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    Will this motherboard fit on my case?

    currently i have this case I7 / X2-S8024W-CE/R-U3 http://www.x2products.com/computer-cases/i7-x2-s8024w-cer-u3/ and i'm buying this motherboard Z370 Auros Gaming 5. will it fit?:
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    ASUS Vivobook Flip 14 Laptop

    I used my ASUS Vivobook Flip 14 laptop for my researching and let it still be on and then the screen turns off (but not completely off). I had to leave it overnight because it wouldn’t turn on (so I can power it off again) and also it was on sleep mode, I think? Now, the next day, it won’t...
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    (Deleted) (Deleted) (Deleted)

    (deleted) I deleted this so, yeah. I really didn't know that I was wrong.
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    RX580 Temperature out of control

    So i recently purchased an EX-mining RX580 XFX OC edition. Used it a month, haven't OC'd it just plugged it in and played. But last night i was sitting on runescape believe it or not and fan went to 100% on 75 degrees, thought okay odd, restarted and still 100%. This morning i turned it on and...
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    How can I disable overclocking on my motherboard?

    First,sorry for my english.I've been trying to disable overclocking function on my motherboard for a long time,but i just can't figure it out how to.I did not overclock my cpu by myself,my motherboard auto overclocked it.(From 4.2Ghz to 4.5ghz) My motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z270X-Gaming 5 CPU...
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    Freshly installed windows 10 boot problem

    I recently installed a fresh Windows 10 on a new ssd, everything went fine until when the installation was finished and restarting. When the window logo show up (no spinning circle), after a few seconds the monitor went no signal and the pc restart itself and repeat again. I tried windows repair...
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    Install error for win7

    My PC began to not boot and just come to a blue screen, I brought a new hard drive and tried installing windows 7 onto it but during expanding files it gets to 14% then displays an error. “Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required...
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    Memory problems 'r' us

    .. Windows 7 64bit /FX8120- 3.1 GA-78lmtUSB3-/ Radeon rx560 CPU-z reads 24gb RAM (24installed) Windows reads 18Gb... only 12Gb usable what is going on
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    Can't get the Dell Inspiron Laptop to detect the Nvidia graphics card (gaming)

    I bought a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 about a month ago. I don't really use it for gaming but I recently tried installing a game and it seems the laptop can't detect the Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card. Tried a driver removal and update to a newer version still did not work. Also, defined auto-select...
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    Faulty MB or CPU

    I had an old pc laying around and decided to upgrade it for a simple gaming pc or htpc . Anyway , i checked the motherboard and it was an asrock conroe 1333 d667 mb . It could support up to a c2d e8400 cpu, and because it was cheap (5$) decided to buy one. Bought also a gtx 750. I tested the pc...
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    change psu on hp compaq 6200

    i recently bought hp compaq 6200 with i5 2500 and 240 watts of power supply i want to upgrade the psu to 500 watts of power supply but i dont know how to do it bcz of the mobo i barely need help thanks for your attention
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    pc lag spikes while playing games

    Hi, in some games i have terrible lag spikes and freezes, when the game freezes, i hear a fan from the pc speeding up or something like that, sometimes even in windows i experience freezes for 3-4 seconds. my components are : i5 4460 Gtx 750ti 8 gb ram windows 10 64 bit i tried to check the hdd...
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    ASUS P8H61-M PRO BIOS update and USB 3.0 errors

    i recently bought this motherboard wanted to update the Bios of because of the low speed of USB 3.0 issue i am facing further more whenever i connect something into one of the 3.0 ports all of a sudden my WIFI internet(usb device) stops working and yet now i find out that i am unable to update...
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    GTX 1060 usage low, massive fps drops

    I have been having issues with my system recently. For a while, the GPU would not down clock when not in use and stuttering was occurring occasionally. However, in my attempts to remedy the issues, I have come across something far worse. My GPU usage will go down to 60% in game and my frame...
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    Directx 11 Level 10 HELPPP

    trying to run fortnite on a new hdd and I got an error message saying that I need version 11 feature level 10 and I am so confused how do I get it and shizz someone help thanaks
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    Coax cable problem

    I have only one coax input on my wall and I need to it to connect to the WiFi and tv. Is there anyway the TV or modem can work without coax cable so o can connect it to only one
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    Best budget cpu for a gtx970

    Hey! Im looking for a cheap ""gaming"" cpu. Im playing only in 1080p, 144hz monitor. 12gb ram, gtx 970 gpu. Only playing esports games like Fortnite and LOL. Thanks for any advice!
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    Help with a treasure chest claw machine.

    Hello I recently bought a used treasure chest claw machine. This is my first machine and I plan on refurbishing and putting on location. The problem I am having is after I coin up machine and play the claw will not open. I have to coin up the machine again and wiggle the joystick to get claw to...
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    Hey guys i have asus gtx 1050 ti oc edition cerberus

    Hello guys so i just wondering if the oc mode is safe? I always put the app of mu gtx on oc mode , not gaming mode , so guys is it safe ? Spec : Cpu : xeon 3460 2.80 ghz ( not overclocking ) 6 gb ram
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    B350M Gaming Pro Downclocking

    I was trying to overclock my R5 1400 on a MSI B350M Gaming Pro. After the overclock, I realized that my speed and voltage didn't go down (when idled) in Ryzen Master Application (I overclocked in BIOS I just used it to check my temps/speed/voltage). Is there anyway to have my cpu downclock using...