Dec 29, 2017
I have an Alienware Aurora R7

I was trying to fix an issue with my NVIDIA control panel not recognizing my GTX 1080. So while messing around (like an idiot) I disabled the Intel Driver instead of the GTX 1080 driver.

Instantly my screen went black, and an orange light is on instead of blue on the monitor.

I’ve done a bit of research and took out and put back in the CMOS battery. However after turning it back on, the startup screen for the monitor would go, but then turn back off and go to orange again.

I’ve tried doing it again numerous ways such as not plugging in my monitor cables until after I start it up and even having the power switch off at first. Neither worked.

When I start it up the computer after taking out and putting back in the battery, the Alienware face flashes yellow 5 times consecutively. When I shut down and turn it back on the flashing stops.

I’ve no clue what to do, please help.