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  1. S

    Question red dead redemption 2 issues and bex64

    ive encountered so many crashes with this game from :err_gfx_state rdr2, err_dfx_referr memory, one blue screen of death, and BEX64. and its not like my system is weak either: ryzen 5600x, b550m aorus elite, psu xpg core reactor 750w, rtx 4070, 32 gb ram ddr4 3200, game installed on nvme 1tb...
  2. J

    Question my pc wont not turn on at all

    hey all so back on 2022 december 25 , i was sitting on my chair , and my pc was just on without any problems , (i bought an power supply cooler master i believe im not sure 500w) , i went to my bed which is near pc laying down , and suddenly my pc turned off without any warnings, i was surprised...
  3. E

    Question Shuts down unexpectedly

    Hey I have a problem where my computer will crash and then restart and I don't know what is causing it. I have checked for CPU overheating but the temps are always cool. I also checked reliability history and it tells me windows has shut down unexpectedly. This happens when I am playing games(...
  4. aerski

    [SOLVED] PC starts crashing after some period of time ?

    I built my own PC about 3 years ago, but even since I built it if I leave my computer on for more than about 10 hours, explorer.exe and everything else will slowly stop responding, and I'm not even able to type anything into a web search. Black boxes appear everywhere and when you restart...
  5. skillfulmmd

    Question PC instant crashing & fans spinning at max speed ?

    I've been having these issues for a few months now and have slowly tried different fixes including replacing my power supply rm850w ram and also changing my fans to keep temps down. My pc when gaming usually when I hit my native res of 3840x1080 will crash instantly and reboot but my CPU pump...
  6. V

    Question Occasional system crash and thousands of errors in memtest86+

    My system with AMD Ryzen 5 3600, X570 AORUS ELITE motherboard, and 32gb ram is crashing occasionally. I ran memtest86+ with the default configuration of ram sticks in slots 2 & 4, then with just one stick each, and in all 3 cases the test was spewing thousands of errors. What does this mean -...
  7. L

    Question Memtest86 error to identify

    Hi everyone, I am having trouble installing a game on my Alienware 17R5 and read somewhere that it may be due to some hardware errors. I ran a Windows memory diagnostic, it indeed found a hardware issue. I ran a Memtest86 test and did found about a 100 errors. The report on the Memtest86 page...
  8. Scypno

    Question How can i fix disk errors all over the place?

    I am trying to analyze what is going on with my disk and laptop, but i dont know where to start. Whenever i try to run "check for disk errors" in the properties menu. It gives me an error, when i try to run CHKDSK it gives me errors too. I want to reset my laptop but that doesn't work either...
  9. tkahn

    [SOLVED] HDD SMART errors 197 and 198 count went from 20 to 0 (zero) after wipe and reformatting. Can I use the drive?

    I have a Seagate Barracuda 8T drive (ST8000DM004 ). Yesterday I got a warning from CrystalDiskInfo regarding the SMART parameters: 197 (Current Pending Sector Count) 198 (Uncorrectable Sector Count) It reported a RAW count of 8 for both these parameters. I unmounted the drive and ran chkdsk...
  10. nazar21015

    [SOLVED] The computer restarts itself, RAM errors, crashes from applications.

    Hello, I have such problems. Without overclocking the RAM, I have no errors. By overclocking my processor over the bus, I simultaneously overclock the RAM. Previously, applications with simultaneous overclocking of RAM to 2666 and low timings did not crash for me, but over time they did. I...
  11. Xulfin

    [SOLVED] PC Crashing Need Help Troubleshooting.

    I'm posting this today due to over 20 crashes recently on my 50 day old system. I recently built this system and it is my first gaming computer. Specs: MOBO: Asus ROG STRIX X570F CPU: AMD R5 3600 GPU: Asus ROG STRIX 2080 MEMORY: Corsair Vengence 16GB (2 Sticks of 8GB) 3600MHZ (On DOCP profile...
  12. Reddit's Adept

    Question Unusual problem with RAM

    Hello guys, I have following issue: with an ordinary reinstallation of Win10x64 LTSC, all RAM was no longer displayed, instead of the installed 16GB, only 8GB is displayed. Before reinstalling, I was update BIOS to a new version (I guess it was bad decision), but after making a backup of the old...
  13. C

    [SOLVED] Windows and Bios can't read internal/external drives.

