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  1. D

    Question FPS drop RTX 4070Ti / i5 9600k / 32gb DDR4 / Aorus Master Z360.

    Hello, fellow gamers, I hope this message finds you well. I've been experiencing some frustratingly low FPS (frames per second) problems while playing games like Albion Online, Valorant, and League of Legends on my gaming PC. Despite having what I thought were decent hardware specs, my...
  2. LORYT699

    [SOLVED] i5 9600 bottleneck

    Hi, I will never do this question if I haven t watched some video/bench. I m searching video cause I ve to upgrade my 1060 to a probably 4060 or 4050. I have an i5 9600k and watching some videos of people with the same cpu I was noticing that some that display cpu usage and not only fps in 1080p...
  3. LORYT699

    [SOLVED] General question about oc

    Hi, I m not a lot familiar with oc, I never done some real oc on cpu or gpu ecc. My build is: z390 tomahawk i5 9600k 1060 6gb asus dual oc gskill royal 3200mhz cl 16 atc 800(cooler) I have some question about all the oc 1) Does the mobo have an important impact on the oc? I think yes but what is...
  4. gigabelcior

    Question which graphics card can I buy for i5 9600K without bootleneck of CPU???

    Will a core i5 9600k bottleneck with a rtx 3060 Ti??
  5. LORYT699

    Question Burned ram in the same slot

    Hi, In my pc happens strange things my pc: msi z390 tomahawk i5 9600k @4.5ghz g.skill trident z royal 8x2 3200mhz cl16(XMP) & the burned rams samsung q 860evo 1TB atc800 1060 6GB asus dual sharkoon icewind black series 750W coolermaster td500l Now the problem: some sticks(4) of ram g.skills...
  6. T

    [SOLVED] What do I need to pay attention to when comparing CPU air coolers?

    I'm currently trying to overclock my i5 9600k but need a better cooler. I'd like to stick to air coolers. What specs should I be comparing between air coolers and how to know if its up for the task? I know all the basics of how an air cooler works, fins, heat pipes, heat sink and fans but I...
  7. Rezo59

    [SOLVED] BSOD on new build ?

    Plea of help: Hello. I built my first PC after dreaming about it for so long. But of course, with my luck, it gets blue screens at random intervals. For the last week or more I've relentlessly tried to fix this problem, but to no avail sadly. I have reached a point where every single article...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk beeping after RTX 3070 installation

    Hi everyone, after much anticipation I received my RTX 3070 (Founder's Edition), which I installed in my PC running an i5-9600K with an MSI MAG Z390 Tomahawk motherboard. Everything works fine, except that when I boot the PC up there's a beep from the motherboard which would normally correspond...
  9. Eliasmyrvang

    [SOLVED] i5 9600K and Fortnite

    Hello, i have a i5 9600K and a 2060 Super but for somereason when i play fortnite i get mad freezez and frame drops? but its only on that game? i also hage 16 gb of ram. can someone helpe me?
  10. F

    [SOLVED] i5-9600 or i7-9700?

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my CPU from an i5-6400 to a 9th gen Intel CPU. My budget is around 300 dollars for the CPU as I'm hoping to spend other funds on a new motherboard and an RTX 3000 series card (When they do come out). I plan for these components to last me throughout the next 4 years...
  11. P

    Question Is 550w enough for Gtx 1070 and i5 9600k?

    So i changed my pc because old died from shortcircuit,i just save the power supply and rams, the psu was 500w (iceberg 500w +80plus (very strange psu)), i had a i5 6400 and an old asrock board, but i changed to i5 9600k and a gigabyte b365m ds3h board with wifi, but i realize when i install my...
  12. Arman Afridi

    [SOLVED] GTA 5 suddenly has more cpu usage than gpu usage

    processor - i5 9600k main board - Gigabyte Z390 aorus pro wifi Graphics card - Asus Tuf Geforce RTX 2060 OC 6gb ram - G.Skill Tridentz 8gb 3200mhz x 2 Power supply - CX Series™ CX650 — 650 Watt 80 PLUS® Bronze Certified ATX PSU First of all Call of duty...
  13. W

    Question Motherboard failure?? Help please

    Hello. I’m working on my first pc build and I’m trying to make a test bench like setup just for the first boot. I’ve only installed cpu, cpu cooler, 2x ram sticks and 24 pin and cpu power. at first I used an intel celeron g4900 on an evga z370 ftw motherboard and 2x8gb g skill ripjaws v ram and...
  14. Nevo

    [SOLVED] Terrible FPS with 2070 super. Do you think I have bottleneck ?

