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    Question DDR4 RAM not compatible with a DDR4 motherboard?

    Decided to upgrade to a 13600k with the MSI MAG Z690 Tomahawk wifi DDR4 one of the reasons being I thought I would get the board as I have 32GB of DDR4 already (CMK16GX4M2D3000C16 x 2) but after days of trying and failing to get it to post I finally checked the compatibility on MSI's website for...
  2. rafay_pk

    Question How to access BIOS when Fastboot is enabled ?

    Hey Tom's! I bought a Gigabyte Z690 GAMING X DDR4 V2 (rev. 1.0) recently. It wasn't showing the post screen when turning on and wasn't waiting for key press to enter bios, it went straight to windows login screen after a while when turned on even after flashing different revisions of bios from...
  3. Ankhseramun

    Question Enabling XMP slows down post considerably

    Hey hey people, I've seen a bunch of threads considering problems with enabling XMP profiles, but none that are similar to mine. As the title says, as soon as I enable the only XMP-profile provided by my RAM the time to post increases considerably. It goes from 2-3 seconds to 30-40 seconds...
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    [SOLVED] MSI Z690 Force and 13th gen CPU ?

    Hi everybody, I am planning on buying the MSI Z690 Force and an Intel i5-13600k CPU. I'm asking if anyone knows about any problems or system instability with this combination? I know I should do BIOS update to the mobo before starting. My other option is to buy the more expensive Gigabyte Z790...
  5. X

    [SOLVED] MSI Z690 Force Wifi DDR5 Can't Install Ethernet/Wifi Drivers and getting error id 103

    As the title says I can't install those drivers. So this is a new build I was doing for a friend. MSI Z690 Force Wifi DDR5 i7-13700k I updated the bios perfectly, I can see the version in the top right. Next I installed a Wins10 Pro OS build from 2016. (<- note: this might be the reason. I'll...
  6. Question Gigabyte Z690 Gaming X DDR4 slightly bent pin

    Hello. I'm new to motherboard bent pins. So I have been using this motherboard for a year (since Dec 2021 until now). and I've just realized there's a bent pin on the motherboard that is shown below in the images. I realized it after using it for a year and when I was about to upgrade my CPU...
  7. N

    Question Issue with BIOS Flashback on MSI Pro Z690-A ?

    New motherboard came in and I'm having a hard time trying to flash the BIOS with the flashback button (so that the board is compatible with my 13600k). I have only the 24-pin power and the 8-pin CPU (in the CPU-1 slot) hooked up. No RAM, CPU, or SSD. I have the USB drives formatted to FAT32 and...
  8. N

    Question Asrock Z690 PG Riptide - - - - All BIOS settings are greyed out ?

    I edited all the setting a few weeks ago when I built my PC. Since then I've downloaded a few games and upgraded to Windows 11 but haven't registered it. I needed to change the secure boot setting to play Valorant but now all the BIOS/UEFI settings are greyed out and I cannot change any of the...
  9. mrmaruniversal

    [SOLVED] ASUS TUF Z790 D4 Compatibility DDR5

    The titles speaks for itself. Can the ASUS TUF Z790 and Z690 D4 Models support DDR5. Their point is to be compatible with DDR4 but that being when a consumer gets DDR5 can it be replaced or do they need to purchase the NON-D4 model. Thank you!
  10. U

    Question A770 In New Build Worked Till It Didn't, Now It's All Dead!

    Replaced my 5-year old PC with a new build this weekend with parts from MC: i5-13600k ASROCK Z690 EXTREME WIFI 32Gb of G.Skill DDR4 RAM Peerless Assassin 120 Cooler NVME SSD ....and an Intel a770 GPU On Saturday I put everything together, flashed the BIOS via a thumb drive prior to booting to...
  11. P

    Question DDR4 or DDR5 for FPS Gaming

    Is DDR4 or DDR5 the best option for FPS gaming? I have got F5-7800J3646H16GX2-TZ5RK G-Skill, has about a 9.4 FWL, looking to use on a high end Z790 ROG mobo (with intel 12900k). I see I can also easily find 7ns DDR4. Considering only peak performance, and nothing else, with 0.1% lows in mind...
  12. RulesSpew

    Question Z690 vs B760 vs Z790 for i5 13600k?

    Hey, I'm building a new pc for gaming and content creation. I'll be using 2x M.2 SSDS (gen4) + maximum 2x HDD I don't intend to overclock my CPU, but I know that Z* motherboards have more features. I don't intend to swap my GPU any time soon (+- 5 years ) Also I'm afraid of flashing BIOS on a...
  13. Question Z690 Mag DDR5 motherboard but wrong cpu cable

    I bought Z690 DDR5 and while installing cables from PSU I found that 8pin cable connectors aren't the same that motherboard 8pin connectors are like. ALTHOUGH, the cable can plug without any problem but the shape of every single one isn't the same that looks on motherboard. Motherboard 8pin...
  14. G

    Question i5-12400f + ASUS TUF Gaming Z690-Plus D4 WiFi ?

