Dec 12, 2020
First post here, a year and a half after building my first PC. Late at the party if you want my honest opinion. I wasn't really paying much attention to my CPU/RAM clockspeed, overall voltage, safe temps, etc. After a while I noticed temps over 85 degrees and put a "band-aid" on it with the help of a friend that had little knowledge with overclocking. PC was running "fine" for a year.

Lately I've ran into some BSOD and constant disconnects (error 519) playing WoW installed on my HDD (second drive) which corrupted my Windows. Might have been corrupted Addons but I doubt it since they were up-to-date. It could also be my RAM that's been the problem, since I ran into MEMORY_LEAK BSOD and a couple other memory related BSOD. Nonetheless, I've reinstalled Windows, re-applied thermal paste and did a format of my HDD. Now I am trying to fine tune my clockspeeds/voltages before doing a memtest86 and break something since Windows memtest passed successfully. I also lack another USB drive to do the test for the moment. Doing some stress tests I monitored some possible problems with voltage, my CPU is running pretty low frequencies for an i7 8700K because of high ambient temperature and bad case airflow chosen for custom style points over performance (Corsair SPEC-OMEGA). I followed this video for overclocking reference, with a couple tweaks for my system's stability:

CPU @4.6GHz 1.24v, while RAM is running XMP profile @3200MHz 1.35v 16-18-18-36. System is stable (I think?) while running Cinebench R23.2 and p95 26.6 having Core package temps Max. 81° c and Max.78° c respectively with ~9° c fluctuation between Min./Max. in HWMonitor. I am using an H100i Pro RGB AIO cooler by the way which should be able to handle higher clockspeeds with open case if I am not mistaken. On idle tho, I get these random spikes of temps and voltages which from older posts seems normal, but I wanna back it up with actual knowledge since the fluctuation seems excessive to me. To start things off, I made a beautiful paint graph to showcase my concerns.