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  1. K

    Acer laptop microphone driver

    Hi, Unable to get my Acer 5220 laptop internal microphone to work, Was fine with VISTA , but since changing to windows 7 I seem to have lost it. Ken
  2. W

    No wireless signal

    Hello, each time i try getting on linei must un plug router wait 10 secs plug it backin then i have signal
  3. D

    Graphics problem after new win 7 install

    bantu gan
  4. D

    Acer dosen't boot (not original cd) need help

    Acer pc dosen't boot, I do not have original cd and my windows ic crashed, I have cd with windows 7 and pc dosen't boot.
  5. S

    Sm bus controller driver windows 7

    kindly help Under Device manager the fallowing drivers are missing - toshiba c660-PSC1LE- Ethernet Controller PCI simple communications controller SM bus controller Unknown Device
  6. M

    Windows 7 home premium startup repair

    i keep getting a frozen screen when i start my computer i turn it off and back on a window open that said re lauch i press enter then it starts to scan next window said startup repair failed do u want to restore i press yes and the computer is fine until the day and it starts all over again how...
  7. S

    Memory card not detected in pc

    memory card(sony memory stick PRO Duo 4GB MARK2) not detected. How to recover datas/images?
  8. A

    My lap top does not work properly

    Hello, fn key does not work my key board.and also fn key does not work with on screen key can i solve this matter...
  9. F

    Msconfig - processors option question.

    Hi I was in msconfig setting which apps will startup and which ones dont when booting up the PC. I noticed that the number of processors selected was 1. I have a i5 2500K 3.3GHZ. If i select 4 processors and apply changes, will it damage my system when booting? or should i just leave it alone...
  10. S

    Bluetooth peripheral device driver for Lifebook AH550

    Hello I want the bluetooth peripheral device driver for Fujitsu Lifebook AH550 and I can not find. Is it possible somebody do favor and help me? Thanks Ali Sajjadpour
  11. Dark Lord of Tech

    Google opens its social network to all

    Are you going to join? Google opens its social network to all Google+, the search giant's bid to boost its relevance in the socially networked world of the Web, is now open to the masses. Google had required invitations to the service since its debut as a "project" in June. But this morning...
  12. lckeed

    Win7 open as if I had a dual screen setup - I only have 1

    When win 7 open up, what I see on my single display is a desktop screen of a tipical secondary display that would be placed on the right of the main screen. I go into desktop properties and I see that win7 detect and show 2 screens as if I had a dual screen setup. But I only have one 24"...
  13. C

    USB ports not working in windows 7

    Hello, I just restored my Toshiba Satellite c655 to the factory settings and the usb ports do not work, help???
  14. P

    Umax astra 4100 driver download windows 7 Free

    How can i download the driver of UMAX ASTRA 4100 SCANNER DRIVER
  15. D

    Media player shut down

    Hello, Hi Every time I put a dvd into the computer , windows media player opens, ther used to be a Xin the upper right hand corner to allow you to shut it down, but the box x is gone. How do I get the X back or how do I shut media player down
  16. R

    $1215 Budget Render/gaming PC

    Approximate Purchase Date: Today/Tomorrow Budget Range: $1215 I can go slightly above to around $1300 but I would like to stick close to the $1215 mark Don't be afraid to push it towards $1300 if needed. System Usage from Most to Least Important: Games/Video Rendering/Browsing/movies Are you...
  17. G

    mass renaming

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?) Is there any way to rename files with almost a find/replace approach? I have many files in formats that I'd like to rename, and I'd like a convenient way (more convenient than F2ing each name or right clicking) to rename...
  18. G

    What i don't get about these cpus

    :pfff: Everyone is always saying that the Athlon xp 3200 is faster than the pentium 4 3.0 ghz. if this is true, how come when i check my athlon 3200 specs, it says 2.2 ghz? just give a straight answer about which is better for gaming. Thank you ;)
  19. G

    Soundblaster X-fi Fatal1ty FPS....does it work on vista?

    I started off by making a budget gaming rig but know seem to have spent more on the system as i have gone along. The one compoment i dont have is a sound card. Is it worth me getting one? Will i notice an improvement in gaming? I saw this Soundblaster X-fi Fatal1ty FPS in CEX (Computer...
  20. L

    MPG in adobe premiere

    Okay, so I have an MPG file that premiere says it doesnt support. So, I convert the MPG file to AVI but now adobe premiere says the audio rate is not supported. Next, I try and strip out the audio. So I try to import the AVI file, which has no audio, and I still get "the audio rate is not...