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    [SOLVED] Is there any difference between 2600x and 3600 in fps with a gtx 1070?

    Hello guys. I want to upgrade my rig and I plan to buy either a 2600x or a 3600 but I'm wondering if there will be any difference between these two CPUs in fps. My gpu is the gtx 1070. I will be gaming at 1080p. I will use my cpu ONLY for gaming. Thanks in advance.
  2. V

    Question Looking for best value 1080p 144Hz 27" Freesync display

    I'm looking into the case for some time, and i could not find a clear winner. My priorities: gaming > movies/series > browsing/watching videos > anything else. I don't really play competitively, so the 1ms hype is not my priority, but it would be a nice addition. Gsync compatibility is not a...
  3. polarsouth

    [SOLVED] Upgrade from gtx 750ti

    Currently i have a gtx 750 ti in my system. I've been wanting to upgrade my gpu in a while. I am Considering the RX 570, since i can get it for only 134 bucks. Or should i wait about 3 months and get one of these gpu's instead? GTX 1660 - > $258 RX 580 - > $217 GTX 1650 - > $180 Current Specs ...
  4. H

    Upgrading PC or buying a new one?

    Hi! I want to upgrade my PC or buy a new one. I have a i5-2400, 8GB DDR3 and a RX 460 right now. It is on LGA1155 If I upgrade this PC at it is right now, I'd buy an i7-3770(SH) and RX 570(SH) and a new PSU [maybe SSD and more memory too (not important)]. ~ 200 Euro I buy a new PC I'd go for...
  5. S

    Question 1080P 144Hz G-Sync Compatible FreeSync Display?

    I'm currently looking for a display for the system listed below. I'm aiming for 1080P at 144Hz and I would like to be able to use G-Sync with a FreeSync display, since they are cheaper. Any suggestions? Should I go higher than 1080P@144Hz? What screen size should I go for? I was thinking of a...
  6. C

    Question Old PC-What should I upgrade CPU VS GPU

    Hello, Right now I have a pc with a i5-3470 with a gtx 770 and 8gb ddr3 ram. Since I currently dont have alot of money a friend of mine offered me a deal on his 5 year old I7 4770k + z87 asus maximus formula vi for 200-250€ Should i go for that or with the same money buy a new gpu?(prolly a Gtx...
  7. P

    Question can this setup handle ray tracing on 1080p/60fps?

    gtx 1070 founders edition i7 7700k 16gb ddr4 ram (all stock numbers)
  8. V

    Question Building new PC - any input is appreciated

    So, i successfully managed to kill my 6 year old PC by connecting a molex connector while the system was running. Lesson learned. Moving on. Building a new one. Now I'm aiming for a kinda future proof system, where i have room for upgrades in the next 5-6 years. From the build i wrecked i have...
  9. jackcraft666

    Question Can i use a 2.0 (HDCP) HDMI cable from a laptop to a 1080p 240hz monitor

    I've read statements saying "the HDMI 2.0 allows for 1440p at 144Hz and 1080p at 240Hz". I have a laptop with a HDMI 2.0 (HDCP). and was wondering if this was true, and if it was true. What Monitor would fit in this bracket perfectly...
  10. V

    [SOLVED] i9 9900k rtx 2080ti 1080p bottleneck performance impact?

    I have a build I am planning to get created, have been doing a lot of research but no clear answer at least in my eyes. I will post the build here: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zqH8D2 My question is: I know there will be bottle-necking at 1080p, so what will the performance impact be? Any sort...
  11. Pythonbites

    [SOLVED] Any monitors that are 1080p at any aspect ratio and/or size that look good in 720 and 1080p in games?

    Hello. I'm looking at a new monitor. Since I use a GTX 1050 and I don't have much money to spend on pc parts i have to stick to lower resolutions in some games. I'm looking to get a new monitor which is AnythingX1080 at any aspect ratio and any size that looks good in 1080p and decent in 720p...
  12. D

    Question 144hz VA vs 75hz IPS

    I am getting a new Pc and with that a new monitor. 1080p resolution , will be used for gaming on a r5 2600-gtx1070/gtx 1660. I was wondering what would be the better option to buy. The VA monitors i have selected between are aoc c24g1 samsung c24fg73 I havent really looked into the ops 75 hz...
  13. I

    Question 1080p inspiron 5423 screen replacement

    Hi, I've had my trusty dell inspiron 14z (5423) for a good amount of time now. it's screen is getting flaky whenever i move the hinge. this leads me to believe that the lcd cable has a short in it. I am planning to replace it shortly but since this laptop has a sub-par screen and the take down...
  14. Pythonbites

    [SOLVED] Is there any good monitors that look great in 1080p and decent in 720p?

    Hello, I'm a gamer on a budget with a gtx 1050 2GB and I'm not so good with monitors. Is there any good, affordable monitors that look great in 1920x1080p and decent in 720p in modern games? The reason should seem pretty obbvious having a GTX 1050. I'm looking for 720p to not look super...
  15. A

    Question Setting 4K laptop display to 1080p

    Does setting a 4k laptop display to 1080p help with battery life and when the 4k screen downscales to 1080p, how does the screen quality compare to a native 1080p screen? When I downscaled my 4k screen to 1080p it looked like things were slightly blurrier which seems to make sense considering...
  16. Shinji10TH

    Question Application/game refresh rate

    Hi, I've just got a 144Hz FreeSync monitor, and I was wondering if I can only use the highest refresh rate in specific games while keeping it at 60Hz in Windows desktop. I'm trying to do that as I presume that having a monitor at max refresh rate would probably reduce its lifespan. Would...
  17. K

    Question Which graphic card should I get for 1080p 144hz

    Im selling a gtx 1060 and getting a gpu which one should I get and what will be my bottleneck % for my cpu btw I can also wait after I sell my 1060 for navi also I wont be upgrading my graphic card again probably for the next 4+ years Im playing fortnite pubg cs go rainbow six siege apex legends...
  18. J

    Question GTX 1080ti OR RTX 2070

    Hi! So im building a new gaming PC in the next couple weeks and im having a hard time choosing parts. I have 3 options. 1: Pairing a Ryzen 5 2600x with a GTX 1080ti 2: Pairing a Ryzen 5 2600x with an RTX 2070 3: Pairing a Ryzen 7 2700x with an RTX 2070 Remember that i will not stream or do over...
  19. V

    Question Problems with Screen Resolution, 1440p to 1080p

    Hey there, essentially I have an xbox one x and a 1440p monitor. I'm wondering if there's some device I can use that can take that 1440p signal and convert it to 1080p so that my elgato hd60 can capture it and I can use it for video recording or for streaming without my 1440p monitor going to...
  20. C

    Question Advise on which monitor to get?

    Hi, I have been checking many forums to see if my exact question has been asked but could not find anything (please link if so, thank you). Specs: GPU: ASUS GTX1070 8GB OC CPU: I5 4690K @3.5GHz RAM: 16GB Dual DDR3 @1600MHz MOBO: MSI Z97 PC Mate SSD/HDD: 120GB Samsung EVO, 1TB HDD I need help...