Sep 13, 2009
Hi, in a few a days i will be purchasing an i7 860 and wanting to see if its possible to use my Zalman (CNPS 7700-Cu: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/zalman-cnps7700,939.html) with the socket as it was only recently (and stupidly) purchased for my 939 AMD. It states of the packaging that it can also fit into LGA 775/478 (Intel).

According to my friend i should be able to use this on the LGA1156 socket.. but he isn't exactly certain. Would this be possible? Even if i have to buy a special coolplate for the mobo?
such as http://itestate.com.au/pages/product/pdt_product_detail.faces?BeanName=productDetailAction&pcode=06965

And my second question is if anyone knows of a decent GTX260(192) aftermarket fan replacement solution.. i can't seem to find any or im not looking correctly :/

Thanks! :)