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  1. D

    [SOLVED] Looking for an adapter for an old laptop hard drive

    Can't seem to find an adapter for this old laptop hard drive I've had for over 10 years. The laptop is an HP it doesn't turn on, I'm trying to salvage my old pictures from the hard drive. As far as I can tell the Hard drive is an Hitachi brand has 7 + 15 (22) pins. Any assistance would be...
  2. N

    Question Atheros at9721 on android

    I have huawei p9 lite and it has the famous issue with the wifi/Bluetooth not working at all. So im trying to use external wifi adapter on the device. I have atheros ar9271. Any advice how to get this to work?
  3. A

    [SOLVED] size of a 1,8" HDD

    Hello there! I am intending to replace a 1,8" HDD with an M.2 Sata SSD, preferably 2280 because I have some of those here. But if those are too big I'll just go get a smaller one (2260 or 2242). So I am looking for an adapter that will fit in a standard 1,8" slot. But somehow I cannot find any...
  4. [SOLVED] SOLVED: Intel Gigabit PCI-e adapter not working

    Hey people, I just purchased a brand new PCI-E Gigabit adapter from Intel But Im having a hard time to get it functioning, will I get it? The card is installed to mobo and if I connect ethernet...
  5. Insane Potatoz

    [SOLVED] I need help connecting my cpu fan

    I am building a pc for the first time right now, and I ordered a fan for the cpu. The fan has a 4 pin connector and the motherboard a 5 pin! How can I get these to work? Is there an adapter or something? Thanks.
  6. Z

    [SOLVED] HDMI GPU to DVI-D Monitor. Is it possible ?

    I am looking to buy a RTX 2060 which has only Display Ports and HDMI. My old second monitor has DVI-D and VGA. Before i used to try and do VGA to DVI with a simple "non active pin adapter" but that didnt work since VGA is analog im guessing. So. Would making my HDMI signal from my GPU to DVI-D...
  7. tychi12

    Question Internet Disconnects after about 2-3 minutes, yet it says internet is connected with access

    Hi there! Essentially, after connecting to internet just like normal, everything was going well for about 2 minutes until it just disconnected; The game i was playing was still running perfectly fine on multiplayer, however discord or google; anything else really wouldn't work. I would have to...
  8. lordvanko

    [SOLVED] VESA mounting a mag241c

    Hello, I have a MSI MAG241c and I want to vesa mount it to the desk. Do i have to buy an adapter for the vesa, and if so, can you recommend me one?
  9. Mlado53

    [SOLVED] Adapting an 20+4 pin psu to a Fujitsu 16 pin motherboard

    So... My friend is looking to get a new gpu (with external power) and so he needs a new psu with that. His motherboard(Fujitsu case,mb...) has a 16 pin motherboard header. It has 6 +12V leads, 6 ground, one for powering it on, one -11V and one grey 26mV cable. *and an empty one Having a old psu...
  10. DaveTheAirman

    [SOLVED] Packets Stop Receiving (Ping Spikes) Every 30 Seconds

    Packets stop receiving every 31-33 seconds exactly every time on the spot consecutively for 24/7. There is not a single thing I haven't tried other than connecting to another network which in my case won't fix the issue. To begin with I have an Omen. (Link to purchase...
  11. A

    [SOLVED] Sony Bravia tv Wifi adapter.

    Greetings, I want to know that is there any alternative Wifi adapter, Wifi to ethernet etc. for Sony UWA BR 100 dongle. I have a Sony Bravia tv which I want to connect to wifi(Great distance for lan cable). Sony has discontinued that dongle and about other available options I am not sure as most...
  12. KylanHaffie

    Question 780W PSU but only 6 Pins. Can I use PCI Converter?

    I have a powerful 780W PSU that I have had for a while. I have recently upgraded my GPU from the GTX 1050 to the RTX 2060 Super, but that requires an 8 pin PCI, but my PSU only has two 6 Pin PCI cables. I found online that I can use an adapter to make it compatible, so I have ordered a 6 pin to...
  13. T

    Question Adapter cannot connect to wifi at apartment.

