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  1. Jeff_120

    Question AD27QD panel replacement?

    As I have a stucked pixel on my AD27QD, I asked for a replacement of my brand new monitor under the new 0 stucked pixel warranty , instead of it the Lebanese official importer brought a panel replacement and called me to pass by. After reading people complaining of dust behind the screen/panel...
  2. shaikyahiya

    Question Which one of IPS and VA is the better display type for reading?

    I am looking to purchase a monitor and am a bit confused between two Benq models: Benq GW2480 (24”, IPS,1000:1 contrast ratio) Benq GW2470HL(24”, VA,3000:1 contrast ratio) I usually spend time reading on my monitor and am a casual gamer. I am looking for a monitor that’d less strain my eyes. Do...
  3. M

    Question With one is perfect for me as a main screenPG279Q vs PG279VQ

    it is important that I use it to game and watches movies mostly games with nice quality or just fps games I have i9-9900k And 2080 super 32gb I want your guys opinion let's debate What is something that you can enjoy the game quality ect
  4. TheObserver

    Question Upgrading monitor - help

    I am stuck on which monitor to choose, im confused on what i should care about. Do i NEED 144hz rate? IPS/VA/TN? Do i NEED Gsync? (seems hard to find one with gsync too btw) My current g card is nvidia gtx 750ti (though i have been thinking about upgrading) I would like to have a higher...
  5. O

    Question Sub-400€ All-round Monitors with a dash of FPS Gaming

    Hey, I'm looking for a monitor that I can use for my animation workflow (and other related activities) and that could also be used for ocasional FPS gaming. Availability (and Budget) - Europe (sub-400€) Usage - Animating, 3D Modeling/Rendering, video edit etc... I also like playing games like...
  6. M

    Question IPS, TN and VA Technology in detail?

    Hello! I would like to ask if someone knows any good resources to read about how the different Panel-Technologies actually work internally. I would like to make a deeper dive at this topic but i only can find very basic information when i google it. I would really like to know how these...
  7. M

    Question Any great Glossy replacement of HP Pavilion 22fi?

    Hi, my HP Pavilion 22fi monitor died. So I'm looking for a new monitor of the exact same quality or better. My requirements are : Full HD - 21.5" or higher Color accuracy : at least 72% NTSC Display type : IPS panel LED backlight Surface type : Glossy only Response time...
  8. rounakr94

    Question Is this a normal level of IPS glow?

    The Monitor is a new 1.5 weeks old Benq GW2480 IPS 24" with a LG Display Panel (LG has bad service so skipped them this time). So is this a normal amount of IPS glow? In photo it looks a bit over exposed. There shouldn't be any backlit bleed as this has no bezels just black paint covering the...
  9. DRKaz92

    Question Best Ultra Wide 3440x1440 monitor for gaming?

    Hello Toms community. I wanted to ask what a good option would be for 21:9 3440x1440 gaming. I have a RTX GPU and so far im looking at the following. LG 34GK950F-B (Freesync 2 but higher refresh rate) Asus ROG Swift PG349Q Acer Predator Gaming X34P bmiphzx Alienware AW3418DW Acer Predator Z35P...
  10. propigeon

    [SOLVED] Is this monitor too good to be true??

    So I found this acer monitor that just looks waaaaay too goodto be true for its price. It's the Acer Nitro VG240YPbiip, and if you look at that link below, you can see that it states that it's: FullHD,IPS,144Hz,1ms all for 200$???? What's the catch? It says 1ms VRB which I looked up, means it...
  11. W

    Question I really need help finding a good monitor (I'm getting seriously stressed out!)

    Why I'm upgrading: I only want dual-monitors. I had this but then one broke. Sadly the monitors I own aren't really available anymore, so I can't replace the broken one even if I wanted to. They're super old anyways. The color accuracy is non-existent and they really make my eyes hurt so I'm way...
  12. Z

    Question Which monitor to pick?

    I know I have asked this before but the situation was different back then so now again please help me select which one I can go for. Do consider the quality of performance and material. Please do look at it carefully as I am going to order it by Sunday. Thanks 1.) HP 24fw 24 Inch...
  13. R

    Question Which monitor should I choose?

    I have been looking to buy a 27 monitor with a resolution of 2K and a IPS panel. Compatible with G-sync or G-Sync directly. The options that I have are... Aorus AD27QD which is a FreeSync monitor but is compatible with G-Sync Acer XB271HU ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q Which one would you choose...
  14. D

    Question IPS, 144Hz, QHD for sub $400

    Hey guys, thanks for checking out my question. Hopefully it’s a good one for you ya. I pretty much purely play League of Legends and I’ve been living the 60Hz life for way too long. I want an upgrade to the setup. I rock a now dated GTX 970 (If you need anymore information on the rig, just...
  15. B

    Question Acer XB271Hubmiprz alternatives

    Hey guys, I have a problem with deciding which monitor to buy. My old monitor is an Acer XB270Hbmjdprz, the TN 1080p non g-sync variant. I have it for like 5 years and I've decided that I want an upgrade to QHD, preferably G-SYNC. I would like to stick to the 27-inch screen size. A year ago I...
  16. basha11

    Question 1ms response time @144hz refresh rate in IPS panel... is it possible ?

    https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07N41RNX7/?coliid=I207IZU3XN7593&colid=3Q6T9DE2PDO0Q&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it The above monitor has 2K resolution and 1ms response time at 144hz refresh rate "WITH IPS PANEL". is this really possible ? usually ips displays have 4ms response time. I observed that...
  17. A

    [SOLVED] Looking for a new monitor.

    I want to get a new monitor, I want it to be 2k 144hz IPS panel, GSYNC and preferrably 24"-27". I also don't want a curved display or ultrawide.
  18. dmmass

    Question Cant decide between displays.

    So i cant decide between two 2560x1440 displays, the two in question are linked here https://iiyama.com/gb_en/products/prolite-e2783qsu-b1/ & https://www.viewsonic.com/eu/products/lcd/VX3276-2K-mhd.php . So the one is tn (the iiyama) 75Hz refresh with freesync and 27'' the size preferable to...
  19. E

    Question Help me select the best Gaming monitor for my GPU

    Hello guys, recently i built my first gaming pc and i would like to choose the best monitor for my GPU (Sapphire RX570 Nitro+ 8GB) So, what's the maximum Refresh Rate my GPU can use ??? Below i'm posting you the links of the monitors i have in mind ...
  20. L

    Question Best 1440p 144Hz gaming monitor

    Hello, I'm looking for a new gaming monitor and can't decide which one to pick. I already have a really good 27in 4k monitor so this monitor would be purely for gaming. Panel performance (response time and input lag) comes before picture quality (it's my second screen), but if I can get...