Question How to solve boot instability?

Oct 20, 2019
I just built an AMD based system:
Ryzen 2700x w/ Wraith Prism cooler
ROG B450-I (Mini ITX) MOBO
32 GB Geil Evo X AMD Edition (16 x 2)
MSI 5700 XT (Mech Edition (?))
Corsair 960GB M.2 SSD
Corsair 600 Watt SF PSU

My problem is that it is very risky for me to shut it off once I have it booted. I succesfully got post, boot, and into windows install on my first try, but now im having issues with it restarting (Exiting windows but never actually powering off), shutting down (same issue), and sleeping (system freezes upon wake up). When I am inevitably forced to force the shutdown, I more often than not have issues even posting into BIOS. I've done an entire MOBO switch (accidentally ordered two of the same one, happy accident) and it seems better, but im still wary cause it has crashed and had the same issues, just slightly less frequently. NORMALLY i would just short the CMOS and try again but this MOBO doesnt have that, so I just have to rely on luck that I dont get a permanent issue. Any advice would be appreciated.
every mobo has short cmos
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since u having issues with bios and reboot/shutdown (acpi which is also bios related)
id suggest to download latest bios to usb stick, doesnt matter if ure on latest bios or not
extract it to usb stick
reset cmos, enter bios (dont change anything), then flash bios
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once done, boot up, see if windows will work