    I recently moved into an apartment and set up my desktop only to realize my adapter is having trouble connecting to the wifi. The apartment provides free wifi to tenants; it's wireless mode is N and it uses WPA2-PSK encryption. The USB adapter I'm using is the Netgear WNA3100 N300 model. It is...
  14. J

    [SOLVED] Want to broadcast wifi from a mobile wifi router as a shared adapter conection

    I have a mobile WiFi device that if you connect via USB cable it gets recognized as Ethernet (remote ndis based internet sharing device) the thing is that i want it to broadcast from a shared tplink WiFi adapter that is connected on a WiFi network I am on win 10
  15. D

    [SOLVED] Where is all bluetooth 5.0 adapters

    2020 soon and there is not much of these dongles on market
  16. C

    Question Can all DVI-D dual link cables do 144hz.

    I have a new 1920x1080 monitor with 144 Hz, but I can't access the 144 Hz because my pc doesnt have a Displayport socket. I've heard adapters can't do 144 hz (atleast not the ones at a considerable price)and so my final solution is a DVI-D dual link cable. That brings me to my question- Can I...
  17. C

    Question Can "displayport to HDMI/VGA/DVI" adapters do 144hz?

    I just bought a new "ZOWIE XL2411P / 24" / 144Hz / 1920x1080 / 1ms / Vesa" monitor and it came with some kind of display port cable that is the same on both sides. However, it turned out that my PC only has HDMI, DVI and VGA ports. Currently I am using my old DVI cable. What should I do...
  18. I

    Question M.2 SSD Adapter w/ DX79SR

    I am looking to increase storage capacity with my DX79SR machine and I have a few PCI-E x1 lanes available on this board. I am looking to install M.2 SSD's using a vertical M.2 Nvme SSD adapter designed to fit the x1 slot. I am not looking to boot from these drives either, so my main question is...
  19. _aesix_

    Question I can't connect my laptop to my monitor?

    I recently bought a new laptop replacing my old 2009 Fujitsu one, I used to connect my laptop to my monitor through VGA cables and then a VGA (F) to DVI-I (M) so basically VGA to VGA to VGA (F) to DVI-I (M) Adapter since my monitor only has one DVI-I slot. So my new laptop only has an HDMI...
  20. K

    Question Trying to find a HDMI 2.0 to Dual Link DVI

    I recently bought a Lenovo L340 with an HDMI 2.0 port. I was hoping I could get an adapter for my 144hz monitor which has a Dual Link DVI. I bought an Amazon Basics one that didn't end up working and have another on the way. I've been told it's possible to make this work but there aren't any...
  21. G

    Question Can I use a different charger with same connecter pin?

    I have a Lenovo Y510p laptop. It uses a 120W 19.5V 6.15A rated charger and the connecter pin is 5.5x2.5 mm. I can neither find an original Lenovo charger nor a compatible adapter with exact ratings in my locality. My question is can I use a 120W 19V 6.42A adapter for ASUS that has the same...
  22. R

    Question RX 5700XT compatibility with BenQXL2411 144hz monitor

    I currently use an MSI GTX 960 which uses DVI to run at 144hz. But the RX 5700XT has 3 display ports and 1 HDMI port. The HDMI on my BenQ monitor won't support 144hz. Do I have any solutions like an adapter to run at 144hz or is a new monitor my only solution? Looking to run at 1080p.
  23. P

    Looking for the right pin to solder

    Hello first thread here, i don't know if i choose the correct topic but i didn't find any for soldering, im a noob at soldering and i was looking at a video on how to charge a passive adapter to make it active because of my ps4 and I don't want to spend anymore money on adapters. Let me explain...
  24. K

    Question How can I make this motherboard be capable of powering the case’s ports?

    Motherboard I want to get is the MSI B450 Tomahawk Max. The case is the H510i. Mobo: 2 x USB 2.0 connectors (support additional 4 USB 2.0 ports) 1 x USB 3.2 Gen1 connectors (support additional 2 USB 3.2 Gen1 ports) Case: 1x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C 1x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A How can I make this...
  25. A

    Question Ehternet adapter (I219-V) doesn't recognize plugged in ethernet cable

    Hello, this is my first time posting in these forums, but I can't find any solution on past treads and I really need help. I built a PC yesterday and I can't get it to connect to Internet, it seems like the adapter is unable to detect the ethernet cable. I want to be sure that there is nothing...
  26. P

    Question No Wireless LAN adapter/ Can't find local IP address...

