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  1. Calandross

    Question System Crashing issues

    Hey guys I hope someone can figure this out for me. Aside from the occasional blue screen I have never had any issues with my PC until I shut it down the day before yesterday and turned it back on yesterday morning and to my surprise it went into a boot loop. It would turn on start to boot the...
  2. A

    Question CPU upgrade 10th to 11th gen No display, no Kbd

    I upgraded from 10400F to 11700kf CPU, updating the bios from 2020 factory to Dec 2023 latest (AD) MOBO: MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Plus MOBO then installing. 10400f: Everything works fine 11700kf: No keyboard, no mouse, white CPU warning light CMOS cleared/reset did not help NOTE: fans and gpu...
  3. nero519

    Question M2A M.2 port doesn't work on Gigabyte Z490 Aorus Ultra ?

    I recently installed three M.2 SSDs on my mb, but only two of them are available in disk manager/bios. They are installed like this: M2P: Samsung 980 pro M2A: WD SN770 M2M: WD SN770 This is what I have in diskpart This are the restrictions in terms of lines, it doesn't seem to show anything...
  4. bitsibx

    Question not detected ssd on ( m2p_cpu ) slot

    hi guys I want to add a ssd ( ADATA pcie gen3 x4 m.2 2280) to nvme slot with name ((( m2p_cpu ))) but it dose not detected this is my system info intel core i9 10gen z490 gaming x MB ssd msi spatium m371 on (m2m_sb) slot ssd msi spatium m460 on (m2a_sb) slot so what should i do ?
  5. F

    Question Bios? MOBO? Cooler? Who's got the issue?

    First off the specs. Mobo-MSI Z490 gaming edge wifi CPU-I7 10700k Cooler-Noctua NH d15 chromax 3000rpm NEW PSU-apex gaming 750w gold Ram 16gb ballistic ddr4 GPU-MSI 3070 ti gaming trio NEW 2 3000rpm noctual fans NEW Other fans etc.... Issue-bios/afterburner not saving/abiding by curves...
  6. LORYT699

    Question ethernet card going at 1Gb intead of 2.5

    Hi, Just bought a mobo, z490 edge wifi The problem as title is that the ethernet card goes at 1Gb connection instead of 2.5Gb. From windows, the ethernet card setting I ve tryed to set it at full duplex 2.5 but it return at 1Gb, so now it s in defoult mode(negotiable or something like that) The...
  7. Jordandm7

    Question Computer will not boot with RAM in dual channel ?

    Hey all, Let me start by saying, I’ve got an ok amount of high end pc building (5-10 built for self and friends.) With that being said I’m definitely not an expert with the nitty gritty parts of a PC, and understanding those sorts of thing. I have done an abundant amount of research about this...
  8. A

    Question RAM not stable at XMP (Z490 Aorus Master) ?

    Hi everyone, I have 32GB (2x16) G.Skill Ripjaws V 4000mhz CL16 (16-16-16-36) and Z490 Aorus Master motherboard. This motherboard is not on G.skill's QVL (for this specific kit) but I bought this kit anyway :) When running the default XMP voltage (1.4v) it is not stable, and after some...
  9. N

    [SOLVED] 10850K MSI Z490 Tomahawk Undervolting

    Hi guys, I have a Z490 Tomahawk and 10850K, I've been playing around with undervolting in the form of a negative vcore offset. Some background, I don't use turbo boost because I prefer a cooler and quieter machine. I manually set the CPU multiplier to 45. Today I've been experimenting with...

    [SOLVED] Was this motherboard a good choice to buy or not ?

    Hello guys, after 1.5 years I decided to upgrade my CPU from i7 9700k to i9 10850k. so, I bought this new CPU and also i bought a new motherboard in order to use the new CPU. Thus, I'm still waiting for it to arrive but was this motherboard a good choice to buy or not ? The mobo model is "ASUS...
  11. Burigeller

    [SOLVED] Suggestions and Reviews on Z490 Mainboards

    Hello Everyone, i'm going to buy an i9 10850K to upgrade my Gaming PC and can't really decide on a Mainboard. Since AMD is going through the roof, z490 mainboards got neglected imo and finding reviews on one that doesn't cost more than 350$ seems like an issue. Please feel free to let me know...
  12. N

    [SOLVED] Upgrade CPU and MOBO?

    I purchased a used prebuilt from CyberPower in 2018 and have slowly upgraded it over time to a custom build. I play at 1440p/144Hz and play a wide array of games, some more CPU intensive like Rust and R6. Some more GPU intensive like Squad, HLL, and Warzone. Disregarding the old parts, I have...
  13. MDunnink

    [SOLVED] Z490 motherboards and Intel 11th gen

    If I were to buy a Z490 motherboard on let's say amazon right now, would it support Intels 11th gen processors (like the i5 11400) out of the box or would the motherboard require a BIOS-update first?
  14. P

    [SOLVED] Will an i7 11700 work with a ROG STRIX Z490-G GAMING?

