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  1. C

    Question "Sony x75k 2022" IPS or VA ???

    Hey guys Please i need help I want to buy a TV "Sony x75k 2022" , i found "c2022" 50 inches VA , and i found "Sony x75k 2022" 55 inches IPS, which one u recommend ?? i mean what's the best IPS or VA ??? NB : I need the TV for watching news, sports not for playing games
  2. Flame1

    Question Recommendations for a 240Hz+ 1440p 27" monitor ?

    Hello, I'm currently on the market for a monitor as title says. The monitor I'm looking for should preferably fit in this criteria: - 27" - 2560x1440 - 240Hz or more - Nano-IPS type colour gamut - Flat (Not a fan of curved displays) - Preferably under £1k, however I will consider all justified...
  3. aakashpatel007

    Question GIGABYTE G24F2 VS MSI G2412/G2422

    from this two monitors which monitor will be good for valorant csgo and pubg also for movies and good for eyes daily 8-10 hours use also am so confused between matte, glossy and anti glare, non anti-glare people say matte and antiglare are same and good for eye also some say its dull coulors so...
  4. ayoowavy

    Question What's the best 24inch, IPS, 1080p, 144hz-165hz monitor right now?

    I need help on deciding on which monitor I should buy. I am upgrading from a 21inch ,75hz, IPS Samsung monitor (which I will be using as my 2nd monitor in the future). The options I have been seeing that people recommend are: AOC 24G2 Acer Nitro VG240Y Asus VP249QGR + others you can recommend...
  5. mossi

    Question Acer Nitro VG272UV vs Acer Nitro VG272UP vs ViewSonic XG2705-2K, which one to buy for 2K casual gaming?

    I'm looking to buy a 2K IPS gaming monitor. Mostly playing first person shooters and some RTS and MOBA games but mostly 1st person shooters albeit casually like the Fallout or Metro series, I'm not interested in the blazing fast response times for input lag and whatnot. I value good build...
  6. incompetentpanelmakers

    Question IPS monitor - the edges are darker when looking at an angle

    When i look straight on my screen (VG249Q1A), i see the usual color (white, or purple etc) but the edges of the monitor kind of fade into a darker color (looks like theres a shadow over the colors). But when you move your head so that you look straight on the edge the darkening/shadow...
  7. S

    Question Help! eyestrain between IPS and VA

    I've been using the Philips 24M1N3200VA for 2 months or so with no eyestrain issues whatsoever (even before i got the dvi cable to use it at 165hz) however a few weeks ago i got the LG 29wp60g ultrawide and im noticing immediate eyestrain from the first second i start looking at it, i tried to...
  8. vikaskumar2299

    Question Are these vertical grey stripes in IPS monitor actually an issue?

    Hi. This is a complex issue so you may need to pay some extra attention (and see photos link in the end) to understand what I want to ask: So I bought a Dell 1080p IPS monitor. It had some power cable issue so I ordered a replacement. Then I observed this issue in new monitor: When I ran...
  9. jacobclarke356

    Question BenQ GW2475H vs GW2480/T for Gaming?

    So I have been looking to buy a new monitor for some older consoles such as the Xbox 360/ Original Xbox One and PS3 but I cant decide between the BenQ GW2475H vs GW2480/T. Looking at comparison sites there are slight differences but I dont know which one would be best for older gen console...
  10. vikaskumar2299

    Question Is FRC bad for eyes or causes eye strain?

    I am planning to buy a budget IPS monitor. I read some old posts on Reddit and various sites where users were discussing that an FRC based 8 bit panel like 6 bit + FRC may cause eye strain. And they say native/true 8 bit panel would be better than 6 bit + FRC = 8 bit panel. (In terms of eye...
  11. ColopiX

    [SOLVED] Used HP 27q (advice)

    Hello Im using for 5 years now BenQ GW2270H monitor as my main display,its 21.5 1920x1080p with VA panel but i want to upgrade because its small,bad for gaming,and the viewing angles are terrible I got an offer,give my benq + small cash for used HP 27q 2560x1440p 60Hz Free sync monitor. Problem...
  12. vikaskumar2299

    Question Are 75Hz monitors more of a marketing strategy rather than native support of 75Hz refresh rate?

    I was looking into some 75Hz Full HD IPS 22" monitors from Acer and LG. On online shopping websites, they mention 75Hz. But that's not full story. I downloaded their user manuals and there is something more confusing. In LG monitor (example model: 22MP68VQ ), I found this: Recommended is...
  13. vikaskumar2299

    Question Is "Blue light filter" a software technology or a hardware/physical component of Acer monitors?

    I'm looking at some 1080p IPS Acer monitors like HA220Q, SB220Q (they are similar) and they have specifically mentioned like "Built in Blue light filter" / "Blue Light Shield" for eye care. Example: Amazon Link I want to know if it is some software technology (so it can reduce blue light like...
  14. M

    Question Which gaming monitor should I go for ?

