.help_and_support (More info?) 3:48 AM 9-1-2005 Is the current version of MS NotePad faulty or just my version? The cursor winds up at different location in a message without ANY direction from me.
  19. G

    File conversion?

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.basics (More info?) Having changed pc, was running 2000NT, now running XPPro, I have cut data files (word, excel, paintshop pro) to cdr.I cant read them on XP, infact xp claims the cd has nothing on it. What do I need to do??? many thanks PJ
  20. D

    What is the first upgrade I should make to my system? I bought this last year on black friday for 900. I'm starting to consider upgrading it for Borderlands 2 but I'm not quite sure where to start. What would anyone here recommend I upgrade first? Is an Nvidia card worth getting for...