    I really need some help with my new setup! Intel core i5 9600K - with OC to 4.9 Ghz 2070 Super ASUS - with OC enabled 16GB 2400 MHz memory 1TB HHD + 250GB SSD 2K 144hz ASUS display I jot a custom build computer and Have been getting really bad FPS, FPS drops, Stuttering and high CPU usage. I...
  15. H

    [SOLVED] Should i upgrade ryzen 5 2600x to an i5 9600K?

    Hello, Specs: Ryzen 5 2600x Mobo: B350 tomahawk GPU: 1070 TI Ram: 16 gb 3200 cl16 550W PSU So, lately i have been struggling with this CPU. I have been forced to OC because B350 motherboard doesnt support xrf2/precision boost overdrive of 2600x and it was giving me constanly 3.9 ghz and low...
  16. B

    [SOLVED] Switch from i7-4790 to i5-9600K?

    Hi, I need some expert advice, I’m wondering if it would be beneficial to change my older i7-4790 to a i5-9600K. I’m already planning to upgrade my gpu from a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 to a GTX 1650S (Super) and upgrade my power supply, but I can’t find any evidence that would prove that the...
  17. M

    [SOLVED] i5 9600k vs Ryzen 5 3600x

    Hello. What do you guys perform? I saw that ryze have problem with RAM speed. I watched some benchmarks and intel is always ahead for 5-10fps. In my country the price for each CPU is kinda the same and this is the reason why im asking. And which motherboard do you guys preffer for arround...
  18. V

    Question My GPU and CPU may not be performing as intended

    Hello All, This is my first time posting in here. I will be glad to change the post if necessary. Please bare with me. I will post my specs and anything else you request to assist. Basically, I have an i5 9600k and a GTX 1660 Ti, as well as 16 gb of 3000 mhz RAM. Some games i can maintain 60...
  19. C

    [SOLVED] Good GPU pair for i5 9600k

    So, I have recently upgraded basically my entire PC. Old PC was 8 GB ddr3 1600 memory, i5 3470, 1050ti, and no SSD. I upgraded to i5 9600k, 16 GB ddr4 3000 mhz, NVME SSD drive, and kept the 1050 ti. I've concluded for myself that the 1050 ti SEVERELY holds back the i5 9600k of maximum...
  20. Ft_Albrt

    [SOLVED] I have a MSI 1660 super and do i need a i5 9600k or i5 9600kf ?

    I have the following components : Motherboard : Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Master wifi RAM : Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) SSD : Crucial P1 1TB 3D NAND NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD GPU : Msi GeForce GTX 1660 Super So, should i get the i5 9600k or the i5 9600kf or even another processor ? please help me
  21. Antaress

    [SOLVED] Why does my PC freeze?

    I have a new PC. It got I5 9600K, RTX 2070 super, 16Gb RAM, PSU 850W. I am using 144Hz monitor with it that has FreeSync (C24G1 AOC). When I play, there are sudden freezes. Freeze of the screen or just the sound. The freeze takes around 1 sec and then it's ok. Interval between each lag is...
  22. S

    [SOLVED] component swap has made windows 7 unusable, mouse laggy, not detecting other USB Devices, chipset driver not even opening.

    Hello all, I recently purchased a new set of components for my pc; i5 9600k 16gb ddr4 2600mhz ram Asus rx 5700 msi h310m pro vdh plus 650w silverstone psu along with windows 7 pro 64 bit As soon as I got it, I instinctively set the driver disc aside, and due to circumstances which involved me...
  23. D

    Question Upgraded CPU, boots in safe mode but freezes in regular

    Hello, I upgraded my i3-8100 to an i5-9600k and have gotten a problem. When I start my PC, it begins to load, but after 1-2 minutes, the PC freezes and I have to restart again. However, when I boot in Safe Mode, everything works fine. I've already tried reinstalling the CPU to no avail. What...
  24. W

    [SOLVED] PC not shutting down unless power button is held or PC is unplugged

    So when this first started it took about 10 minutes for my computer to turn on which was very strange since it normally takes a maximum of 20 seconds. That night I went to shut it down and it simply wouldn't turn off unless I held the power button. The next day it took around 20 minutes to turn...
  25. Sbsdsurendra

    Question All of sudden my new i5 9600k is stuttering in games a lot

    I don't know what's happening but when i was playing devil may cry 5 after 2-3 minutes it started stuttering and also the game got got frozen, it was running fine on my old CPU never really had this kinda problem, i could also hear noise in my CPU fan, then i again ran my game with MSI...
  26. V

    Question i5 9600K vs i7 9700k

    I am going to be getting a new processor soon. I have an ASUS Turbo GTX 1070. I did some research comparing the i5 9600k and the i7 9700k on GPU check and they are near identical for 1080p (which will be my primary resolution) performance with the 1070. I am inclined to get the i5 since it is...
  27. R

    [SOLVED] PC keeps crashing when playing games.