    As I play Rainbow Six Siege, my current hardware specs are ( Ryzen 5 3500X, 5500 XT Oc 4 Gb, and 16 GB 3200mhz Pny Xlr8 rams). So which monitor will be best from these two ? : Gigabyte G24F 23.8" 170Hz Full HD IPS Gaming Monitor MSI Optix G241 23.8" 144Hz 1ms FreeSync Full HD Gaming Monitor...
  15. max_prawn

    Question 21:9 3440x1440p 34" VA panel or 16:9 2560x1440p 31.5" IPS panel?

    21:9 3440x1440p 34" VA panel or 16:9 2560x1440p 31.5" IPS panel? I want to upgrade my current monitor 16:9 1920x1080p 27" TN panel. I will need to upgrade my pc also. Probably go for somthing like a 5600x/12600 and a 3070 if anyone thinks this relevant. I've never used 21:9 before but from...
  16. Baraa_Al Turk

    [SOLVED] ViewSonic or AOC?

    Hello, I'm going to a buy a new gaming monitor soon, and after a lot of researches on buying a 1080p/ 24 Inch/ 144Hz/ IPS monitor, I came up with these 2 monitors: AOC Monitor and ViewSonic Monitor (Amazon.ae) Both monitors feature: 24 Inch 144Hz IPS 1 ms Built-In Speakers And lastly, they...
  17. W

    [SOLVED] Home computer can't ping friend's game server at his house ?

    I am trying to join a friend on his server which he hosts at his house all his ports are set up fine cause all our other friends are able to get in but me only way I can get onto his server is if I use a VPN but I would like to not always have to use that. I'm not able to ping the IP address...
  18. A

    Question Ultrawide 34'' IPS monitor

    Hi there, looking to upgrade my setup a bit, and I'm looking for a Ultrawide monitor 34'', IPS maybe curved? for about 300/400 $ if that is possible. Right now I have: LG 29UM58P AOC 24B1XH IPS 23.8 Would Possible retire de AOC and stay only with the two UW. Budget? Maybe 300/400 dollars...
  19. Riken664

    Question Backlight bleeding question

    Hey guys, So, I'm aware that most IPS panels, especially from under 500$ will suffer from some backlight bleeding and/or ips glow. The thing is that I just bought my second ips display and I can't really tell if the amount of bleeding I see Is considered acceptable, the previous one is around 6...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] Best 4K 144Hz Gaming Monitor.

    I just ordered the Gigabyte Aorus FV43U which is a "43 4K 144Hz QLED Monitor with a VA panel Looking at other monitors I saw that the considered best 4K 144Hz is the LG 27GN950-B which is a "27 4K 144Hz (Overclockable to 160Hz) Nano IPS Monitor I know that they are a bit different so I'd like...
  21. C

    [SOLVED] Need advice to decide between these monitors only

    hello there guys, im gonna buy a new monitor for me since i gave my old one to my brother, and i would like some input on these choices: ASUS VP249QGR ips MSI OPTIX 24inch G241 FULLHD 144HZ 1MS ips AOC 24g2 144hz 24inch ips LG Ultragear 24 inch 144hz TN 24GL6000F pros an cons, etc. thanks...
  22. S

    Question Having trouble picking an IPS display

    Looking for a 24" IPS panel that has 1080p, 144hz, 1ms, GSync or Freesync (no real preference), VESA mountable. Added features like motion blur reduction, eye care, blue light reduction etc. are nice but not a must have. What is gonna be my best option among these 4? Something else? Budget is...
  23. AntiSipater

    [SOLVED] Color Scheme on my new monitor is very weird, some colors dull whereas some are bright

    I've been facing a lot of colour issues on my new monitor, here's what it's called: Samsung 24 inch (60.4 cm) IPS, 3 Side Bezel-Less Flat LED Monitor (Dark Blue Gray) 75 Hz - LS24R356FHWXXL I use this monitor on my computer with an NVIDIA Graphics Card, I also graphic design and when I watch...
  24. C

    [SOLVED] Looking for 1920x1200 monitor larger than 24 inches

    I have a Dell 24 inch U2412M IPS panel. It is used with 2 computers, neither of which has a graphics card. One is connected via an HDMI cable, and the other via a DVI cable, so I need one with both of those connectors. It must also be fully adjustable with tilt, swivel and height movement...
  25. T

    [SOLVED] 1ms ips vs 0.4ms tn

    I’m looking at getting a new monitor. currently using a 1080p 27” 165hz 0.5ms tn panel and want to upgrade to 1440p, but I’m stuck between going for a 1440p 27” 155hz 1ms ips panel, or a 1440p 27” 155hz 0.4ms tn panel. So my question is should I go for the better colour or the 0.6ms of response...
  26. morpheas768

    Question Bad viewing angles on a brand new IPS display?

