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  1. valentine crybby

    Question PC crashes when starting Games or Programms ( i9 & RTX 3080ti )

    Hey! Im new to the forum and i hope someone can help me out here because i really dont know how to solve the problem.. My specs: i9-14900K RTX 3080 TI Z790 Gaming Plus 7200C34 DDR5 32 GB Ram Samsung SSD 970 Evo 1 TB Powersupply 850W Monitor: Samsung Odyssey G9 Ok so the problem is following...
  2. Y

    [SOLVED] No Display and No Error Lights on new build ?

    Any help is appreciated, I have a brand new PC build with the following components: MOBO: MSI MAG B760M Mortar WiFi CPU: Intel Core i9-13900K Gaming Desktop Processor 24 cores (8 P-cores + 16 E-cores) with Integrated Graphics PSU: Redragon PSU007 80+ Gold 850 Watt ATX Fully Modular Power...
  3. N

    Question Asus laptop RAM upgrade ?

    Hello everyone I recently bought a ASUS Vivobook 16 Pro OLED K6602VU-LZ951WS It comes with 16gb of RAM (8gb soldered + 8gb sodimm slot) 4800mhz. I want to upgrade. The Asus says maximum I can expand is to 24gb. Though Crucial says I can expand to 64gb since the cpu is i9-13900H. I would like...
  4. J

    Question Why is my Intel i9-9900k temperature too high ?

    i9-9900k is 90*C at 3600Mhz. Running at high temperature and that's without any overclock ? Motherboard is Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite with Kraken M22 cooler. :oops:
  5. S

    Question PC hard-lock ups driving me insane

    Hi all, I am seeking some assistance from the tom's Hardware collective please to stop me going insane! First I guess the info of the system: Windows 10 Pro, build 19044 (up to date) I9 9900K, not overclocked - bios all default settings / auto 2x8GB Corsair DDR4 2132 w/XMP @ 3596 - non XMP...
  6. P

    Question I9-9900k Issue Bluescreen.

    Hello, I have somes issues with my i9-9900k. Spec: i9-9900k MSI Z370 GAMING M5 Kingston KHX2666C13/16GX 16GB x2 EVGA RTX 2080 TI GIGABYTE - AORUS P850W 850W - 80 Plus Gold In some times like COD, bluescreen i solve the issue with 43 Ratio 1.21V But i would find a solution Waiting for a...
  7. M

    Question Laptop vs Desktop? Help please?

    Hello Everyone! Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions! Here is my conundrum: I do travel for work and leisure (wife is European so we head across the pond a few times a year, may relocate there in a year or two). I play really only 4 games WoW, FF14, SC2, WC3 Reforged. The goal...
  8. P

    Question i7 Cooler on i9 Processor?

    I have an Intel® Core™ i9-11900K CPU. I have a stock cooler from an Intel® Core™ i7-10700 boxed processor. Will this stock cooler be adequate for my i9? Thanks for any help – Phil
  9. MoeNAGY22

    Question i9 12900k 5.1 P-Cores / 4.0 E-Cores @ 1.29V | LLC 6

    My experience overclocking the 12th Gen i9 12900K CASE: Thermaltake View 51 MOTHERBOARD: MSI MPG Z690 EDGE WIFI DDR4 CPU: Intel® Core™ i9-12900K Processor MEMORY: Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (2x16GB) DDR4 3200 (PC4-25600) C16 GPU: GeForce RTX™ 3090 24GB GDDR6X - GIGABYTE GAMING OC POWER...
  10. MoeNAGY22

    Question i9 12900K Overclocking at 5.1 [Questions]

    Hi all, I have got a couple of questions on overclocking my i9 12900K. Set P-Core to 5100 MHz Set E-Core to 4100 MHz CPU BASE CLOCK SET TO 100.0 CPU ratio when running AVX | Set to 0 Ring Ratio | Left on Auto CPU core voltage set to 1.30 C1E Support | Disabled EIST / Inter Turbo Boost |...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] X264 encoder on OBS forces my i9-9900k to run EXTREMELY hot

    Not sure where to post this but basically, when I am using the x264 encoder on OBS, it stresses my CPU to such extreme degrees that my temperatures reach high 80s. If I use the NVENC encoder this never happens and neither when I just play normally. Only when I use the x264 enocer. I do not know...
  12. Thanasis Gogas

    Question Suggestion for buying high end laptop Asus rog Zephyrus M16 2022 edition