    Hello, so, recently I bought i5-12400f on Aliexpress, still waiting for it to be delivered. Meanwhile I was searching for motherboards on local markets(I didn't want to buy mobo on foreign online markets, like Amazon, eBay etc), at first I researched what would be a good budget choice for...
  15. breezett93

    Question Keyboard/Mouse work on Win 10 ssd but not Win 7 ssd

    I just finished a new build on an Asrock z690 pg riptide. In addition to installing Windows 10, I also brought over my Win 7 ssd from my previous build Asus z97 pro. At first, UEFI only gave me one boot option. So, after disabling Secure Boot, I could try booting to Win 7. Keyboard and mouse...
  16. D

    Build Advice New build won’t post

    Hello Everybody, Sorta tech savvy but this is only my second build. Pc will turn on, fans will run but pc won’t post and nothing on screen. Mobo has codes C2,C4,12,54,59 and CPU error light on the bottom right of mobo. I have made sure all connections are good. Double checked cpu and mobo pins...
  17. A

    [SOLVED] BEST 750W-850W PSU For Gaming

    What's The Best One MSI MPG A750GF(750W) /A850GF (850W) Corsair RMx Series (2021), RM850x ??
  18. V

    Question Blue screen'ing PC

    Hello, so i have an issue with my PC, its constantly crashing on high load mostly gaming, benchmarking or stress testing won't do anything. memory is replaced so i think it's not the issue. I tried lost of things, reinstalling drivers, reset OS, recheck all power cables, reapplied CPU thermal...
  19. AwashZ

    [SOLVED] Will intel 13th gen will boot/post on z690 MOBO?

    Sup. I have a Asus ROG Maximus Z690 Hero EVA edition motherboard, recently bought, initialy for the i5- 13600k. But i saw some people saying that wont work unless you update Bios. The funny thing i dont have any intel processor, cuz i was an AMD user. So i want to know if there is any chance...
  20. zghouldrar

    Question z690 instability

    Recently i built a new PC and it has a weird problem. I use an i5-12400f on an MSI Z690-A DDR5 motherboard with Kingston Fury Beast DDR5 5200MHz 2x8 and a Corsair TX650M PSU. Sometimes when i open my pc it fails to load anything not even the bios then shuts itself off and when i reopen it , it...
  21. H

    [SOLVED] Z690 Mainboard with USB-C Alt Mode

    Hi I am not a gamer and do not urgently need a high-end graphics card. The on-board graphics card is basically enough for me. I only need DP port and USB-C port for the monitors. Most Z690 motherboards like ASUS Prime Z690-P or ASUS ROG Strix Z690-F Gaming have one (or more) USB-C (USB 3.2 Gen...
  22. A

    Question Series of Problems with my new PC

    It is a long story so buckle up. I bought a new PC in September with so much happiness that I finally got a good PC with the following Specs: CPU: Intel Core i7-12700K 3.6 GHz Mobo: MSI MPG Z690 EDGE WIFI ATX LGA1700 RAM: Kingston FURY Beast 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR5-5600 Storage 1...
  23. S

    Question Do you need a contact frame (Thermalright/Thermal Grizzly) for a Intel 13th gen CPU paired with a Z690 motherboard?

    So I have been out-of-the-loop for a while when it comes to CPU's and have recently been wanting to upgrade to Intel's 13th gen. However, I have noticed talks within the PC community that Alder Lake suffered from some sort of IHS bending issue which caused CPU coolers to not make proper contact...
  24. FRMNH

    Question Do these missing CPU socket pins are essential?

    Hello, I create this post because by removing my processor I broke and twisted pins (see photos), on an Asus Z690-A Gaming. I would like to know if there is a chance that it still works or if I have to change the motherboard? Images : https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=22/40/xlfb.jpg Thanks...
  25. T

    Question MSI MPG Z690/I9 12900K Boot/Stability issue

    Good afternoon,morning,evening all, I am curious if there are others out there running into the same issue I have, and have maybe had a solution. Firstly, I'll give my specs. i9 12900k MSI MPG Z690 Carbon 32gb Corsair Dominator Platinum @5200 DDR5 Evga 3080 FTW3 Hydro edition EVGA supernova...
  26. Question First PC Build won't POST

    Hello everyone, sorry for the lengthy question. I built my first PC, and it worked for 30 minutes, then it stopped. I was installing updates and thought to do the BIOS update as well, and that's where everything stopped. Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse have no power or light on them coming from the...
  27. T

    Question i9 12900k rog strix z690 e gaming

    Hello everyone, any input would be greatly appreciated as I’ve been racking my brain about what my issue is for the past few days. Recently I upgraded my PC with a 12900k, asus rog strix z690 e, and Corsair dominator platinum at 5200. After it’s initial boot up, I’ve had several issues. Trouble...
  28. M

    [SOLVED] Z690 motherboard required me to buy a separate GPU. Did I waste money?