    Hi guys I just recently upgraded my PC with new parts (i5 9600k, RTX 2070 super, 16GB DDR4 RAM and gigabyte z370p d3 motherboard. However after playing games (forza 4, battlefield 1, witcher 3) for a varied amount of time the game will crash and so will the computer itself which requires me to...
  28. Samrat97

    Question i5 9600k Vs i7 8700 for Music Production! On Cubase

    Hello Everyone.. I wanna build a pc for music production (Cubase) And I wanna consider something with iGPU because I don't have much budget for a Decent gpu cause I'll add a decent GPU later for Premiere Pro.. So i5 9600k or i7 8700 which one would be better and longer run.. Motherboard...
  29. R

    Question i5 9600k with msi mag z390 tomahawk

    Has anyone overclocked their i5 9600k with a msi mag z390 tomahawk board? I am looking to go with this combo for my next build but I keep reading reviews that go both ways about overclocking on the tomahawk board. I have already read tom's review of the board (which was poor) but they had it...
  30. R

    [SOLVED] i5 9600k with 2060 super or 2070 super PLEASE HELP

    I'm buying a gpu in the next couple weeks and I originally planned on a 2060 super but I'm also able to get a 2070 super but I'm not sure which to choose. I don't know if the 2070 super would be limited by the 9600k or not. I know it will be overkill for 1080p gaming but I am also looking to get...
  31. E

    [SOLVED] I5 9600K Overclocking

    Hi guys i hope someone of you have a better knowledge with overclocking than me and my friends.Yesterday I bought the i5 9600k and motherboard msi z390 a pro i put the macho rev b coller(Everything i bought new) to it and i oc it to 4.8 with 1.185v, and almost everyone of my friend telling my...
  32. M

    Question Seemingly random BSODS on newly built PC

    Just under a month ago, I built my dream rig that I had been saving and looking forward to for about a year. The specs are: MSI Ventus OC RTX 2070 Super Intel i5 9600K AORUS Z390 PRO WIFI 16gb DDR4 Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB Ram Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition RGB I recycled the...
  33. A

    Build Advice How well would this build be for gaming? Any bottleneck/overheating/anticipated issues?

    Processor: Intel Core i5-9600K (4.6 GHz Turbo) (6-Core) 3.7 GHz Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z390-H Gaming (Intel Z390 Chipset) (Up to 3x PCI-E Devices) System Memory: 16GB DDR4 3000MHz Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro (RGB Light Bar) Power Supply: 850W Digital Storm Performance Series (Fully Modular)...
  34. S

    Question 9600K CPU solder reliability/prefomrance

    Hi All, I want to buy a 9600K for my gaming PC, but I have been somewhat concerned about the CPU solder reliability for some time after reading this article: https://overclocking.guide/the-truth-about-cpu-soldering/ . I know it's an old one, but it's still physics and the die size is smaller...
  35. A

    Question What Can I expect from this PC build configuration for playing ESO?

    I'm not sure how many people here play Elder Scrolls online, but I plan to upgrade from my old i7 6700 geforce gt 730 PC to one that is more suited to handle gaming. $2k is my current budget. I do not want to assemble all the parts together which is why I've chosen this customized PC build. I...
  36. K

    Question I need help with overclocking.

    Pretty simple really. I have an i5 9600k running in a gigabyte z370 XP SLI motherboard, and the cpu is being cooled by a custom loop with a 360mm and 240mm radiator (graphics card is in that loop as well, so not too overkill). I understand two things with overclocking; changing the core ratio...
  37. C

    Question i5 9600k and RTX 2080 low FPS

    When playing less demanding games such as Overwatch and CSGO I have only been getting between 100-200fps which is strange because I used to run a GTX 970 that would give me between 250 - 300 fps. Any tips on what could be the issue? BUILD: CPU: i5 9600k GPU: EVGA RTX 2080 Ultra Gaming RAM: 16GB...
  38. Adz90

    Question First over clock advice.

    Hi guys. So here goes. I recently finished my first build, specs attached https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/DMZrZR Ive done a alot of reading and have changed a few settings all ready, So far ive clocked it up to 4.8 ghz Vcore is set at 1.370v These are the only changes ive made in...
  39. M

    Question CPU cooler

    Is a Hyper 212 RGB black edition cooler enough for an I5 9600k @ 4.2 GHz ?
  40. D

    [SOLVED] i5-9600k to 9900k or Ryzen 3000?

    Hi, i have an i5-9600k on an ASUS Hero XI WiFi, 2x8gb Crucial, GTX 1070 Ti, BitFenix Whisper M 750w, Corsair H100i v2, 250gb Samsung EVO 840 SSD and 1tb Samsung EVO 860 SSD. Should i upgrade if i'm only playing games and browsing the web? Should i wait for Ryzen 4th gen or Intel's 10nm? I would...