Question Freeze and shutdown when loading windows 10


Sep 12, 2018
Hello friends,
as the question suggests, I have a problem when booting windows. I'll get right to the point and explain what I tried. Sometimes during the loading windows 10 screen, the circle with dots when its loading freezes/stops and my PC shuts down in a period of 15-20 seconds. Sometimes it will boot as it should, sometimes it will keep freezeing until I try it again and again or later after I leave it alone for a while.
I tested and changed my RAM to other ones, cleaned my PC from faulty drivers and files, made changes in BIOS settings for booting, cleaned my PC case and other hardware from any dust, checked my HDD and SSD for errors, checked my CPU and GPU temperatures and it all seems just fine. One other thing, during gaming a shut down can randomly happen as well but not as often, also my audio would keep cutting off and stop after a while, my microphone would also randomly stop working until I re-plug it again. I believe it could be a power supply (eVGA 500W) problem based on my previous experiences, but I wanted to check here if anyone could suggest some possible ideas or solutions. I don't have any reserve hardware to test it all out except the RAM.

My specs:
Asrock z77 extreme
i7-2700K 3.50 GHz
Gigabyte GTX 1060 6GB
16GB RAM Corsair
eVGA 500W
Windows 10 Pro
Seagate HDD 2 TB
Crucial SSD 240 GB