    Does the ROG STRIX Z490-G GAMING (WI-FI) supports the i7 11700 even though it is not listed under the supported CPU list?
  15. J

    [SOLVED] Choosing a Z490 Motherboard

    Hello, There are a lot of Motherboards in the same price range, and I searched a lot about the differences and I don't know what to choose anymore since I was looking for (Asus Tuf gaming plus) but I couldn't manage to get it (it's out of stock everywhere) I didn't know what else to choose...
  16. D

    Question Z490 Asus Prime-P XMP enable failing to boot

    i7 10700K 16GB G.Skill @3600Mhz RTX 3070 ASUS Z490 Prime-P I am trying to turn on XMP on this motherboard but everytime I do the computer fails to boot and reverts back to default settings. (See image of post) I thought it was RAM so I returned it and picked up new ram and still getting the...
  17. C

    Question GTX 970 not working in new build

    Alright so never really posted on a forum before but I seem to be out of my depth on this one... I recently had an issue with my old pc build that prompted me to upgrade some pieces my GPU was not one of these pieces as it was working great previously. New pieces are as listed. Mobo: Asus...
  18. P

    Question PC recently started to turn off and restart after long game session

    So i built a new PC this month MSI Z490 mpg gaming plus i7 10700k 3070rtx corsair vengeance 16gb 3000mhz EVGA gold 650w the rest is just lots of noctua fans and noctua cpu cooler. Everything ran smoothly for the first week and a half, everything been fine, i can run games on ultra with no...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] MAG Z490 TOMAHAWK What Nvme SSD to buy? and some clarifications.

    Hi guys, Im planning on building a Pc using the z490 tomahawk as motherboard (chip would be i7 10700k). Im aware the z490 tomahawk has 2 M.2 slots so i wanted to know 2 things : Can i use the same SSD for both slots? for example could i buy 2 Samsung 970 evo plus? or should i buy one Samsung...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] CPU cooler installation on Asus Z490 plus

    Hi guys, a bit puzzled here, I've built lots of PCs over the years without any problems but my latest build has a problem - I think ? It uses an Asus Z490 plus with an Intel core 10 i9 processor lga1200. I bought a Cooler Master H412r heatsink which claims to fit but I find the metal bracket...
  21. Itsbobbaayy

    [SOLVED] MSI z490 UNIFY Expansion slots

    On the tech specifications it shows 8x/8x/4x tri slot gpu bandwidth speed. After digging through the manual on page 30 it shows a tri slot bandwith speed of 8x/4x/4x ? Why is it not matching the tech spec bandwidth speed?
  22. E

    [SOLVED] Slow UEFI boot time, Ultra Fast slow but Legacy Mode fast

    Hi I recently just converted my MBR Windows 10 dual boot to GPT/UEFI. I was coming from an old X58 build which of course only used MBR. So I used MBR2GPT.exe to convert and everything worked. I turned off CSM on my Z490 Taichi BIOS so it's only UEFI from what I can see. But now, it takes my...
  23. D

    [SOLVED] 7980XE VS 10900KF

    Hi, what should i get. I can get them both for the same price. I use pc for everyday use maybe some games and music production. Thx for your help !
  24. E

    [SOLVED] I have 10850K. Get Z490 or wait for Z590 Motherboard

    Hi 10 years removed from building PCs. Got a deal $240 deal on a 10850K. I am eager to finally upgrade from my i7-930 but someone recommended I wait for alleged Jan 11 launch of Z590 for future proofing. I truly don't know what to do now. I was set on the Z490 ROG Strix...
  25. E

    [SOLVED] Z490 Aurous Elite Cpu Led on and not posting

    Hi, As the title states I am using a intel i9 10850k with a gigabyte 850w psu. I have reseated the cpu and verified that no pins are bent. The bios was updated to f6 release to ensure 10850k compatibility however the light remains on. I cureently have the 24pin installed and the cpu 8 pin on...
  26. HiThereYes

    [SOLVED] Sizzling electricity noise near back of CPU

    HI all, I finished my build about 2 weeks ago and I've been hearing electricity noise from it every time. During startup and on lite use you hear a lot of electricity 'sizzle' noise, audio. I swapped out my intel stock with a mugen 5 and the problem is still there. When under CPU stress, the...
  27. R

    Question Help, please? Which high-end CPU should I buy?