    So I just bought an AOC 24G2U5 Gaming monitor, which features an IPS panel, and as we all know, IPS panels are supposed to provide better viewing angles, among other benefits, compared to TN panels. My old monitor is a TN panel, its a Samsung S24D330H. The problem I'm having is that the brand...
  27. rounakr94

    [SOLVED] Worth exchanging a monitor for a dead and stuck sub-pixel

    Just got a monitor from Viewsonic. The top of the line Gaming monitor they have in the 24" range Model XG2405. Saw some good reviews about it and as unlucky as I am, I got a dead/stuck sub-pixel in the bottom right corner. Its stuck on red in white/yellow but black in blue/green. Now the...
  28. jaymc

    Question HP Omen 2018 15.6 144hz upgrade to UHD glossy or touchscreen is it possible ? Model I5-ce003na

    Hey people... My son's laptop (HP Omen Model I5-ce003na) screen is broken, his brother threw something at him an broke screen. I was wondering can I upgrade it to UHD glossy I think it's a TFT in it previously it's a 30 pin model no B156HAN04.2... What are my options... can I go 4k.. can I go...
  29. k0sm0

    Question Can anyone tell me which monitor has better image quality? XV240Y OR RG241Y

    I am in doubt which one I will buy, for now RG241Y is the one I am thinking of taking, but XV241Y wins in Response time (without VRB) and speakers Which one should I buy? If something is wrong with the writing I'm sorry, I'm using a translator
  30. G

    Question Is my monitor's glow or bleeding bad?

    I bought this monitor recently: https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/alienware-25-gaming-monitor-aw2521hf/apd/210-avlt/ Is this a normal amount of IPS glow and BLB. Should I return it and ask for a replacement?
  31. W

    [SOLVED] Help deciding on a 2k 144hz monitor

    Hi, I've been struggling to decide between monitors and need some help. I have access to a Gigabyte G27Q or a ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD. They are both on the budget end of the spectrum, in my country that's what I can get. For me the specs of 27 inch, 1440p 144hz IPS monitor with lower response...
  32. F

    Question Trying to pick between 2 for a second monitor (4K) but slightly confused and need help/opinions

    After many hours of research (couple months) , I have concluded to IPS monitors because I want to see what the hype is about and I already have a c32hg70 which is a VA panel with HDR 600 and I want to see the viewing angles. (Prices and Monitors) I've picked out the Dell S2721QS...
  33. B

    [SOLVED] Looking to upgrade to a 1440p IPS 144hz monitor with gsync

    Heads up as this is a long post (See the TL;DR at bottom if you wish to skip the heavy line of text) Hello people of the internet, so lately I been thinking of upgrading my monitor. I currently have two ASUS V248QE Monitors (1080p, 144Hz, TN Panel, NO GSYNC/FREESYNC) and they're great. I owned...
  34. L

    [SOLVED] 1920x1080 vs 2560x1440

    Good day, I'm thinking of changing my existing monitor AOC 24G2U-144Hz, IPS, 1920x1080 to a bigger one with a higher resolution. I read somewhere that AOC is going to sell this monitor AOC AG273QXP, 165Hz, NanoIPS, 2560x1440. I would like to know how much the transition to a higher resolution...
  35. CoronaPCBuild

    [SOLVED] Higher Contrast VA or higher Brightness IPS?

    Hello everyone, I can't decide which monitor to buy because I don't know what will look better (especially for dark games like Cyberpunk, and I also mostly use pc\play at night): -IPS 350cd\m² with 1000:1 contrast or -VA 250cd\m² with 3000:1 contrast since 350cd\m² is almost HDR 400...
  36. C

    [SOLVED] Cheapest 1440p 27 inch 144Hz IPS Display for Gaming and Multimedia

    Hey guys! I am in need of a new gaming monitor as my Dell S2415H broke. I have i7-6700k with gtx 1070 8GB with 2 display ports. I want a low budget monitor which has 144Hz 27 inch 1440p IPS panel. (IDK if 1ms Response time is important). Also only IPS panels After a lot of searching i found...
  37. I

    [SOLVED] Can i fix this manually or better buy a new one

    My monitor is bottom half on big squares with more lighted pixels.Check the image. Model is BenQ GW2480 is 1 year old and i am not using it that much.Can i fix it or just to buy one
  38. Asthana.Me

    [SOLVED] Monitor for MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) which is 13.3-inch (1280 x 800).

    I am thinking of a Monitor to use with my MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012), it has resolution of (1280 x 800). I have no idea if I buy any random monitor will it work with it or not. Looking for EyeCare monitor, i have ready IPS are good for eye care. Budget range is from 100 USD to 300 USD...
  39. J

    [SOLVED] Help and Thoughts on 1440p monitors

    Hi all - if this is a repeat thread I apologise. I am looking into upgrading my monitor which is currently a 144hz 1080p TN panel. The monitor is good, but I am interested in upgrading to a 1440p display and there seems to be a lot to look at from a tech perspective. My primary use for the...
  40. P

    [SOLVED] Are dark areas of games too dark a monitor's fault or games themselves?

    My monitor is the Acer Nitro XV273K which has an IPS panel and it's paired with an RTX 2080 Ti My monitor's brightness, contrast and all settings are by default and the settings in the NVIDIA Control Panel too. I have no HDR enabled For surfing the web, watching videos and everything it's all...