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  1. J

    Question RTX 2060 Artifacting (or something)

    I got a brand new Acer Predator Orion 3000 just a week or two ago. I had a bit of trouble with Windows but eventually got it up and running. I was playing Forza Motorsport 7 and was experiencing some minor artifacting and some strange texture distortions. I reset the game a few times and it was...
  2. Changster101

    Question Computer keeps shutting off

    Hi all, I’ve recently upgraded my ram, motherboard, cpu, and gpu all at once. The cpu and ram I bought new, the motherboard was out of the box, and the gpu I got for free from a stranger. I’ve updated all my drivers and windows version. The problem is that when I launch my pc, it runs for about...
  3. Ichtech

    Question PC randomly black screen , hang and sometimes random restart

    hi i have frustation problem with my pc , now i will try to explain as could as possible. A week ago i cleaning all my pc components including fans ,cleaning cpu n gpu heatsink with water , remove and reapplied cpu and gpu thermal paste , repaint my case with aerosol paint spray can , changing...
  4. The Reaper Wolf

    Question Computer freezing and artifacting followed by crashing? Please Help!

    Yesterday I was watching some youtube and the screen had a gone black, I restarted it and it worked like normal for a little while and then it had a colorful lines pop up near the middle of the screen (pretty skinny lines I could still see the webpage) and then when I tried to restart my PC...
  5. Positive_Cortega

    Question Black lines/artifacts on Siege with an RX 5600 XT

    I’m getting black lines on my screen while playing Siege, but only on some menus while moving the mouse. I did a quick Google search and apparently this happened with some Vega cards about a year ago. My 5600 XT is brand new, so I don’t think it could be a hardware issue. Just changed to AMD...
  6. CrestHD

    [SOLVED] Screen flicker when moving the mouse

    R7 3700X 16GB 3200MHz 860W Power Supply Sapphire Nitro+ RX 5700XT I noticed that on AMD drivers on and after 19.12.2 I get artifacts. Only happens when I move the mouse in the game menus. Everything is on stock out-of-the-box settings. Whan can be done? View:
  7. Zee Tech

    Question Artifacting?

    So I have a very old gpu and recently it just started artifacting on my desktop not alot but there is small pink dots that appear on screen in the corners and stuff is my gpu dying? The gpu j have is the gigabyte gtx 670 windforce oc
  8. C

    Question Getting weird artifacts while playing games

    Hello, i built my computer fairly recently, around the end of last year and with the following specs: GPU: Asus rog strix 480 8gb CPU: Ryzen 2600 RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 2400 Mhz Mobo: MSI b450m pro-vdh PSU: Coolermaster Masterwatt lite 500w Monitor: Samsung SF350 All of the components were...
  9. Tclarke94

    Question Rx Vega 56 crashes every time I play bf v

    So I upgraded g from a Rx 580 to a Vega 56 last week, ever since every time I play bf v I get way better performance but the game gets some sort of tearing artifact every time I play and most of the time the game crashes with no warning. I do not have any issues like this in want other games no...
  10. I

    need help for future of my gaming.

    well iam just looking for a good gpu that i can play on ultra and upto high settings for like 4 to 5 years wiiithout having any fps problems,recently RTX cards arrived i dont know whether to go for thos e cards or buy 10 series card,my only concern is it needs to hold for like 4 years or so (i...
  11. V

    Is BIOS Update Needed for New Processors

    I Want to Buy Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Dual-Core Processor 3.16 GHz 6M L2 Cache 1333MHz FSB LGA775 - Tray OEM But my motherboard is old bios details as follow - Phoenix Technologies version 6.00PG Can anyone tell me if that processor work on that mboard ??
  12. L

    System hang up on Windows 7 64-bit, BCCode: 100000ea

    Hi guys, let me explain the situation: I had a system hang-up issue about 3 years ago, which happened 1-2 times in every day. However, it seems to be better now, since it happened like once in every month. The problem is, the system hangs up, only hard reset works, no BSOD. Yet, now the same...
  13. haza12d

    How much is my system worth?

    I recently put together a Skylake system and now I have a chance to put together a Coffee Lake build. This rig has been sitting in the closet for about 3 months now and was thinking about selling it since I'll have two newer builds. How much do ya'll think she's worth? i7-4790K MSI Z87-GD65...
  14. J

    Can you change the logitech subwoofer with a different one

    Silly question, is it possible to change the logitech subwoofer with another brand like a more powerful one because my sub is giving me problems my current speakers are the Logitech z623
  15. J

    COOLER MASTER NEPTON 120xl not performing as it should

    Hello everyone I have been having issues with my new cpu cooler COOLER MASTER NEPTON 120XL When it was first installed my cpu was working at a low temp at 25-30 idle and 60-65 while gaming . My issue is that some days the cpu cooler works and some it just does not. I have re positioned it and...
  16. H

    Computer doesn't boot after installing water cooling and changing cases

    Hi everyone this Is my first post so excuse, yesterday I installed a water cooling system into my PC and for that I bought a new case, so all my components were disconnected and then added to the me case, after id finished I turned It on and I got the your computer was unable to start, is...
  17. R

    Computer to Modem Issues

    Hello I just built my first PC for gaming, all components brand new. The problem is that when I connect it to my home modem either by wi-fi or with a cable, the internet average is about 0.05 Mbps (my home-internet is about 5Mbps), but not only that, it slows the internet speed on all other...
  18. B

    Can I use two VGA cables to power 1 980 ti

    Hello. I have a bit of a predicament. I have an EVGA 980 ti FTW ACX 2.0, with 2 8 pin slots, so it draws more power than the new Pascal GPUs. I have an EVGA 650G2. It does not come with a 8/8 pin cable, but it does have 2 6/6+2. Can I plug both VGA cables (the PSU has VGA1 and VGA2, so Im...
  19. A

    Programs from a Hard drive not currently available interfering with installations

    First time posting. I couldn't really find a 100% appropriate place to put this problem so I put it here because that is what is wrong. A few months back I lost my main hard drive and all the data from it. I had all of my music, games and whatnot on there. I've since recovered basically...
  20. M

    Asus Z170-A or Gigabyte Z170 Gaming 7 for light overclocking of i5-6600k?

    I'm building a budget Gaming-PC, but want the most out of the money! If I go with the Asus I barely have enough money, but should I go with that instead of the Gigabyte? Specs for my PC: Cpu: i5-6600k Cpu-cooler: Cryorig C7 Motherboard: ? Ram: Corsair Vengeance DDR4 16GB Gpu: Asus GTX 1060...