Question Custom build "crashes" during certain games

Oct 17, 2019
Hello, I built my PC a couple of months ago with all brand new parts. And I frequently play games on it. I mostly play ARMA III (with no crashes), but I've been dabbling in other games aswell.
I notice when I play Fortnite or GTA5, I crash after a while. With Fortnite, I crash much faster than I do in GTA. But I can't figure out the cause.

My specs:
Ryzen 5 2600 3.4ghz 6-core cpu
Sapphire Pulse+ RX580 8gb graphics
MSI B450 GAMING PRO CARBON A/C motherboard
Rosewill HIVE S 550W 80+ psu
TEAM VULCAN 16gb RAM (8x2)

What happens during crash: Primary monitor turns blue, secondary monitor turns white. Then makes a static/stuttering sound. Then after a couple of seconds, both monitors go offline...Along with keyboard and mouse. (However my LEDS, fan, etc all stays powered on).
What games does this happen with: Fortnite (ultra settings), GTAV (ultra settings) (FiveM/RagemP)
What games this doesnt happen with: Arma 3 (ultra settings)
What I think it could be: Graphics driver or card issue?

Most recent crashes:
PC crashed around 12:41pm on 10/16/19 while playing Fortnite under load
PC crashed around 5:26am on 10/17/19 after being in Fortnite loading screen all day, and multitasking on other monitor

MEMORY DUMP analyzer: points to something about ntkrnlmp.exe
Driver Verifier: crashes on boot, points to SbieDrv.sys
Fortnite log (for some reason timestamps are wrong?):
[2019.10.16-18.55.05:355][109]Detected Graphics Device Lost

What I already tried:
Removal of drivers with DDU, reinstall of drivers with AMD auto-detect software

Any ideas???
Oct 17, 2019
full system spec? include make and model of the psu
I just updated the post with specs.
Being it's crashing under load.....I would check the temps.
You can use HWInfo or something else.
Ideally your GPU should stay around 80C or less and the CPU 70C or less.
I haven't checked temps while playing games, but I checked immediately after rebooting from a crash and they were normal. I also did a full intensive stress test on my PC and after 15-20min my temps were maxing out at 71 Celsius.

I'll check temps while playing Fortnite though. But I also play ARMA III on ultra settings and this doesnt happen.
Oct 17, 2019
Please help! Still having this issue.
I've been trying to play Fortnite lately, but I crash less than 15 minutes into gaming.
The screen changes to a solid color, the audio makes a "stuttering" sound, and does all of that for about 3-4 seconds or so...Then screen, mouse, and keyboard goes dark.
(But when I look down at my PC, everything else is still running)