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Forum discussion tagged with Afterburner.
  1. ArchiePM

    Question Memory clock half of what it’s meant to be?

    I have an Aorus GTX 1060 6gb, overclocked to 2100Mhz but when I check MSI afterburner during loads it says the memory clock is 4151mhz, this is with a +150 boost on afterburner. On the gigabyte website it is said that this card does 9026mhz memory clock. Is my memory half the speed it should be?
  2. E

    [SOLVED] Benchmarking and apps like those not showing fps?

    It's weird that no app like msi afterburner can show on screen fps stats. I have a XFX rx 570 and recently i guess after windows 10 2004 update i think i have tried almost all apps that have option to show onscreen stats but none can show fps except for fps everything else is shown. HEck even...
  3. Question Can I still OC with power & voltage limits?

    Hello all, Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: Gigabyte GTX 950 OC Edition (Currently NOT overclocked by me, it is stock) Using MSI Afterburner OSB and HWINFO64, I notice that I get performance limit power & voltage. My GPU is maximized even beyond the spec that it shows on the GPU-Z (see image...
  4. S

    Question GPU fans over 6000 RPM even after adjusting in MSI Afterburner

    Hi. So when using the MSI Kombustor stress test or even trying to create an online character in GTA V my GPU goes to 90°C, 100% fan usage and over 6000 RPM (1. OpenHardwareMonitor 2. you can hear it :/ ). And that even after adjusting the fan control curve. When I manually set fan speed to 100%...
  5. I_AM_Bulletproof

    Question Overclocking 1050 TI

    Hello, i have a MSI GL63 8RD laptop and i would like to overclock it to its maximum capacity, however i am pretty noob to this and i am scared i might end up damaging something. I have afterburner and superposition bench mark installed. Some additional problem with afterburner the power limit...
  6. botalk6

    Question Undervolting RX 580 using MSI Afterburner

    Hi, I'm new to undervolting (and PC building in general) - I want to know if I'm doing the best I can to optimize my RX 580 performance. I want to undervolt my graphics card in order to lower temperature/fan noise, and possibly gain some performance improvements if possible (I was getting...
  7. P

    Question R9 280, TV no signal, driver no manual tuning

    Hi, so my family is using new 6 months old PC with old R9 280 in it. Last few days PC started to shut down during gaming or in widnows 10, maybe it is more like TV lost signal because PC was still running. I tried to update drivers, but it still happend, so I used DDU and installed again, so I...
  8. michael112602

    Question PC blue screening after changing core voltage

    I didn't really know what I was doing a few months ago and I changed the core voltage in msi afterburner a bit (I was looking at some mac bootcamp overclocking tutorial and it told me to change it but I don't know) but yeah shortly after it bluescreened and I got spooked and uninstalled...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Msi afterburner causing fps loss?

    I overclocked my gpu and now i made my own fan curve.. and i heard you cant close msi if you want your fan curve to work... and im wondering if msi will make my performance weaker? I see no point in overclocking if msi takes fps...?
  10. amshak01

    Question Trying to remove MSI dragon center and just install mystic light by itself.

    I need some help to determine in MSI dragon center has been thoroughly removed from my custom PC. I initially downloaded it as a way to control the RGB lighting on my RTX 2060 Super from MSI, but I recently wanted to start getting into overclocking with Afterburner's auto OC scanner and read a...

    [SOLVED] I need help understaning MSI Afterburner features

    So I was thinking of OC my 1060 3gb, somebody told me that 120-135mhz on the core, and 600mhz on the memory is the average stable overclock speeds so Im going to try to do that. But there are some options in Afterburner that I dont fully understand. Power limit: Reading guides they say you...
  12. B

    [SOLVED] Undervolting 1080 Ti is hot at Idle??

    Hi, I’ve been getting into undervolting recently and I found it super beneficial with my 1080 Ti Aorus, non-extreme as I like my PC quiet and run my fans on low RPM, due to this the GPU can sometimes hit 80°+ underneath max load. Undervolting made a world of difference as my card is now...
  13. T

    Question Low GPU usage (<10%) whilst playing GTA V among other games.

    I know there are many threads about this issue, however, none of them seem to match my case very well. PC Specs: Zotac GTX 1060 6GB Intel i5-6400 (2.7GHz base clock, 3.3GHz turbo) Gigabyte H110M Bronze rated 500W PSU non-modular. Standard 1TB hard-drive. I've had my PC for two years now I...
  14. S

    Question RTX 2080 memory clock spikes - why?

    Hello, I recently built a new system and everything seems to be working fine - apart from my GPU. The temps are fine when playing games - 1440p max settings at 120fps (average) I hit 69C max. There is some coil whine however it is not the main issue. However when I'm idle the problem occurs...
  15. M

    Question RX 560 won't go above 1080 Mhz....core clock

    I've bought a used rx 560 4GB edition. The sticker on card says 560D but it shows 1024 stream cores in GPU-Z. But the problem is that it won't go a SINGLE step above 1080 MHz. In After Burner, the slider can go upto 1405 Mhz but nothing actually happens. It still remains the same. I am using...
  16. M

    Question 2060 thinks its overheating

    I had a single fan 2060 but the thermals were too hot so I decided to get a small and compact 2 fanner from Zotoac. I don't know if this was a mistake but whatever bullshit software they put into this card makes it think anything above 70c is overheating so I get frame drops in easy-ass games...
  17. TheHyland

    Question Transferring HDD with Windows 7 into new PC with Windows 10 installed.

    I've bought a prebuilt and I'm currently waiting for it to arrive. The new PC will have Windows 10 installed, which I'm happy with. I have a HDD in my old PC with my old files and games installed. Is it possible to install my old HDD into my new PC purely for access to my files with out it...
  18. A

    i7 4790k OC 4.6Ghz at 1.25v

    So i stressed tested my 4790k at 1.25v with a 4.6ghz multiplier and seems stable, before this I tried stress testing at 1.2v and got a BSOD, so I was wondering if I could get away with something in between 1.2v - 1.25v with a 4.6Ghz multiplier or should I just not risk it and leave it at 1.25v...
  19. D

    should i upgrade?

    my current system i7-4770k 3.5 ghz no overclock gtx 1060 6gb 16 gb ddr3 ram 2 tb system memory system plan on upgrading too ryzen 7 2700k gtx 1080ti 11gb 500 gb m.2 ssd and hybirid 1tb hd 16gb ddr4 i i originally purchased my system from cyberpower in 2015. it had a gtx 760 and 8 gb of ram...
  20. J

    Advice on a display

    So recently, I've ordered my parts for a new PC. It's going to feature a 1060 6GB and I'm having trouble deciding on a display. I'm not looking to spend too much (100-150 euros). I'm looking for a 60 Hz monitor with 1080p. As for the size, I would like it to be any where between 23-24 inches...