    Hello, friends! I want to ask this community for some piece of advice: I do NOT know what to choose from (I live in Romania, we have RON currency, but I'll convert it to EUR and USD): i9 10900KF (472 euro, 573 USD) i7 10700KF (349 euro, 423 USD) - I WANT THE KF VERSIONS BECAUSE THEY ARE CHEAPER...
  28. S

    [SOLVED] cheap mobo vs z490 for i5 10400f ?

    Hi, is it worth paying the double for the z490 to be able to use the rams at 3200/3600 mhz with the i5 10400f? I'm going to use it only for gaming at 1080p I was between this models https://www.asus.com/Motherboards-Components/Motherboards/All-series/PRIME-H410M-E/...
  29. A

    Question Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X <> i5 10400f: faulty CPU or lack of iGPU?

    Hi everyone! I just opened the following ticket with esupport.gigabyte.com to get some official answers, but all things considered I might be more lucky over here I recently bought at Amazon a CPU, MB and memories to upgrade my current system (the CPU and MB were lot cheaper than average). And...
  30. B

    [SOLVED] Z490 gen 4 compatibility

    Hello. I recently got into pc building and after countless hours of research im going to give it a shot. I am a little stuck about something though and it seems hard to get a clear answer. I was looking at buying an evga z490 dark motherboard and i know intel doesnt have pci-e gen 4 yet, but is...
  31. R

    Question Asus Z490 F-Gaming won't boot

    Hi All, I'm having an Asus Z490 that won't boot. Strix lights of the board is working fine. Strange thing is that I don't get any of the Q-Led or any beep. When power button is pressed, all fans start but I don't get other response from the board. Build is: ASUS Z490 F-Gaming Intel I7 10700F...
  32. setomx

    Question MPG Z490M GAMING EDGE WIFI does not boot with second DDR4 3200 RAM module installed ?

    I have the following situation: I have installed the DDR4 modules according to the installation instructions (DIMMA-2 and DIMMB2), but the equipment does not start me and the EZ Debug indicator shows that it does not advance from the DRAM evaluation, leaving an infinite cycle between CPU and...
  33. eldrey

    [SOLVED] Z490 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 Slow Post and Bios

    Hi, My one week old built is: Z490 Phantom Gaming-ITX/TB3 Intel 10900F 32GB DDR4 2400MHz Corsair (2x16GB) CMK32GX4M2A2400C16 Vengeance LPX What I had done: Update Firmware to latest Disconnect Everything but Keyboard Cleared CMS Test All the parts with a diferent Motherboard all is Working...
  34. Schantzei

    Question 10700KF + 2070S or 10400F + 3070

    Hello everyone, I want to build a PC that I can play games on 1440p and will not cost me extra for many years. I don't understand much about these things; however, after a long research, I made a list as follows: CPU: i7 10700KF / i5 10600KF / i5 10400F / R5 5600X GPU: Palit RTX 2070 Super /...
  35. itsmeagainhk

    [SOLVED] Undervolting the 10900K

    Hello everyone, I have just gotten the 10900k and Aorus Xtreme Z490 a month ago. and it is running at "stock". MCE OFF Hyperthreading ON VCORE AUTO 1.2V <-- did not change anything. The mobo set it. While temps under load are reasonable (around 68 to 74), i would like to further reduce it...
  36. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Asus RTX Fan Connect II ?

    Hello, My question is: I recently purchased the following: Motherboard: Asus ROG Strix Z490-e Gaming GPU: Asus ROG Strix RTX 2070 O8G Gaming Case: be quiet 500DX The case came with 3 fans. I purchased 2 extra fans. But, the motherboard has only connection ports for 2 fans! So....I am using...
  37. T

    [SOLVED] CPU red light on new PC build.

    New pc build (first time). CPU LED comes on as soon as I start the machine. Monitor won't detect the PC either. I'm using a i9-10850K with Gigabyte aorus elite AC z490.
  38. S

    Question [SOLVED!] Z490i MSI Unity BIOS and Reset issues

    My motherboard boots fine to windows, but the MSI splash logo along with the instructions (DEL / F2 to enter bios blah blah) doesn't appear and instead skips to Windows. I also have tried to reset Windows completely, but it just creates a blank screen. No display at all. I desperately want to...
  39. E

    [SOLVED] VRM/MOS FAN 12,000 RPM Help

    VRM/MOS FAN 12,000 RPM. I tried changing it in the MSI BIOS (latest version) and no matter what I clicked on, it stayed running at 12,000 RPM (MAX speeds). None of the setting options increased or decreased the the fan in MOS, Smart Fan mode changed nothing, All Full Speed changed nothing...
  40. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Help with choosing the right motherboard and PSU

    I am going to build my next PC build for gaming, with a budget of around €1500. I am not planning on overclocking. Below is my shopping list, but I am several questions for which I need your help. The pieces I am need help with are written in green: 1) Motherboard (which do you recommend?) I...