Question black screen, no POST, becoming suspending... CMOS battery?

Mar 14, 2019
weeks ago I was using my laptop normally when it decided to suspend. I turned on again with keyboard and as soon as I typed the PIN code, it decided to suspend again. a more couple of times of this and my laptop started to don't turn on.

in the next day, at morning, I was able to turn on my laptop, but it became to display nothing, totally black screen. I managed to log in because Windows voice assistant give me the instructions where I was (focus).

once logged in, I connected my latptop in my TV with HDMI and I could update my graphic card driver. in this proccess, sometimes laptop display started work again but just for a few seconds.

later that day was unable to turn it on. no POST.

I decided to open it and try to start without battery. no success. I reallocated RAM memories, SSD M.2. no success.

so... I decided to do one last thing

I reseted BIOS by unplugging CMOS battery. after that, my laptop started to turn on but after 5, 10 seconds it turns off.

I buyed a new CR2032 battery and replaced the old one, but with not welding, just insulating tape. it really worked out. my laptop was able to turn on normally. I tought I had fixed it but it only worked for about 10 days.

the symptoms were the same. black screen and finally no POST, but I realized that POST passed after hours of no attempts to turn on.

so I buyed a new CR2032 battery and did the welding myself, but laptop didn't turn on.

I left my laptop without tries to turn on for about a week.

2 days ago I tried to turn it on and... it working normally. I've been using it for 2 days with no problem at all. I performed a several of CPU and GPU stress tests and my laptop is working perfectly. temperatures are normal

please, somebody help me to understand what is going on!

should I take my laptop to support even with it running perfectly?