    I didn't know Z690 motherboard didn't have the graphics on it already. So last time I asked this question about why my monitor isn't turning on. After installing GPU, the monitor turned on. But my only purpose of using this computer is to use a statistical software which will run 30GB big data...
  29. M

    [SOLVED] Building PC for the first time. PC not turning on

    I think I connected everything. The computer turns on. CPU fan is spinning. Front fan is spinning. The light is ON for the keyboard, USB drive (which contains Windows 10 installation tool), and everywhere. But my monitor does not display anything even if I connected it with the computer through...
  30. A

    Question Can i turn off pc from psu switch everynight ?

    1) Does turning a pc off direclty from the psu switch when its on can short your motherboard ?? (Short circuit? 2) is it okey to turn off pc after shutdown from psu switch . Everynight ?? (If yes how long should i wait before pressing switch button on psu . 30 second . 1 minute ??? ......)
  31. BigChunger

    Question USB Disconnecting randomly (When waking up?)

    Oh boy here we go So I've had this issue for over a month now. I have a Asus TUF Z960 Plus Wi-Fi, and the issue is. One in about every 10 times I join a Discord call (Which I assume is waking up the USB device) All of my USB devices disconnect and have to spend another 10 or so seconds...
  32. Question Gigabye Z690 fan connections guidance

    Hi, I'm connecting up a Gigabye Z690, but I'm not sure about the fan connections to the cpu cooler. Any advice welcome! I have a Coreliquid V240R v2 CPU cooler. Each of the Coreliquid's two fans has three cables coming out on the blade side: On the other side of the CoreLiquid, there's a...
  33. C

    [SOLVED] Fresh build - No signal after sleep, restart or normal shut down

    I have built the following system; everything is brand new: CPU: Intel Core i5-12600KF Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z690-P WiFi D4 GPU: ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3080 Trinity 10GB LHR Memory: Patriot Viper DDR4 32GB (2x16GB) 3600Mhz Steel (PVS432G360C8K) (QVL; slots A2 and B2) SSD: Patriot Viper...
  34. S

    Question BIOS crashes on DRAM (orange light), BIOS can only post in safe mode ?

    Hello folks! On a totally new machine, I am stuck on ASUS BIOS safe mode boot, shortly after installing Windows and using the computer for few days. Unfortunatelly I let ASUS AI Tweaker to do its run, and it seems it messed something and now I can only boot manually the drive with Windows...
  35. Z

    [SOLVED] Motherboard usb 2.0 headers

    So I have 2 9 pin usb 2.0 headers on my asrock z690 steel legend wife 6e motherboard. Both seemed to be working fine until I had to switch PSU’s the wattage of the PSU’s are the same. Now it seems only one of the usb 2.0 headers are working. I never touched them during the changeout of PSU’s but...
  36. G

    [SOLVED] Need to build a rig 12th gen Intel-Asus Setup

    Need to build a rig 12th gen Intel-Asus Setup Budget($2500) Requirements: 12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900 GPU RTX 3080 EATX Motherboard DDR5 WiFi 6 PCIe 5.0 support Lian Li fans 4k Monitor Thank you
  37. Kevsticle

    Question Problem with new i7-12700K build, please help!

    Gigabyte Z690 GAMING X (1.0) DDR5, Intel i7-12700K and Corsair CMK32GX5M2B5600C36 will not POST, fans spin fast speed. I have CPU and DRAM lights alternatively flashing and eventually I get 4 long beeps and the system resets and repeats. I have flashed the BIOS using the USB and button method...
  38. H

    [SOLVED] 12700K - TDP and PL2 settings

    Intention to buy an Intel 12700K CPU and mainboard MSI Z690 tomahawk DDR4 Wifi. The CPU power ist needed for around 1-2 days every other 14 days. Otherwise it is very important for me to have a very, very quiet PC with fans barely noticible. Target is 700 rpm for silent wing 3 fans in case and...
  39. H

    [SOLVED] MSI Z690 Tomahawk DDR4

    Can Wifi and bluetooth be disabled/enabled separately in Bios with mainboard MSI Z690 Tomahawk DDR4 ? Thanks
  40. M

    [SOLVED] Help - Is my PSU compatible with the new z690

    Hi all, I have a system that I am planning to upgrade to rhe 12th gen. I was playing around pcpartpicker today and it says that z690 MSI Tomahawk wifi DDR4 is not compatible with my Corsair RM750i but it is compatible with the RM850i which is confusing. Current system: 6600k Z170 16GB ram...