    I recently built a PC and everything went fine. I ordered a secondary SSD, both SanDisk Plus, and ran benchmarks and found out the SSD with windows was performing 50% slower so instead of starting over I tried to clone the disk, it kinda worked but then decided to format and switch drives. Now...
  14. E

    Question PC Freezes randomly event viewer shows ESENT Errors 507,508,etc. What could be the problem?

    Hello Guys I have a problem. My PC is freezing randomly almost always at start up where it freezes the longest. I checked Event Viewer and see a couple of ESENT Errors with Different IDs (507,508,532,642,etc.) I replaced my old HDD with a new one and I think it may be the problem. I checked the...
  15. J

    Question How Can I Solve Kmode Exception not handled error in my windows 10 pc?

    This error keeps coming on my windows pc.
  16. H

    [SOLVED] RX 580 might it be faulty?

    I have an RX 580 and I ran into some problems, I'm not sure if the GPU is bad or something else. So today I was playing BF 1 and my pc restarted, i thought it was from the bad weather outside( something to do with the electricity ). Anyway the bad weather went away and started my PC again...
  17. jamesowens12

    Question PC crashing non stop

    Hello, I purchased a pre-built PC and have had non stop issues with it. I have installed my own GPU, USB card and aftermarket CPU fan however the card was fine in my previous PC, the fan temperatures are not overly hot and the crashes were happening before I installed the USB card. The RAM in...
  18. T

    Question Multiple issues with windows or hardware. How can I troubleshoot them?

    So I built a new pc. It boots and everything. But there is a series of bugs I feel are somehow caused by the same issue. Firstly after boot the windows explorer freezes for a minute and either crashes or resumes to work, but it always freezes after startup. This happens 90% of the time I start...
  19. U

    [SOLVED] 36 errors within the first 3 minutes of running Memtest86

    I've had games crashing on me in the middle of playing since I built my new rig about two weeks ago. Im currently running Memtest and its 16 minutes into its first pass and has already discovered 36 errors but im not sure what they mean or if im going to have to sink even more money into this...
  20. SkittleSteve

    Question All USBs suddenly turn off

    I’ve just gotten a new NVME SSD and reinstalled windows when I installed it because it’d been a while, and while installing everything my USBs started randomly disconnecting every minute or so (all would automatically reconnect except my WiFi antenna USB, which worked after un- and re-...
  21. H

    Question PC Won't Post After Putting in M.2 drive, tried unplugging/CMOS reset, nothing works so far :(

    SPECS: i7 7700k w/ corsair h100i GTX Asus Z270E Strix Motherboard 16GB DDR4 Geil Ram GTX 780 NZXT H440 case Last night I put in a M.2 drive into my build and when I attempted to power it back up again, I couldn't even get it to post. No signal on my monitor, tried everything from plugging in...
  22. G

    [SOLVED] How to solve boot instability?

    I just built an AMD based system: Ryzen 2700x w/ Wraith Prism cooler ROG B450-I (Mini ITX) MOBO 32 GB Geil Evo X AMD Edition (16 x 2) MSI 5700 XT (Mech Edition (?)) Corsair 960GB M.2 SSD Corsair 600 Watt SF PSU My problem is that it is very risky for me to shut it off once I have it booted. I...
  23. Darkdean99

    Question Help! Win 10 BSOD

    Guys, I need help. Ive been facing BSOD from my old pc. It has an AMD A4-3400 2gb of Ram and 500gb hdd. It has been good these past years. Ive faced bsod basically PAGE FAULT BSOD ive followed everything i could find, clean install, turn of paging, updating drivers and everything. So i bought a...
  24. Jurr vandiljk

    Question My pc keeps temporarily shutting off during heavy load

    My computer does something really weird when it has to load something quickly like an ingame folder or just randomly during a battle etc. The screen shuts off, not the monitor but in a way like it loses signal. Its hard to trace where the problem comes from, so far i know my monitor has nothing...
  25. A

    Question Malware preventing itself from being removed, in addition to: ACPI.sys/apphelp.dll errors, SFC unable to fix, no networking.

