Question What's the best 24inch, IPS, 1080p, 144hz-165hz monitor right now?

Feb 16, 2023
I need help on deciding on which monitor I should buy. I am upgrading from a 21inch ,75hz, IPS Samsung monitor (which I will be using as my 2nd monitor in the future).

The options I have been seeing that people recommend are:
AOC 24G2
Acer Nitro VG240Y
Asus VP249QGR
+ others you can recommend that I haven't listed here
(I don't know which variants of these are the best, so I would appreciate if specified)

As for the aesthetics, It doesn't really matter to me, I just want a good quality display and high refresh rate. The stand also don't matter as much because I will most probably just replace it via VESA mount.
There's no such thing as "best" anything. There is only "best for you", or "best bang for the buck", or "best in a specific category". "Best" period, is just not realistic. There are simply too many factors involved for any one product to simply outshine all others unless of course you are talking about "best regardless of price" and very few people are ever talking about that so it's kind of pointless.

What we NEED to know, in order to figure out what is best FOR YOU, is all of the following.

Current core hardware including CPU, graphics card, etc?

What resolution you want to target?

What types of games you tend to play and at what level of quality settings you are normally running at?

Your maximum REALISTIC budget?