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  1. Zdos123

    SATA Cable with snapped off connector in it

    Hello, Hi i have an issue, i lent one of my higher quality SATA cables to a friend and they brought it back with a snapped SATA connector inside it and i have no idea how to get it out. Thanks, Gabriel John Caddy
  2. S

    [SOLVED] Help: two monitors, two computers

    So I'm building a second pc and thought to myself that it would be fun to have a setup where there are two monitors, two computers, one keyboard, and one mouse. Does anyone know of a switch box that could work like so: Pc1 on monitor one Pc2 on monitor two Mouse and keyboard can swap between...
  3. K

    CPU and 1 of 2 case fans spin for about half a second then stop after turning on my pc

    I just built my new pc. About yesterday. Turned it on and got it running. I checked up on everything and all the fans were spinning perfectly. About 10 minutes later I looked back and two of them had stopped. Now every time I try to turn it on they spin for a second then stop. I don’t know what...
  4. A

    Computer displays a black screen

    Background info: my house was "broken" into by one of my brothers buddies. He tried to take my graphics card which is a gtx 1060 3gb msi. When i would try to load my computer up i would get a black screen no load up. I tried different HDMI cords. I also used the onboard graphics no load up...
  5. J

    Switching Between PC and Console on the same gaming monitor.

    Hi I currently have a gaming pc and want to also get an Xbox One S to game on the same monitor. This is my monitor: Will an xbox and pc be able to be switched between on this monitor. If so how would it work?
  6. A

    Mouse causes high cpu usage

    Hey all. i've been having this problem for a couple days and it's driving me nuts. Specs: Fx 6800 R9 390X 16gb of ram 2tb HDD Whenever i move my mouse "system interruptions" spikes to 50-90%. Whenever i hover over a window and do it, the program will spike to about there. What i've done...
  7. K

    Motherboard rejects keystrokes before booting into OS

    This is a curious problem that happened to my Asus M4A87TD Evo mobo after editing and saving a bios setting. The mobo simply rejects any keystrokes before booting into an OS. As a result, i cannot get into BIOS or select any option on the boot menu. I can hear faint beeps from mobo as i press...
  8. D

    [Win10] Malfunctioning system apps and settings

    Lenovo Z51-70. First it didn't boot into logon screen. Did a registry restore on advanced startup menu and did log in. Most tile apps don't open; including defender's tile app-- the win7-esque one does. Services.msc -showing Microsoft management Console giving error 'not enough storage...
  9. R

    Web browsers have slow download.

    I have 100 KB/s download speeds, only in web browsers, i've tried deleting cache and checking if I have any VPNs enabled. I've tried chrome and microsoft edge. However, I get 4-5 MB/s download speeds in Steam or Origin. I need help.
  10. S

    Help pls my pc

    Hey guys so i keep getting the error the default gateway is not available i have tried used trouble shoot to fix this but i dont need to know how to fix this i need to know if its a pc problem or my wifi my wifi is perfect on my phone and ps4 but it keeps saying this so i meed to know if this is...
  11. U

    Need info about a PSU

    Yea it seems I need to change my PSU for my new graphic card since it is an older one I guess it is a MS Industrial or something. And I want to get Raidmax rx-500xt, since it is in my price range, is it safe to use has anyone tried it out? Specs: CPU: Pentium G850 GPU: GTX 750Ti RAM: 4GB...
  12. P

    ASrock X470 bios not seeing mouse/keyboard

    Help! This is my very first build. I am trying to access the bios but it won’t recognize my USB mouse or keyboard. I’ve tried all USB ports. I’ve tried using only one or the other. I’ve tried using a ps2 mouse (but I don’t own a ps2 keyboard). I’ve already installed Windows 10 and everything is...
  13. K

    Brand New Custom PC runs fine without GPU but when GPU installed there is no display

    I just recently build my custom pc (specs below) and every time I try booting the pc with my graphics card installed it turns on but doesn't give me a display. I've tried plugging my monitor directly to the gpu and that doesn't work. Every time I boot the pc all the fans turn on and the vga...
  14. realivansdw

    Best FM2+ CPU for Radeon RX 460 2GB?

    So I just bought Radeon RX 460 and I know my cpu that I'm currently using will have a bottleneck, so I need a new cpu recommendation with socket fm2 or fm2+ :) (current) pc spec: Asrock FM2A68M-DG3+ A4-5300 8gb ddr3 RX 460 2GB 768p monitor FSP Hexa+ II 500w psu sorry for my bad english, i...
  15. L

    gtx 1080 gpu usage no higher than 20%

    Hey guys, i built this pc almost a year ago, and havent used it in the past half year. When i came back and moved the pc to a new apartment, i noticed that it was underperforming compared to the past. I updated all the drivers, but no help, so i did a factory reset and redownloaded all the...
  16. I

    Can anyone suggest a $1600- $1700 pc gaming build with these specs?

    I would like a pc with an Intel i7-8700k and a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. I would also like 16 GB of RAM and a motherboard with connectivity to 8th generation Intel cores with wifi and bluetooth capabilities in it. I also would like a great airflow mid-size case and at least a 7200 RPM 1 TB internal...
  17. S

    Random Reboots - Not on windows, only Ubuntu

    Hello everyone. Specs: CPU - i5-4670k GPU - GTX 1080 PSU - 750W - Don't remember brand, it's not a shitty PSU though. Motherboard - msi z87 g45 Ram - 8gb DDR3 I have dual boot windows 10 and ubuntu 16.04. I recently upgraded my GPU to a 1080 and overclocked my i5-4670k to help out with it...
  18. W

    Looking for a gaming laptop. Want to stay around 1-2 grand!

    Hi everyone, it's time I get a new laptop. I've been doing research for a couple of days and everyone has so many different opinions, it's hard to know who to listen to! Anyways, I've found this as the main contender: (I really love the...
  19. S

    4 2tb Hdd raid 1 or 2 4 tb Hdd raid 10 for storage Raid

    Hi I am looking to invest in a raid solution, but I dont know which one is better a 4 x 2tb raid 10 or 2 x 4tb raid 1 please? Obviously 4 tb is going to cost a little more but not by much. Any advice is appreciated
  20. M

    Pc Fan location

    My pc case has a detachable front plastic cover, there is some space between it and the case itself, so I wanted to know if it is possible for fans to be installed there or if I'm just reaching for something impossible