Question SATA/SAS HDD Connector

Aug 25, 2018
Coming here out of relative inexperience. I have recently bought a hard drive on eBay advertised as a 2TB SATA II 7.2K RPM HDD. Most of this seems to check out upon receiving it, except for one thing. When I went to connect it, I realized that neither cable was able to connect to it because the notch in between pin groups was bridged and had pins on the other side. I did some searching and found that this seems to be the interface that I had tried to avoid, SAS. It said it was refurbished and the tray says 2TB SATA on it, but the connector is quite clearly an SAS connector. I can't find any further good info on the tray, board, or connector itself, and it seems that the wrong connector was put on. However, I'm not sure. Could anyone with more experience tell me if I'm right or wrong, and how to fix this? I could return it, but I want to do this pretty quickly to get my new PC working, I think it may be fixable, and I am interested to learn more about this. Also, it was a steal at $30 for the thing.


Send it back asap would be my recommendation.
Primairly because they fudged it to get it to work; sounds like they soldered on the wrong connector or slapped a sas board onto it and got it to work that way. Sas drives will not work with a sata controller but sata drives will work in sas controllers. Sas drives use a higher signalling voltage and can drop down to sata levels when needed.

Can you host a picture on an image sharing site and link to it here please.