Question Getting annoying ping spikes in-game on my wired connection while using a Chromecast on WiFi


Sep 20, 2014
So I noticed that while playing Dota 2 the other day that I was getting massive stuttering linked to my ping going from around 20-30 up to 130+ for a second then jumping back down and that was causing my game to stutter severely. I couldn't figure out why it was doing this as I play on a wired connection and hadn't changed anything in my setup. I realised today that it was because I was streaming twitch on my chromecast over wifi simultaneously but I used to do that all the time while playing and this is a relatively new issue. I can't seem to see the ping spikes when running a ping test or anything but I could just be doing it wrong. Does anyone know if this is out of the ordinary or if it should be expected for gaming and streaming at the same time? My upload and download are 46.5 Mbps and 16.3 Mbps if that changes anything.