    Hi there everyone! I'm having some errors with a domino effect and it's stumping me. Help please! I was just browsing YouTube when suddenly I got a BSoD which said: "Stop code: PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA What failed: ACPI.sys" (Unfortunately I couldn't find a dump file even though I have it...
  26. C

    Question Problem with GPU? Artifacts maybe? Display? I tried everything! You're my only hope to get answers - So, this happens in games Notes: Good fps and low temps so this isn't a problem! tried every V-SYNC it DOESN'T happen only in GTA installed last driver using nvidia GeForce Experience ofc windows 10 home gtx 1660, 6gb (NOT OC) i5 9400f (NOT OC) power suply 450W...
  27. K

    Question which 27 inch as secondary

    so i want a secondary monitor. needs to be 27 inch, 2560x1440 mainly for watching movies, youtube and some image edit, just as a hobby. So im thinking IPS panels. and needs to have VESA for mounting. does anyone have some experience and rekommandations? im not interrested in have the same as my...
  28. MountainDrew329

    Motherboard and connected components stay on after shutdown!

    These are my system specs: So as you can see I have the Asus TUF B360M Plus Gaming motherboard. When I press the shutdown option in windows, the screen goes to the shut down animation and turns black, but my motherboard led stays on, rgb ram stay lit up...
  29. D

    Stream Amazon Echo Music thru Receiver

    I have a Denon AVR 1613 receiver and a Amazon Echo. I'm trying to stream music from the Echo to the receiver using wireless. I'd appreciate suggestions/products Thank you
  30. A

    Can i fit Be quiet Dark rock 3

    Hello my question is will I be able to fit the cooler Dark rock 3 by be quiet in a mid tower case on a microAtx motherboard.I have the Asus h110m-k and the case is Zalman z1.Also if it fits will i be able to use my ram or i need to remove one stick(I have 2x8GB Ddr4 2400Mhz) thanks in advance...
  31. G

    Was using my Motherboard GPU thinking it was Dedicated GPU and when I put it into my GPU it black screens

    I got a pc two months ago, I'm a pc noob and didn't realise that I was playing off my Motherboard GPU instead of my GPU I have installed. So anyway I only realise today while I was cleaning my pc that I never plugged the HDMI cable into my GPU. So I did and i started my pc and it loaded up. I...
  32. M

    No disk 0

    Hello , Yesterday I was booting my PC with Windows 10... the process was all good. I felt asleep during the process. When I woke up the PC was off , so I turn on the PC , I found it saying no disk found or similar to that .. so I was going to boot it again as the hardware was detected in BIOS...
  33. Y

    Spilled a little water on my pc, wont turn on?

    Hey, I spilled a little water after I tried to grab something, the water went through the top of my case, and I suspect that my gpu got fried. However, when i replaced my gpu with an older one, my pc had no signs of power and it wouldn't turn on. Anyone know why it won't turn on?
  34. M

    Are these ram memories compatible with this mobo? Asus Z170 Pro Gaming Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3000mhz I chose those ram modules because of low profile radiators , I will go with a noctua dh-14 cooler and higher profile rams won't fit because the...
  35. M

    Help with RX480

    Hi guys, I am looking to buy the new RX480. I have one question about it though... On the reference card there are a few places where the word RADEON is ''engraved" on it in red. Now I was wondering if the red letters light up when the pc is started, or if it gives a nice dim effect. I am 99.9...
  36. S

    Is this system a bottleneck or a good combo?

    Okay, so i have recently put a system together. Here are the specs: CPU: X4 860K (4GHZ) MOBO: F2A88XM-D3H GPU: R9 270X TOXIC RAM: 1X8GB HYPER X CPU COOLER: ARTIC FREEZE 7 these are the most vital components. What do you think? Also can i push the cpu oc a little more? The temps at idle are...
  37. L

    PC freezes to random color

    So I've been having some weird problems lately. About two weeks ago my pc started to crash with colored squares all of the screen when I was playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. After researching the problem I reconnected the power connectors to my GPU and the problem was fixed. Now, two weeks...
  38. ModMonster

    What is the difference in 300MBPS and 200?

    Will I notice a difference in 300mbps and 200mbps?
  39. U

    A serious problem

    Hello, everyone. I can't get my PC to boot no matter what :( At first I was getting a black screen with a blinking dash so I tried bootsect, startup repair, /fixmbr, /fixboot, /rebuildbcd then it started showing a pair of vertical dashes followed by dots. System restore also didn't help :( The...
  40. NinniAstaroth

    Bad pool caller (HELP NEEDED, PLEASE!)

    This ''BAD_POOL_CALLER'' has been shutting of my computer atleast 5 times a day in about 2 months, and I aren't really fond of it... Here is my 3 most recent dumpfiles (yet...) - Can somebody please help me, I am so tired of getting...