Question Burned ram in the same slot


Apr 6, 2022
In my pc happens strange things
my pc:
msi z390 tomahawk
i5 9600k @4.5ghz
g.skill trident z royal 8x2 3200mhz cl16(XMP) & the burned rams
samsung q 860evo 1TB
1060 6GB asus dual
sharkoon icewind black series 750W
coolermaster td500l
Now the problem:
some sticks(4) of ram g.skills aegis 3000mhz cl16 seems like are burned(not all in the same time)
The build was always the same exept for the cooler(is not hit fault).
The fact:
1st time that 8x2 kit was "burned".
I had turn on my pc on, all fine; turned off, opened it, turned off the psu and unplugged from the net(probably)as I always do, and I don t remember if I cleaned my case or the gpu then close all and turned on,and here the mistake, all was turning on (lights and fans) but on the monitor nothing, then I watched the mobo on the debug leds and were blinking cpu and ram light, turned on and off the pc a lot of time but nothing, then the idea "what if the problem are the rams?", lunched the pc with only the royals and all fine, so I tried with every combination for the 4 sticks and guess, 1 was k.o. starting with no reading and messing the pc to actually not existing for the slot anymore.
Rma done and all was fine, again with my 32gb of ram running at 3200mhz(XMP prfile is not that good probably)
and then 2nd round of panic and angry comed to me.
But first 1 thing, yes I ve found out that this ram sticks can support(certified form g skill but some time can be higher)1.35v but sometimes they were running at 1.36/1.37 probably because the aegis certified for 3000mhz were runnig at 3200mhz because xmp say why not? so I ve down volted the rams at a max of 1.345 that actually was enogh, tested no prblem.
I was playing at rocket league but the rgb leds on the trident were not synced(some times happen, restart the pc and is all ok) and I hate the thing when are not synced,so I gone to rgbfusion 2.0(used for the cooler and also for rams) but they were not found by the software, I though" well if I restart the pc all will be fine"(nothing more wrong), restarted the pc and then "oh no here we go again, they are fried", exactly the same identical thing from the 1st time, pc no starting exept for the lights and the fans, debug led blicking.
Yea now I m with the tridentz royal, only 16GB but they still good.
Now I suspect the problem was not the ram but the mobo that can t handle 4 sticks of ram at 1.35v for some fault and the result is that ram get burned in the same slot(1st and 3th slot btw).
I also suspect the cpu, cause sometimes when the pins are bended the slot does not work at all(I ve seen some videos)
And of corse the main suspect is me or better the rams and I,xmp profile say 3200mhz 2 out of 4 sticks say 3000mhz, I can be that idiot to turn on the xmp profile and maybe the 3000mhz rams cant handle +200mhz.
I m sorry for the long story but I want that all is more clear as possible as I can
I still have the burned rams(actually 1 work normally as the previous kit)
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Jun 12, 2015
Do you know how hard it is to read purple text on a black background? not everyone here uses the white theme
just thinking cause if you want people to help, they need to be able to see it.


Apr 6, 2022
There's no such thing as "almost the same chip" with RAM. No two sticks of RAM are truly identical, it's just that kits are tested to be close enough that they work together at a particular timing.
I know but they have aome minimum specs that have to be the same of the other sticks, for example a 3200mhz cl16 that support 1.35v have to be this, so you can use rams from differents kit but with same specs, also g.skill had sayed that(and other companies).
I know I messed up with mine but in general if you have 2 of type A rams and you need another 2 you can buy a kit of 2 of type A rams without waste the 2 you already have and a lot of money for a new kit of 4
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