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  1. R

    Desktop PC only starts up "sometimes"

    Okay, so i've been having this issue for a while, where if i turned off my PC, or it turned off for any reason, i would press the power button and no fans would spin, no sounds, no POST, etc. But i always see a light on my GPU and motherboard. The only way i could fix that was to wait for a few...
  2. S

    Can't get dual channel RAM working

    Hi guys, having a problem with my new build, I placed my ram how the manual says to have dual channel (basically putting the ram in the matching colour slots, grey or black) but no matter which of the two configurations I placed the ram it would boot loop without posting. The build in question...
  3. D

    Laptop under 90000 INR

    Hi guys, after much consideration I've decided to pick a laptop for gaming other than custom building a desktop because I really need the mobility, i have a budget of 90000 INR because I'm from India and I need the best possible laptop for gaming , what I'm looking for is a laptop that delivers...
  4. K

    Need Help For Gaming

    I was needing help looking for PC single player games that I could run on this Jurassic rig. Thanks for the help and I know the rig is treacherous believe me, I am the one experiencing it! Graphics - AMD Radeon HD 6750 Processor - AMD Athlon 7750 Dual Core 2.7 Ghz RAM - G.SKILL 4GB...
  5. A

    please help me with weird situation regarding internet access!!!

    I am not in a position to pay for 200mbps internet, so I am splitting with neighbor. I am currently using an ASUS gaming laptop to play games and browse the web but I am thinking of switching to a desktop because I would like to use a 144mhz screen and that isn't possible on my laptop because...
  6. B

    Have the Windows Creators Update Issues Been Resolved for PCI-E WLAN Cards Yet?

    Just was looking to get a basic wlan card and every product I find seems to be plagued with poor reviews regarding driver issues with the Windows creators update. Can anyone confirm whether these issues have been resolved?
  7. ragnarok94

    Why foes this happen ons startup? windows 7 64bit

    I previously had an ssd boot drive, but since it filled up i replaced it with a cloned 1tb hdd i had. only problem is i did some stuff to speed up boot on my ssd and i think its messing up my hdd. when i restart from updates i get this screen https://imgur.com/a/9rS0E any ideas?
  8. D

    PC frozen.shutting down no help.

    Hope someone answers quickly. After “PC at risk came up on lower bar, PC froze. Finally got PC to shut down, but that didn’t help. Everything still inoperable. Please help if you can. Thanks.
  9. N

    Pc randomly shuts down-restart (tecra m11 eu ,win 10,8gb ram,ddr3 mobo,300 gb hdd,screen also not working)

    Hello people of tom's hardware,ive been tackled with a mild problem you see i have a laptop from toshiba tecra m11 europe-greek edition and i got the problem that the last year it always restarts(frequently like per minute or up to an hour),it had a serious heating problem so i applied new...
  10. W

    MSI B250M PRO-VD black screen and VGA EZ Debug light on?

    Hi. I built my first PC about a month and a half ago and have used it with no issues until now. Last night I had to rush out and I turned the PC off at the mains without shutting it down. When I came home later and powered it back on there was an error message about something having gone wrong...
  11. F

    Windows forces me to update

    I have disabled windows update in services multiple times but for some reason it goes back to manual by itself and forces me to update. I can't click out of the screen that tells me to update now or set a time to update and right now it said it was gonna restart in an hour to update by itself...
  12. I

    Can my RAM be fixed?

    I have 8gbs(2 4gb) of ram installed on my PC but earlier today while watching a movie my computer crashed. I shut the computer off by holding the power button and It stopped working for a time after that but after some troubleshooting I figured out that it was my ram. One of my ram sticks...
  13. R

    Need clarification Cpu Cooler .

    Hello community I just got my new RIG build recently and im noobie to PC Parts so this build was basically recommended by a friend which later i was told by bunch of other friends that my CPU fan Cooler is extremely weak and a waste of money , i would like to note that i was in a extreme tight...
  14. A

    How to convince my parents to let me build a PC

    I am 16 years old, almost entering my junior year. I had my exams recently and got straight As. My birthday is coming up and I desperately need a new computer. My current one is a minimum speced MacBook Pro mid 2012. It's not like my family is poor. We are upper middle class. So money isn't an...
  15. J

    I have a Compaq Presario cq62 that the power light LED is on the Caps light is blinking and the wifi signal light is on and it

    I have a Compaq Presario cq62 the charge LED is an orange is red color the Caps light is blinking white the power LED is white and I can hear it running in the background but nothing on the screen
  16. S

    RYZEN 5 1600 build

    Does the CPU and RAM go together? Do all the components work well together? Will be used for; Csgo, LoL, pubg, etc. and work
  17. S

    LGA 775 Pentium + GTX 950

    I found an ancient pc collecting dust in our basement and it has a Pentium 4 CPU, Asus P5PE-VM, and DDR400 with IDE drives though the board has SATA ports. I was wondering if I could test my GTX 950 I got from a friend with this build without it burning the 950 or any other problems? I will just...
  18. A

    What to choose please

    Hi, I have received a Lenovo Y520 laptop which works fine but the fans are super Noisy idle so amazon is likely to replace it. But they are making another offer, i will explain both configs and tell me you opinion. I paid mine 1000€ for 15" normal screen, i7 7700hq, 8go ram and a gtx 1060 6go...
  19. J

    16gb ram instead of 10 gb ram any difference ?

    Hi everyone, I have question I would like to upgrade my pc by adding some rams, now I have 10 gb, the problem is that my asus a68hm-k motherboard has only 2 sockets for that and I already have both of them used with 8 and 2 gb ram sticks, my current processor is athlon x4 860k quad core and...
  20. K

    HP630 laptop dead after Windows 10 update

    After repeated reminders about Win10 update waiting, last night I selected "update and shut down" and left it alone. This morning during startup I got "working on updates x%. Don't turn off your PC. This will take a while. Your PC will restart several times". Left it to it, checking every now...