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  1. techflame700

    Question What motherboard should I get?

    I am going to be using an i5 9600K. I am deciding between the Gigabyte Z370XP SLI and the Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X. I kinda want to use the Z370XP SLI because of its additional USB headers and a better audio chip but I am worried about compatibility. Will the Z370XP SLI ship with a compatible...
  2. S

    Question I7 8700K

    I purchased an ibuypower system with an 8700K. It has an AIO cooler but i suspect it's not that great. Running MSI Z390 pro, i turned on Turbo enhance to run all 6 cores at 4.7. It hits 100C and throttles periodically on intel extreme tuner. I'm merely a casual gamer, and was tinkering. Do...
  3. X

    Question I7 8700 NOT “K”, should I got with z370 or z390

    Sup fellow nerds I am planning to build a gaming PC this year and since this is my first build I wanna have the most performance for every penny I pay. And the penny I am willing to pay is 1k. I am planning to put a i7 8700 in my rig but I am confused b/w z370 and z390. My other planned parts...
  4. T

    Question [HELP] Attempting OC on 9700k with aorus z390 ultra

    Hello, I'm trying to overclock my new pc but since I'm new to OC I would like to have some feedback about results and if what I'm doing is wright. Intel 9700k with aorus z390 ultra That's the complete build: https://it.pcpartpicker.com/b/T4V6Mp I read some guides and I started with a slight...
  5. N

    Question Z390 Asrock Taichi ultimate vs z390 Gigabyte Aorus master, which to pick?

    Why taichi ultimate cost a little more then aorus master? Which features taichi ultimate has , that aorus master has not? going to use i9 9900k + 2080ti + noctua n15+ 32gb(2x16gb) g.skill 3200 cl14 ripjaws samsung b-die chips + power supply aerocool project 7 650 w platinum plus
  6. H

    Question Post code 00: Looking for any possible help!

    Hi all, This is my first time posting on the Tom's forum, so I hope someone may be able to help me with this issue. For Christmas, I received all the components I needed to build an awesome new gaming and editing PC, here is my parts list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/4mXZCb I immediately...
  7. F

    Question Do i need 8+4pins to the CPU?

    I've read that it isnt necessary to connect the 4 pin to the CPU power on the mobo as long as I have the 8 pin connected. But since my new MSI MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON and i5 9600k won't post anything on the screen im wondering if I have to have both 8pin and 4pin connected to the "CPU_PWR" to...
  8. B

    Question Wifi keeps disconnecting me every few mins or so.

    I have a GIGABYTE Z390 I AORUS PRO WiFi MITX model and use the wifi as I don't have ethernet in my room. I had a ASUS x99 deluxe before this board for a 5820k but now am on a 9600k. Whenever i'm in discord or in a game I can usually play about 1 round or game and be fine but then my internet...
  9. S

    Question Brand New PC HELP!!!

    I just built a brand new pc yesterday and when I went to turn it on it would stay on for a few seconds then shut down and quickly turn back on again. I noticed the CPU error light was on after it turned back on. I have tried reseating my RAM / CPU / GPU / PSU / all SSD and HHD. Here are the...
  10. C

    Question Suggestions needed for Linux + Z390 mobo

    I'm looking for a Z390 mobo whose features are well supported in Linux. Like hardware monitoring software and drivers. Which of the big mobo companies are the most open-sourcey?
  11. G

    [SOLVED] 9600k vs 8700

    9600k with z390 prime or 8700 with b360. (i wont oc the 9600k) what should i choose in terms of performance and durability for the next years? price is 50$ more for the 9600k and z390.
  12. K

    Question Just built new pc and having terrible stuttering in games

    So i just built my new pc yesterday (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/QnyQJ8) and ive been having some issues with it. It started with driver issues, i was getting a few bluescreens here and there and maybe me trying to run the ram at 3200 was part of the problem so i just decided to reinstall...
  13. J

    Question Over current been detected from USB ports

    I built my PC about two months ago and made sure to carefully ground myself and follow close instructions on setting up the rig, it went perfectly. The PC has been working with absolutely no issues for 2 months and this morning it turned on for 15 seconds and shut down. I turned on the screen...
  14. S

    Question Ram slots not recognized

    Hey everyone, I just built my new computer and I've run into an issue with the motherboard only recognizing one of the four ram slots. I've tried multiple arrangements and have swapped the ram in the working slot to rule out the ram being the issue. When I've tried other arrangements I keep...
  15. swintzten

    Question First Build, Debug Codes & Bootmgr Corrupt

    Hey everyone. So after a long time, I finally have done my first build. Thought everything went okay but when I went to start it up for the first time, I entered the bios and attempted to load from my win10 pro USB that I bought off of newegg a couple years ago and never used. I usually get...
  16. I

    Question 1 Fan randomly speeds up to full speed while others stop completely

    Hello! I have a Z390 Aorus Pro motherboard and 6 case fans connected to it. I installed the Smart Fan 5 software to control the fans via the motherboard, easy enough and (almost) works as it should. The only problem i have is that sometimes, like once or twice a week, one fan starts to speed...
  17. Question Can you identify the part?

    Hey guys, First post. Been building for a long time, but also my first build in a long time. Build is - i9-9900k Dark Rock Pro 4 Gigabyte Z390 ultra RTX 2080 16GB Corsair LPX Vengeance Ram 750w EVGA gold PSU When running cables yesterday (specifically the CPU power) I was attempting to plug...
  18. jiang-v

    Question 9700K overclocking up to 5G

    Hi guys I am a rookie on over clocking, few days ago got a ASUS Z390 APEX and 9700K, started my overclocking trip. here is my status now, I can running 5G(all cores) at core voltage 1.265( Bios setting), ASUS LLC at level 6, system running core voltage from CPUID HMmonitor is min 1.208V, max...
  19. K

    Question Gigabyte smart fan

    Hello, I have a Aorus Z390 Extreme and am having issues with the smart fan 5 in the SIV. I have all my fans connected to a fan hub that is connected to the CPU header. In the BIOS I am able to set up a fan curve but when I use the SIV in the Gigabyte app center all it does is calibrate the fans...
  20. Gazownik

    Question Which Z390 MB + I9 9900k?

    Hey there! Lately, I've been asking for some tips on RAM for i9 and now I need some help with choosing the right MB for Intel platform. I've two choices so far which are: MSI Z390 MEG Ace - 343$ (but I can have it for around 211$) Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Pro - 238$ So basically it's between MEG...