    Hello! So I am fairly new to networking in general and when I looked in my IP config I noticed that there was no "Wireless LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection" even shown. Although I can connect to WiFi through a USB, I wasn't available to find my local IP address. So I was wondering if it...
  27. G

    Question Recommendation for USB Adapter (Gaming)

    Hello, So I recently built a mini ITX with the following parts listed down below, and when I tried to play Overwatch, I noticed that within a session of gaming lag would happen once, where everyone else would freeze and I can still run around for a split second, then everything would just...
  28. K

    Question Laggy Wired Ethernet connection

    Hello ppl. I just bought a lan adapter and a wired ethernet cable to help improve my experience while gaming. I basically just want to enjoy myself while playing games online with others. But when ever i play and someone else in the house is using the internet i begin to lag and it just kills my...
  29. Z

    [SOLVED] 19 volts on 15 volt pc speakers is ok?

    I added a pair of old harmon kardon pc speakers to my pc. I added 19 volt adapter to 15 volt speaker by mistake. will it hurt anything. it appears to work.
  30. L

    Question How to connect 3 case fans to power

    How should i connect 3 case fans to power? I have seen this adapter on amazon...
  31. Moribund

    Question What is the best SATA adaptor for MZMPC128HBFU M.2 SSD drive?

    I have a few M.2 SSDs in different volumes. 128 Gb is the smallest volume I have. There are a number of adaptors being sold on Amazon to adapt M.2 for desktop's SATA cables. What are the best ones, preferably not too expensive, without loss of speed. Please post some links. Doesn't have to be...
  32. X

    [SOLVED] Need a wifi adapter

    Hi. I was building my new pc when I noticed after buying the motherboard that it only allows LAN. Connecting to the router via cable is forbiden in my house, so I'm going to need a Wifi adapter to have Internet in the computer. I've looked over the forum, but there isn't much about the matter...
  33. Question Help finding an adapter

    I'm attempting to upgrade my prebuilt HP PC, but the graphics card won't be able to clear the 24 pin motherboard power connector without an adapter. I've looked at several right angle adapters like this one, but they won't work because it is angled the wrong way. I've tried searching for a "down...
  34. M

    Question 24 pin to 8pin adapter dell opti 5040

    I ordered a 24 to 8 pin adapter off of amazon to juice up my optiplex 5040 sff . My question is ; has anyone used one of these before ? Is there any related danger - short or long term . The reviews were good enough on amazon just would like some additional feed back ! Thanks in advance.
  35. H

    Question Parts needed to run Ethernet cable from one floor to another

    Hey there, I’m doing a pretty simple job but I’m not sure what parts I need to get the job done without having any adverse effects on internet speeds. The idea is I’m running an ethernet cable from my main floor where my router is straight up through the wall straight above to the second...
  36. G

    Question Problems connecting Acer GN264HL to Nvidia Rtx 2070

    Hi to everyone, It's my first time posting, so nice to meet you :) Recently I bought a new GPU: Nvidia Rtx 2070. I would like to connect it to my current monitor and get 144Mhz. The problem is that I couldn't choose that option on my config, it was limited to 60Mhz. Porblem? Nvidia 2070...
  37. Silmefaron

    [SOLVED] Y connector 2x6 PCIe to 1x6+2 PCIe

    I have a PSU with the rated power capable of running a system with a GTX 970, i7 4770, and 16GB of 1866 MHz RAM, but it does not have the right connectors. It only has 2 6-pin PCIe power connectors and the version of the SSC card I have from EVGA requires a 6-pin and an 8-pin. I have a molex...
  38. C

    Question Plannig to buy msi rx 570 4gb ddr5 oc edition

    Will This Graphic Card work with my specs?? 1:- i3-2120 3.30ghz 2:- Intel Dh61h0 MotherBoard With [PCIe 3.0 x16] [PCIe 2.0 x1] 3-: 4GB ddr3 ram 4:- PSU 450W [This psu does not have 8 pin connecter pin] [im thinking about 4 pin to 8 pin adapter]
  39. S

    Question Stronger adapter than needed for monitor?

    Not sure how to delete this or mark as solved but I figured it out with more research and it looks like I am fine to use the stronger adapter. So I have this HP pavilion 32q monitor from a room mate but after weeks of searching we cant find the power cord anywhere. It is 27 inch, 1440p and...
  40. L

    Question Custom Resolution

    So i have a problem.... i had a adapter from VGA to Display Port but after my house power failure it was working/not working like losing signal and i just dumped it.... And my screen was set on custom resolution.... from 1440x900 to 1920x1080.... but after that i have been using HDMI adapter and...