    Greeting everyone,i'm in search of buying a laptop and i was mainly considering the price point between 1800-2300€ euros using it both as a working station and a gaming machine,i had some models in my mind until i stumbled upon this model that caught my eye which hasn't came out yet but it will...
  13. Zeekqtt

    [SOLVED] Will these 5 items work together CPU/MB/cooling/memory /gpu

    https://www.newegg.com/corsair-32gb-288-pin-ddr4-sdram/p/N82E16820236697?Item=N82E16820236697 https://www.newegg.com/p/N82E16813144484?Description=msi%20motherboard&cm_re=msi_motherboard-_-13-144-484-_-Product...
  14. S

    Question I9 9900k weird temps

    Hey guys I just got an i9 9900k and with kryonaut paste my cpu is around 15% running my pc and its at 50 c at full load its 70 c with a cooler master ml360 aio my question is why is it not running at 30 with no work load like my 8600k. I know it notorious for being hot but I dont think 50 c is...
  15. GraptikBlizzard

    [SOLVED] 100 Degrees @ stock 10900K

    Just got my 10900K and paired it with a NH-D15S and I'm having huge temperature problems. I can't even run prime95 at stock settings without hitting 100c. By stock, I mean that I loaded optimised defaults for my board (Z490 MAG Tomahawk) and then disabled enhanced turbo. Really not sure what is...
  16. P

    [SOLVED] For rendering and i9 10900F or K?

    Hi, so i have this question, will it be bad if i buy i9 10900F instead of K? i want to economize, for 3D rendering, video editing, professional drawing and all related to design, im abou to change from i5 9600k to a 10th gen I9 but i don't know if it is a huge difference between i9F or I9K? i...
  17. R

    [SOLVED] Intel i9 10940X 100C+ please help :(

    Hi, I got the 10940X and I'm having a hard time cooling it under 100% Load with my 3 year old Corsair H115i Liquid cooler. It usually exceeds 100 C! Noctua NT-H2 is the TP used. Any suggestions?
  18. A

    [SOLVED] What should I overclock too?

    I wanna get a tad bit more performance out of my CPU. I have an i9 9900k 3.6, however... I do not have water cooling. I have a Cooler Master Hyper 212 along with some upgraded case fans. I don't want to crank this all the way to 5.1, I know my cooling specs couldn't hold up to that. But, I was...
  19. A

    [SOLVED] i9-10900K best settings for the Alienware area-51m r2

    Hey guys, so, I am buying an Alienware area-51m r2 with that monster cpu (19-10900K)(GPU: Geforce RTX 2070 Super) and I was wondering if someone found a sweet spot for the voltage amount aiming for longevity of the chip, not really interested in making it run 6Ghz (last thing I wanna do is...
  20. DownWii

    [SOLVED] i9 9900 (non k) with B360?

    Hi all! I have an ASUS B360-H Gaming motherboard and I am wondering if it can handle an i9 9900 (non k). Can motherboard's VRM handle the power consumptionof this CPU?
  21. V

    [SOLVED] Need help deciding on AIO to use for CPU cooling!

    Hey Guys, I am building a new PC very soon (just waiting for Ampere to release) and am having trouble deciding on my CPU cooler, so I was hoping for a good recommendation. I will be cooling a 10900K inside a Phanteks P500A. I would prefer to use an AIO as I like the look. It doesn't have to...
  22. V

    [SOLVED] Front mounted radiator or top?

    Just wondering what is ideal for a 360mm AIO. Currently looking at using the Coolermaster MasterLiquid ML360R unless someone recommends anything else. If I mounted top I would have the fans exhausting and if front they would be intake obviously. Also, would be mounted in a Phanteks P500A FYI...
  23. V

    [SOLVED] Thoughts on Cooler Master Masterliquid ML360R

    Hey guys, So was thinking about using this AIO for my upcoming build and was wondering if anyone has had any experience with it or just has an opinion. Reviews seem pretty good online but I just want to be 100% sure. I’ll be cooling a 10900K with it in a Phanteks P500A or P400A case (Still to...
  24. V

    [SOLVED] i9-10900K vs i9-10900KF

    Hi Guys, I am about to build a brand new gaming pc, I am going pretty high-end and am currently just waiting for the arrival of the RTX 3000 series (or whatever it is going to be called). For my CPU I was looking at getting an Intel i9-10900K. However, as I am sure most of you are aware, they...
  25. V

    [SOLVED] Overclocking on MSI Tomahawk Z490 with 10900K

    Hi Guys, I am about to build a brand new gaming pc, I am going pretty high-end and am currently just waiting for the arrival of the RTX 3000 series (or whatever it is going to be called). The rest of my build consists of a 10900K, MSI Z490 Tomahawk and a NZXT X63 Kraken cooler. Since I am...
  26. Playerrpj

