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  1. S

    Backplate of NZXT Kraken x61 fall of?

    Hi Toms :) I recently installed NZXT Kraken x61 cooling system by following the manual. Everything seems to be done correctly since the pump works like a charm. Today I opened my case to blow some dust out and noticed that the backplate of the watercooling was loose in one of the backplate's...
  2. T

    Lag and Stuttering happening while gaming in NFS and The Crew with i5 2nd gen GTX950 2GB

    Hello So about 8 months ago, I managed to buy myself a new GPU (Asus GTX950 strix OC 2GB) because my previous one was too old to run anything new. My CPU is an i5-2300 (2.8 GHZ up to 3.1), it is quite old but I thought it should still handle most of the current existing games. But things didn't...
  3. N

    What is this? found in computer case.

    So i found this little guy rolling around in my computer case but im not sure whats its from, the computer seems to be running okay and i have no idea how long this has been disconnected for i have no way to take a picture to upload somewhere but it is siver and has two tiny legs at the bottom...
  4. gerry410

    Purchase New Laptop

    This is a primary computer for my sister. She's not a gamer Will be mainly for surfing/emails /photo and music. I think a Core i3 or i5 is sufficient, she ..........likes HP. Thanks all, Love the Tom's Community 1. What is your budget? Max $600.00 2. What is the size of the notebook that...
  5. GAMER_1

    Shortest in length r9 fury?

    What would be the shortest r9 fury? I can buy the r9 fury in my area for the same price as a 390x. So which one would be the shortest since all of them are 3 fans (I think). If there isn't one that is 2 fans or short enough for my case, then is there 2 fan versions of the 390x that are able to...
  6. moulderhere

    odb2 module and great software

    I need a cheaper replacement to snap on. Anybody recommend a highly compatible odb2 module for as many vehicles as viable possible. A USB or Bluetooth transfer module. Then great complete diagnostic software as well to use. I prefer software that will provide the utmost information regarding...
  7. B

    Motherboard not detecting my Graphics card

    Ok so about 2 months ago I purchased an MSI R7 370 4gb and it has been working perfectly. Last month it broke and i sent it back and it just came back. Now when i plug the dvi in the graphics card i dont get anything but a black screen but when i plug the dvi in the motherboard i get signal and...
  8. R

    Asus gtx 950 on my PSU

    I'm going to buy an Asus gtx 950 lp edition (75w),will my PSU be able to power it? Mly specs- Pentium dual core e5700 6gb ram Frontech jil 2414i 450w PSU (19 amps on +12v rail)
  9. J

    voltage trouble with my pc

    Voltage bios too high
  10. S

    Anyone have any experience with the Asus X58 Rampage III motherboards?

    Hey lurkers, I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Asus X58 Rampage III Gene, Formula, Extreme or Black editions. I'm looking to pick one up for a family member and I was wondering if there are any common problems or issues with these boards that people have experienced. I've...
  11. K

    Phenom 9950 Black edition in Asus M2N68-LA?

    Hi everyone I have a Compaq SR5130NX tower that I was looking to upgrade and I was just wondering if the Phenom 9950 black edition would fit in the motherboard. The motherboard is an AM2 socket while the CPU is an AM2+ socket, but I wanted to be sure it would work. Thanks.
  12. E

    FitTek PS1/PS2 to PC adapter not working on Windows 10

    Okay, I'm not sure what to do with this one. I recently received an adapter to plug in Playstation 1 and 2 controllers to either a PS3 or PC. Naturally, I want to try it out with my PC games, so I plugged it in, and it installed like it should. However, there doesn't seem to be any kind of...
  13. Malek Agha

    Is this a good budget Intel build for what I'm going to do?

    My budget for this build is $900. I'm going to use it for a lot of photoshop, web surfing and gaming. The gaming I'm going to do isn't going to be like me playing BF4 for 4 hours straight. I'm not going to be playing that long. Here is the build:
  14. A

    Facing problem with NFS Rivals in i3

    facing problem with NFS Rivals in i3 Guys I'm facing problem with NEED FOR SPEED #RIVALS. In my laptop specs are 4 GB RAM,I3 3rd gen 1.8ghz 500GB Hdd and 2 GB graphics Intel HD 4000
  15. B

    Gaming pc build under 1100

    I was hoping you could help me build a gaming PC for twitch streaming. I need the full computer build including monitor keyboard and mouse it would be nice if it had some LED lights in it too. I am new to this so it would be awesome if you could help. I'm looking at a price range under 1100 for...
  16. N

    First time budget Build, what do u think

    I have about 700$ to spend and already have the i7 CPU this is what I put together, let me know if anyone has any suggestions or if it all looks good
  17. xhazardcfc

    Rate this PC?

    Could this be used as a Gaming PC? AMD Radeon HD 7560D & R5 235 dual graphics. AMD A8-5500 APU (3.2ghz) Hard drive: 1 TB Memory: 6 GB I would only use this to play games like DayZ, Tropico etc
  18. M

    Vista Install (New HDD)

    Hello. I am working on my PC, the hard drive was about to fail. I purchased a new HDD and I need to reinstall Windows Vista Basic 64-bit. Normally I would just boot to my Vista CD and type in the Product Key on the bottom of the machine; however, there is not key on the bottom. It did not come...
  19. S

    CPU tempatures !

    I have HW Monitor to look at my temperatures for my CPU GC Etc, but there is two thing that deal with my CPU there is CPU and the actual name of my CPU which is the A10 6800k, but the thing is that they both have different tempatures. the CPU is usually around 35C but the other one is usually...
  20. M

    Do I have a decent gaming PC?

    My specs are CPU-AMD FX-6300 3.5GHz GPU-AMD Radeon HD 7850 RAM-8GB DDR3 Motherboard-Asus M5A97 R2.0 Hard Drive-Seagate Barracuda 500 Is this decent enough for low to mid range gaming?