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  1. valzi

    sfc /scannow "System repair pending which requires reboot to complete"

    1. When I go to Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Performance Information and Tools and click "Rate this computer," it crashes before it's done. 2. Desktop Window Manager Sessions Manager is disabled, not running, and the option to start it is greyed out. 3. sfc \scannow didn't finish, so...
  2. I

    My CPU says my sond device is working properly, but no sound?

    I have a Lenovo 3000 n100 laptop w/Win 7 pro 64bit. As I was saying my cpu says all sound components work even when I do a test it shows on the volume bar that sound is getting pushed through, same thing when I plug headphones in, I don't hear anything but a real faint beep that doesn't stop...
  3. I

    Compaq evo n610c drivers for windows 7

    Hello, I installed Windows 7 on my Compaq laptop (Evo N610c) but cant find any drivers on Compaq site for Win 7. Everything was installed except Audio. Can someone help?
  4. A

    Win 7 premium driver for deskjet 1220c printer 64 bit

    I cant find deskjet 1220c printer driver for windows 7 home premium 64bit..please help smb me for mail is Please do not post your @mail (that way u are helping to spread the spam), u will be automatically notified if some one post fresh line in your thread. Thanx : )
  5. M

    MK II 2408 driver for windows 7

    i want to connect motu 2408 mkII with my acer laptop please tell me how to connect
  6. B

    Simple file encryption software??

    hi i was wondering if someone could recommend some simple and free file encryption software. basically i just want something where I can right click a folder in windows 7 and choose "encrypt" or something similar, and then be able to enter a password. then from that point forward, when i try...
  7. T

    Perplexing virus

    Hello, My computer will not allow me to open any programs except those that came installed initially. For example, I cannot open firefox, itunes, adaware, etc. However, I can open IE, paint, games. I also cannot install anything either whether in safe mode or not, even if I change the exe name...
  8. N

    Install default mail server

    When I try to interact with a website to ask questions, I get the default mail server not properly installed. I have tried a number of things to no avail. Is there a fix for this? I have Windows 7 on a 64 bit computer.
  9. T

    Presario62 showing dark screen

    Hello, i installed windows updates and restarted my computer. It displays dark screen after restartimg it it . What might be the problem?? please help
  10. 1

    Cdc abstract control model driver download

    my galaxy ace phone did not come with a disc and i want to upload some photos onto my laptop
  11. C

    User profile cannot be loaded

    My computer will not allow me to log on because it cannot find my user profile. Is this a serious error or something that a computer person could fix quickly and easily?
  12. K

    How to change location that all programs use

    Hello, My computer was set up in Florida but I work out of California so IE always defaults it's searches to Florida so how can I change this
  13. B

    D 610 latest driver

    Hello, I want dell 610 video driver for windows 7 32 bit.
  14. M

    Internet options tools for windows 7

    My IE8 toolbar had "tools" to select my internet options. Where can I find it in Windows 7
  15. S


    Hello, i can't seem to find my webcam , and it doesn't wanna turn on please help me out :(
  16. A

    I need help at buying a receiver

    Hi guys, I'd like to buy a good receiver for my birthday. I've never owned one before, so I'd really really appreciate it if you could help me choose one. :ange: Okay, so here are a few details to start with: *It's meant for the main hall (which is a bit over average in size). *It's not for...
  17. TopGun

    Need help with a few OS questions.

    Hey Tech Authorities, I'll give you the details, and hopefully you guys can help me figure out what would be the best way to go about this. I have a 640GB WD HDD that has my full retail copy of Windows 7 Pro installed on it. I have an OEM copy of windows 7 home. I have a 1TB Samsung HDD and...
  18. C

    Window 7 video card driver

    Hello, I want video card driver for games
  19. B


    I can not get my computer to print in black on any printer what is my problem can someone please help me :(
  20. T

    Netbt driver download

    MY email is Do not post your @mail, u will be automatically notified if some one post fresh line in your thread. Thanx : )