Oct 13, 2020
AMD 3600/ 16gb of Corsair vengeance/ MSI B550 GAMING PLUS/ RTX 2060 SUPER


Ok so I built this computer today and it was going great, I updated windows in till it said there are no more updates I updated the bios and the chipset all the things, Later tonight I go to get on and use it a bit to see how it runs and the Ethernet is not working (I didn’t update the ethernet driver) so I think OK let me just get the latest driver for the ethernet BUT before I do that I think let me restart the pc and see if that helps aaaannnd it will not come back on now, The fans spin up and the lights come on it just doesn’t do anything, the led for the debug is on for the cpu and I don’t know what to do now help me


I got it to come back on after unplugging everything and plugging it back in, The long power off I don’t think did anything I think that cpu might be over heating because I try to run heaven and it was going good until it spazzed out froze and then shut down and I could not get it to come on for a little bit now it’s back on and I would like to know what to do next? maybe there’s not adequate thermal paste or good enough contact I’m using the stock cooler, what do you think?

if some of the post doesn’t make sense it’s because I was answering questions and following steps that were given to me on reddit