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  1. J

    Question Z390 Aorus Pro WiFi freezing just after BIOS (With i9-9900k)

    I recently purchased upgrades for my PC, including a new CPU, GPU, RAM, and motherboard. My specs are listed below. Previous, working configuration: Intel Core i7-6700k 4GHz Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO ASUS Maximus VIII Hero ATX LGA1151 Samsung 850-EVO 500GB SSD WD Blue 1TB SATA 6 GB/s 7200...
  2. G

    Question Overclocking!!!

    Hey folks, So I just build my new workstation pc with i9 9980xe and 128 GB ram. It's an workstation pc only for rendering and 3d. But I want some more performance. So is there any safest way to overclock this cpu?? I am using liquid cooling because of this beast cpu. PS Are those pre...
  3. H

    Question Will an EK A240G Be Good Enough?

    My current PC has a 9900kf and a gtx 1080, do you guys think an EK A240G will be enough to cool it??
  4. xjcarter99x

    Question RAM, Motherboard, and CPU Compatibility

    I am looking at a EVGA Z390 Dark motherboard, as well as the Intel i9 9900k CPU. I am having difficulty selecting a compatible RAM stick for it. The motherboard supports DDR4 4600MHz and the CPU shows only DDR4 2666MHz. Am I completely limited to 2666MHz RAM, or can I go with something higher...
  5. B

    [SOLVED] New built computer not showing bios and turns off and on repeatedly?

    Just built a new computer, this is my 4th one so I know I put everything on correctly etc. Spec list is: I9 9900k CPU Gigabyte H370 Aorus gaming 3 1151-2 mobo Corsair Vengeance LPX 2x16gb ram 2666mhz Corsair TX750m 80 Gold PSU Geforce RTX 2080 ROG 8gb GPU 970 Evo 500gb NVme ssd cooler master...
  6. S

    Question Help Regarding i9 Overclock

    Hi, I have been using i9 9900k since past 3 months. Earlier, I OCed it to 5 Ghz on all cores at 1.32 V and it was stable. Checked via Aida64 stress for around 6 hrs and it didn't cause any trouble. But since the past 2-3 days, games kept crashing so I checked AIDA64 once again and now, it...
  7. H

    [SOLVED] Is it worth to buy a gtx 1660ti if I have i5-2500(non k)?

    I don't have much money so I can't buy a new cpu top but I would like to upgrade my graphics card. I wanted a 1060 (6gb) but I think 1660ti would worth it more. But I have just an i5-2500 and I will be able to upgrade my cpu at Christmas :(. Can someone tell me if the bottleneck will be big or...
  8. S

    Question i5 9600k 4,9ghz and 1,22V

    Hello! I just did OC of my cpu i5 9600k. I set 4,9ghz and 1,22V. Prime 95 small fft is going ok, with temps ~70C Is this voltage ok?
  9. S

    CPU is being underclocked? How can I fix this?

    So I’ve had this PC for about one year now, I've had a friend help me build most of it, so I don't know much about this PC, I no longer have contact with him as well unfortunately. Ever since I first built it, my CPU has been running at 0.78GHz. I am not a computer wizard, so I don't know much...