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  1. Cem Goker

    Code D0 on Motherboard, PC Unable to Boot

    I have been having this issue every time I boot the PC. Sometimes it would go from 63-69 to 9A and it would stop there, and at times, it would go to 99, A2, and boot up properly. When the PC does boot up properly, it will shutdown on its own in 15-30 minutes whether I game or not. One of the...
  2. EvooHD

    i5-4690k @ 4.2GHz Question/Vcore 1.088

    hey, i`just overclocked my "i5-4690k" to 4.2GHz on 1.088vCore Motherboard im using is "MSI Z97 Gaming 3" , is this actualy good vCore for that Clock? i run some tests on AIDA64 , to see if system is stable , affter 10min , seems like Temps are 55-61c , on 100% For cpu...
  3. guilhermemegatherion

    Z370's questions, which should I get, ASRock Killer SLI/AC or Aorus K3.

    Hello guys it's easy question. I have been looking for a answer but I didn't find anything comparing those both mob. Also, I would like to ask, does Killer sli/ac has Bluetooth? Thank you
  4. S

    My mic isn't working

    I have a Windows 7 and Skullcandy earphones. I tried to record my sound but it isn't working. There's two jacks: a headset and headphones, but the headset doesn't work. When I go to my audio devices my earphones don't come up. Please somebody help me.
  5. Z

    Can i pair Corsair H100i V2 with Ryzen 3 1300X ?

    Hey im looking into buying a new cooler, and im upgrading to r7 1800X in a few months, i have ryzen 3 1300x right now, if i purchase the cooler before purchasing the r7 1800x, will i be able to pair it with the Ryzen 3 1300X ? Please help :c
  6. M

    Making a Gaming computer

    Hi everyone, I wanted to make a gaming system which is less expensive, last time one person suggested me 16 gb ram and core i5-6500 3.2 Quad core, for Asus H170 pro gaming, I can't afford that, Suggest less Ram and processor, I already have Gtx 650 and 450 w power supply, Motherboard Asus H170...
  7. N

    Realtek HD Audio suddenly went missing

    Ive been dealing with this issue for about 7 hours now, first off, I restarted my pc earlier today and when it booted back up the audio icon in the tray looked like this When clicking it runs a troubleshooter which doesnt fix anything. Looking at my sound devices, only these are showing, the HD...
  8. R

    New'ish gaming computer reboots randomly while playing video games. Pulling my hair out...

    Gaming computer started rebooting on me when playing games. Mostly Fortnite Battle Royale. Fresh Windows install. Turned off Overclocking. Tried auto tune settings. Same. Updated GFx Drivers. Nothing helps. Here are some screenshots of the tests I have run. CPU test...
  9. A

    Nvidia GPU drivers dont install properly

    Hello! I just recently put together a desktop with some old parts i had lying around. Bought a new hard drive and did a fresh install of windows 10. Im trying to update my evga gtx 590 gpu but it wont update. Ive tried to download the newest drivers from the nvidia site. Ive tried downloading it...
  10. oathmark1

    What Should I do with Good 23" LED Monitor Screen; Just Bad Computer Board on it

    I have an LG Flatron E2342v-BN 23" flat screen LED monitor that I picked up for free because it was just turning on and off. I looked into it, and the LED backlight is good, the long, narrow computer board on the back of the screen is good, and everything is good.... ....except for the...
  11. B

    Display suddenly stopped working

    I was using my computer just fine today when I decided to restart. The computer booted up but the monitors did not receive any signal. I've been trying to fix the problem for two hours and I have no idea what the problem could be. What I know: -I can access the computer fine from Chrome Remote...
  12. maxemor_yt

    What do you think about this build?

    Check out this gaming build. You're free to leave opinions and suggestions about it. I'd love to hear the community's thoughts on this. The setup is meant for 1440p 100+ fps gaming with all modern titles. Do you think it can make it? CPU: Intel Core i7-7700K GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080Ti...
  13. L

    ID-COOLING Denmark Series DK-03 CPU Cooler Removal problem

    The heatsink has a metal lever on it that's not like those on the stock AMD heatsinks and I don't know whether to push it down or pull it up to release it from the CPU.
  14. A

    Keyboard has a problem,( leptop)

    Hello! I have a problem.. when I write numbers, for some of them it happends to appear a letter next to it too. (Example: for 3 it appears d3, for 5 -it appears g5, for 7 it appears j7 and 0 barely appears, it actually shows 3 different characters). Also some letters are messed up (l doesnt...
  15. C

    soundcard question help

    ok hello i have a question, im planing to get a sound card for my head phones but my speakers plug into my computer and my headphone plug into my speaker so will the sound card still work on my headphones??? Computer>speakers>headphones (my speakers are the bose champion 20 it has a round thing...
  16. S

    Getting lower fps than before

    Hello, experts :) I bought a new graphics card gigabyte geforce GTX 1060 6gb OC, it was running fine as expected but recently for some reason I took my GPU out of It's pcie slot and then put back in and I've also formatted my system in order to clean my hard drive but now I'm getting lower fps...
  17. D

    Ram for Ryzen 1600x and Gigabyte Gaming 3 Mobo

    I'm currently planning out my new build and am stuck on which frequency of ram to get. Both the CPU and MOBO say the max supported frequency is 2667mhz. Do I go higher or is this the max frequency it will run at? Really need some clarification here. Also, I was looking at this ram for my build...
  18. Mongrel

    Heat sync cpu fan.

    Please link heat sync cpu fans (3-4 heat sync pipes) that can go on the following motherboard: Gigabyte H110M-S2H Thanks !
  19. C

    Mouse double click by itself randomly

    why is mouse mouse randomly double click (selecting) even though im not touching it. I recently ran ccleaner, and revo uninstaller on my computer thats when problems arrived. what do i do? i cant be productive anymore.
  20. N

    what is the best motherboard for this build?

    Hi i want to make a ryzen build. i choose this parts amd 1600 or 1700 with stock cooler crucial ballistix tactical 3000 1x8gb ddr4 cl15 gtx 1050 2g corsair vs550 WDblue1T now i cant decide on motherboard i dont want to overclock processer right now (but maybe in future i need it to boost up...