Question Odd issue where my Dell Precision M6700 Laptop locks up and freezes all Ethernet wired devices in my home (but wireless still works)

Mar 20, 2021
So I, like many others, have multiple hardwired and wireless devices connected to my home Xfinity system (using their modem/router combo). I don't think the issue is with the router and here's why...

I have 2 desktop PC's hardwired to the modem. I also have an IP phone system hardwired.

I have a Dell docking station that is also hardwired via ethernet that I swap in and out two Dell laptops. One for work (Latitude E7470) and an older Precision M 6700.

The issue I have only occurs when I have the M6700 connected to the docking station and via Ethernet to the network and internet. Here's the issue which seems odd.

Although the power settings on the M6700 laptop are set to never turn off the screen, etc. and even NOT turn off the Hard Drive when connected to wired power (not battery), OR to even sleep, if I "lock" the computer and step away for 10 or 20 minutes and come back, the computer looks like it's in sleep mode. Screen is black, etc. However if I move the mouse or click on the keyboard, they light up, but the computer itself NEVER wakes up and the lock screen doesn't reload. The screen stays black. That's a pain in itself but NOT the major problem.

The major problem is that when the M6700 enters this mode ALL wired ethernet devices in my home are DISCONNECTED from the internet. Both desktops will show "no connection". My IP Phone flashes red indicating "no internet" and all of my wired ethernet devices like Blu-ray players, etc. also show "no internet". Somehow whatever "mode" the M6700 is entering into is somehow LOCKING the ethernet internet access to my entire home.

HOWEVER, the Wifi still works. All our mobile tablets, phones, ROKUs, etc. all still remain connected AND have internect access. Only the Ethernet connected devices remained locked out of the internet.

IF I then hold down the M6700 power button to "force shut it down" it does shut down and IMMEDIATELY all the other ethernet devices in the house regain their internet.

It is defying my intellect as to what is going on with the M6700 and how it's going into some other kind of "sleep" mode I can't turn off, is also crashing my home ethernet as well.

This never happens when my Work laptop is connected to the same docking station and the same ethernet connection. Just this M6700.

Anyone seen anything like this occur before?

So I guess I'm looking for help in two realms. Stopping the M6700 from locking up in some kind of forced sleep mode I can't disable and second, somehow keeping the network card from the M6700 laptop from locking up my entire home ethernet network.

TIA as I am stumped. Any additional info needed, please let me know.
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Sounds like the m6700 is hammering the network somehow when it does this sleep thing.

I would boot it to a linux live cd and see if it 'falls asleep' and does the same thing. If so, you'll need to check the bios settings as there may be one related to power saving that will help. Otherwise if it is fine on a linux live cd, then it's a windows issue.