Question i9-10900K best settings for the Alienware area-51m r2


Sep 21, 2014
Hey guys, so, I am buying an Alienware area-51m r2 with that monster cpu (19-10900K)(GPU: Geforce RTX 2070 Super) and I was wondering if someone found a sweet spot for the voltage amount aiming for longevity of the chip, not really interested in making it run 6Ghz (last thing I wanna do is reduce the life of this expensive machine).
I am pretty new to overclocking/adjusting, so any help would be lifesaving!!
My main tasks on it will be music production/workstation and gaming.

Any replies will be extremely appreciated.
Why not see if it runs fine for you with temps under control at stock speeds (i.e., all core turbo at 4.6 GHz) before arbitrarily deciding that anything less than all core turbo speeds of 5 GHz is useless :) Jumping your gaming FPS from 120 fps to 130 fps might not seem as useful when/if raising both CPU temps by 15-20C and power consumption by 50-70 watts. (Sustained temps above 80-85C are generally best avoided, or so sayeth many in 'conventional wisdom')

(If I were Alienware, I'd have locked out those setting above stock in the BIOS anyway)

I'd first see if Alienware has an 'MCE' mode, which allows all cores to boost to max turbo.

If you want to take a few little steps above stock and test your temp impact, Intel's XTU would allow you to specify higher all-core turbos in 100 MHz increments without jumping all the way to the impact of having MCE enabled (your cooling is possibly not adequate for all-core 5 GHz operation, for example)