    [SOLVED] Low temps

    ok, I don't know why but gpu and cpu rarely over 55°c. Not that the pc is slow but could do better at certain games and when it comes to rendering video. Gpu will start my screen at 480p and when I log in will go to 4k. I have tried after burner and kombuster but just crashes before it would go...
  27. M

    Question i9 10900k cluster

    Hello TH forum, I am about to create a cluster of i9-10900k CPU's. As a start I begin with 20x CPU's. I need to be able to repair one client in the cluster if something goes wrong. I am thinking about using ASUS ROG Z490-i MB's. My question is: Does anyone know an efficient and practical...
  28. T

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3950x or i9 for Gaming & Editing computer?

    Hi! I am in deep need of a a new computer due to slow rendering. What I do, I play games on a Super Ultrawide (5K) I play VR games I render in Sony Vegas + After effects & Handbrake Should I get a 3950X or i9 ? I checked so many reviews but can't make up my mind Thanks
  29. B

    Question How Far to Push Overclocking for Professional Film Editing -- Advice Needed

    Hi all, I just completed my first build for a new editing rig because it seemed far more cost effective than purchasing one. I do professional film editing, and buying a custom rig seemed wasteful in comparison to building my own. First off, thank you to EVERYONE on this forum -- there is so...
  30. J

    [SOLVED] Z390 Aorus Pro WiFi freezing just after BIOS (With i9-9900k)

    I recently purchased upgrades for my PC, including a new CPU, GPU, RAM, and motherboard. My specs are listed below. Previous, working configuration: Intel Core i7-6700k 4GHz Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO ASUS Maximus VIII Hero ATX LGA1151 Samsung 850-EVO 500GB SSD WD Blue 1TB SATA 6 GB/s 7200...
  31. G

    Question Overclocking!!!

    Hey folks, So I just build my new workstation pc with i9 9980xe and 128 GB ram. It's an workstation pc only for rendering and 3d. But I want some more performance. So is there any safest way to overclock this cpu?? I am using liquid cooling because of this beast cpu. PS Are those pre...
  32. H

    [SOLVED] Will an EK A240G Be Good Enough?

    My current PC has a 9900kf and a gtx 1080, do you guys think an EK A240G will be enough to cool it??
  33. xjcarter99x

    Question RAM, Motherboard, and CPU Compatibility

    I am looking at a EVGA Z390 Dark motherboard, as well as the Intel i9 9900k CPU. I am having difficulty selecting a compatible RAM stick for it. The motherboard supports DDR4 4600MHz and the CPU shows only DDR4 2666MHz. Am I completely limited to 2666MHz RAM, or can I go with something higher...
  34. B

    [SOLVED] New built computer not showing bios and turns off and on repeatedly?

    Just built a new computer, this is my 4th one so I know I put everything on correctly etc. Spec list is: I9 9900k CPU Gigabyte H370 Aorus gaming 3 1151-2 mobo Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x16gb ram 2666mhz Corsair TX750m 80 Gold PSU Geforce RTX 2080 ROG 8gb GPU 970 Evo 500gb NVme ssd cooler master...
  35. S

    Question Help Regarding i9 Overclock

    Hi, I have been using i9 9900k since past 3 months. Earlier, I OCed it to 5 Ghz on all cores at 1.32 V and it was stable. Checked via Aida64 stress for around 6 hrs and it didn't cause any trouble. But since the past 2-3 days, games kept crashing so I checked AIDA64 once again and now, it...
  36. H

    [SOLVED] Is it worth to buy a gtx 1660ti if I have i5-2500(non k)?

    I don't have much money so I can't buy a new cpu top but I would like to upgrade my graphics card. I wanted a 1060 (6gb) but I think 1660ti would worth it more. But I have just an i5-2500 and I will be able to upgrade my cpu at Christmas :(. Can someone tell me if the bottleneck will be big or...
  37. S

    Question i5 9600k 4,9ghz and 1,22V

    Hello! I just did OC of my cpu i5 9600k. I set 4,9ghz and 1,22V. Prime 95 small fft is going ok, with temps ~70C Is this voltage ok?
  38. S

    CPU is being underclocked? How can I fix this?

    So I’ve had this PC for about one year now, I've had a friend help me build most of it, so I don't know much about this PC, I no longer have contact with him as well unfortunately. Ever since I first built it, my CPU has been running at 0.78GHz. I am not a computer wizard, so I don't know much...