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  1. aidfarrell70

    [SOLVED] Motherboard adapter for fan control

    With the case I have bought it comes with an included fan controller for two fans on the front panel. However I can't see anywhere to connect the cables into my motherboard. Do I need an adapter for this, if so which one ?? My motherboard is a Asus TUF B-360 pro
  2. jbrighton

    [SOLVED] Can I achieve a 60Hz refresh rate with this PC?

    I got a new PC today (, and I realised that it's too small for my GTX 1050 Ti. However, I found out that the built-in Intel UHD chip supports 4K resolution. The...
  3. PCN00B123

    Question How do I use RTX 260 without a DP port

    I've bought an RTX 2060 but my BenQ ZOWIE XL2411 144hz monitor doesn't have a DP port. What can I do? I do not have a lot of money left to spend.
  4. M

    Question Should I use a 4 to 4 pins adapter or 4 to 8 adapter ?

    I have a short psu cable for the cpu power (The cable can;'t reach when the gpu is pluged), I got an adapter that can be used as 4 to 4 pins or 4 to 8 pins, what is the safest way to use it ?(My motherboard has a 8 pin connector and I was just pluging the 4 pin from the psu and everything is...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] Are there any PCIe/M.2 to RAM (DIMM) adapter out there?

    I don't know of any PCIe or M.2 to RAM (DIMM) adapters, so I would like to know if anybody here knows of such a thing. I am talking about PCIe/M.2 to DIMM adapters, not the DIMM to PCIe adapters that allow RAM to work over the PCIe bus (inherently at a slower rate/higher latency). Also, I am...
  6. K

    Question Do I need a wireless adapter for my motherboard for internet?

    Hey, I was wondering if you need a wifi adapter or some sort to put into your motherboard, i'm going to build my first computer very soon. The motherboard I will be getting is Asus Strix Z390-H and I was planning to get an ASUS PCE-N15 Wireless N PCIe Adaptor. Does this motherboard come with...
  7. G

    Question Wireless network/Bluetooth adapter

    After I recently switched computer cases I noticed that I get a very weak signal from the internet and I don’t have Bluetooth anymore. Could these things have been built into my old case?
  8. J

    Question Acer S221HQLbd power adaptor cable?

    I have the Acer S221HQLbd monitor but the other week it stopped working and it seems the power cables/adapter is the issue, does anyone know here I can buy one of these in the UK? Whilst I know some will say its easier to go and buy a new monitor, the reason i wont be doing that is I have 3...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] Powerline speed drop question

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone knows why my powerline connection has dropped 90% of its speed. I'm using tp-link 500Mbps powerline adapters, and for the first 6 months of using them in my new house i was getting 90-110 Mbps speeds with no drops. Nothing has changed regarding my setup, but...
  10. L

    [SOLVED] 144hz problem

    I just acquired a 2070 card, and sadly discovered that I can't get 144hz with my benq xl2411. With this monitor I can only get to 144hz with a DVI-D cable, the problem is that the graphic card doesn't have a DVI port (only DP and HDMI) and the monitor doesn't have a DP port. So I can only...
  11. J

    [SOLVED] Converting Ethernet cable to Coaxial

    I have fiber optic internet that comes into my house via Ethernet cable. I recently purchased a modem-router that only had a female coaxial port. Is there any way to adapt the Ethernet cable so I can connect it to the modem router?
  12. D

    Question ASUS USB-AC53 Nano Not Detecting 5G

    Hello, I recently got the adapter mentioned in the title. It connects just fine to the normal 2.4ghz band. However, ever since I have purchased it (about 2 months ago) I haven't been able to connect to the 5ghz band at all. The adapter doesn't even acknowledge it. I've looked at some of the...
  13. C

    Question Why Does My Ethernet Randomly Disconnect/Limited?

    I recently built a gaming computer with the following specs: Windows 10 Asus Z270-I with wifi Adapter I7-7700k GTX 1070 strix 16gb ddr4-3000 2x 256 ssd etc. I have google fiber with a main router that connects to to the router in my room, where my PC is. My issue is that at any time, my...
  14. A

    Question A1369 ssd in m.2 motherboard?

    Hi, I have a broken old 2010 MacBook Air (A1369) that was given to me for free. I want to use the internal ssd as a game drive for my pc. It looks like a B-key m.2 but I can’t confirm that it is anywhere online. Is it possible to put this in my pc or use an adapter to do so? Thanks, Epsilon
  15. R

    Question VGA to HDMI adapter is not working.

    I recently ordered this adapter from ebay: I have a moniter that only has VGA connectivity and I wanted to connect it to my macbook, that has an HDMI...

    Question 90 degree sata power cable adapter

    Does anyone know if there is a cable or adapter that will make a sata power cable end in a 90 degree connector? My case cant fit the straight ones and i dont have a mosular psu.
  17. D

    Question Making a wireless hotspot?

    I"m in the process of looking at building a wireless WiFi hotspot. I have a specific wireless adapter I want to use and it will typically be one which will have a good chance of picking up a WiFi signal if one is near. Basically this modem will pick up a better signal than my phone or laptop...
  18. B

    Question HDMI to VGA Adapter

    So I bought a HDMI to VGA Adapter and it arrived last month, it worked fine for the first 2-3 times and then it stopped working. I'm trying to connect my monitor(Samsung syncmaster 920nw) to my(windows 10)HP Notebook. Like I said it worked fine for the first tries and then it stopped working...
  19. T

    Question Motherboard 3.1 to 3.0

    Hello, I just wanted to ask if there is some solution for "old" Z170A motherboard without 3.1 slot. Is there any sort of adapter to 3.0? I dont care about losing speed I just need that usb-c capability. I found one DIY adapter but 70$ for a adapter is quite a lot. Thanks
  20. L

    [SOLVED] Need help determining what's at fault.

    I'm not entirely sure where to post this, but I've received good help on here before so I decided it can't be the worst place to start. I have Clone Hero on my PC, and recently purchased a guitar originally made for the PS2, as well as a PS/PS2 to USB dongle. When I first used it, it worked...
  21. strea

    First time installing a GPU, will this be an easy install / plug and play? (Pictures inside)

    Hello everyone and thank you for your time. I am upgrading from a 980 Ti Hybrid (1x6 pin / 1x8 pin) to a 2080 Ti Hybrid (two 8 slot pins). Will I be able to simply remove the 980 Ti and put the 2080 Ti in without any problems? I figure I am just using the 6+2 pin into the left slot of the 2080...
  22. N

    [SOLVED] Overheating with liquid cooling

    Coolermaster Masterbox PRO 5 AMD FX-8370 NZXT Kraken x62 Rev 2 GeForce GTX 780 Ti MSI 970A-G43 Kingston HyperX Fury 4x4gb Help!!! I just installed my x62 and my computer is still overheating which doesn't seem possible as it's a constant ~40 deg Fahrenheit in my house. I have my radiator front...