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    How To Laptop RAM question

    Hello there first post on this forum! So I have a question regarding RAM I just bought a new laptop and wanted to upgrade the RAM and I don't understand all the differences. The specs for my laptop are below I am trying to find if I can use different ram than what was shipped with along with...
  2. H

    Question How do I add a kingston A400

    I got a new ssd without checking case compatibility and now I need help
  3. U

    [SOLVED] Building My first gaming Pc

    Hey Guys as the title says I’m here for some help here is things I’m planning to get CPU : i5 6600k Motherboard: Asus Z170-A GPU: Msi Armor RX 580 8GB Ram: g.Skill Ripjaws V series ( 2X8) 16GB 3000Mhz HDD: WD 1TB purple SSD: 120 GB PSU: Antec Edge 750W 80+ Gold Fully Modular. Case: Antec G1200...
  4. thejuanvisu

    Question How do i install osx on a mac pro early 2008 without hard drive?

    Hi, some time ago i bought a mac pro without hard drive or install discs. I would like to know how can i install the OS on this computer, i dont have other mac os system, so i would like to know how to do it with a windows computer. I installed it a new hard drive.
  5. R

    [SOLVED] B450 dilemma

    So i need your guys' opinions, namely, i'm heavily debating which mobo to get for a r5 2600 stock, 16gb 3000mhz, 1070 base rig, i'm down to either the b450 Tomahawk or the B450-a Pro. I wanted Aorus Pro but sadly, that turned out to be complete shit where it matter so that's out of the picture...
  6. TheGRz

    Question Ryzen 5 1600 Build in 2019

    Hey I'm 2 weeks near to my 2nd Ryzen Build. I earlier had a Ryzen 3 2200G Entry level pc which i had assembled myself ( And had faced issues due to Ram which is not listed in the QVL). Now it's mu second build, I'm almost a noob in picking Ryzen memory. This time I'm making sure that everything...
  7. B

    Question Need help , buying new monitor

    So i have 400Gel , want to buy new monitor for mostly gaming :/ here is link of monitors , i have to choose one of them to buy , will be glad if anyone can help , which one is best for 400Gel
  8. V

    Screen blink and boot up loop

    I fully drain my laptops battery while playing game and it shutsown instantly after i connect laptop to the charger and started it up just vaio logo comes up and screen goes black i try to charge battery for 1hr but in dosen't help it stuck on loop just logo shows up and it turn off and again...
  9. C

    i7 6700k 2133 Mhz Limit

    I have a i7 6700 and gtx 1070ti but my ram and especially motherboard is fairly outdated and was thinking of getting 16gb of 3200mhz but it says my processor can only support 2133 Mhz, can i go above this? or is it very strictly only 2133 limit
  10. puw2

    [SOLVED] Vega 56 Strix coil whine

    I just got my new v56 strix, plugged it in and played, pretty audible coilwhine eaven at like 80-120fps, the store i bought it from doesnt approve it to be sent back. Ive tried undervolting, overvolting, underclocking and overclocking, pretty much everything. Now, this came to my mind, can it...
  11. garyisbinary

    [SOLVED] AIO in Corsair 1000D dual system build?

    I am getting ready to buy the parts for my new pc which includes an iTX gaming build and a ATX editing/programming build. I want to use AIO cooling on both but im concerned there wont be a way to AIO cool the iTX build due to tubing length or room restrictions (wouldnt there be a gpu from the...
  12. AndrewFreedman

    Alienware Autopsy: Dissecting the Area-51m Gaming Laptop

    The Alienware Area-51m is the most upgradeable laptop we’ve seen in a long time. So we gave it the teardown treatment and removed the storage, CPU, RAM and GPU. Alienware Autopsy: Dissecting the Area-51m Gaming Laptop : Read more
  13. P

    Only my PC loses connection, and regularly

    So as the title says, internet works perfectly in my house, but my computer loses connection every now and then. It is also a weird connection loss, because when using Discord, for example, I still listen to what others say, but they can't hear me. I'm really struggling with this issue, as it...
  14. L

    I want run my games on ultra 1080p with a FPS of 144. What GPU should I buy?

    I have a i5-6600k at stock with a MSI GTX 980. Running with 16gb of DDR4 and a 600 gold+ PSU. A couple months back I got a 144hz 1080p monitor. I was wondering what GPU I should get to run my games at ultra with a high FPS rate around 120 or higher. I know I have a possible bottlekneck issue...
  15. D

    Gpu fans start after boot but stop shortly afterwards

    I built my first pc. And it didn't post to my monitor but all the fans were working and the motherboard lights up. So I took it apart and put it back together (the whole pc) and now when I turn it on, my gpu fans start but stop a few seconds later. The cpu, psu and outake fans all run fine. It's...
  16. N

    Speeding up an older computer

    I built my computer in 2014 using Windows 7 Home 64 bit, an AMD FX-8150 CPU, 3.6 GHz, 8 core; a Gigabyte 990FXA-UD5 motherboard, PCI express 3.0, SATA 3 6gigs/sec, 16 gigs G Skill GDDR3 RAM; a Gigabyte HD 7850 video card, 2 gigs GDDR5 memory, 256 bit, Direct X 11; a Western Digital black 2 TB...
  17. A

    [SOLVED] SSD Wear Indicator drops to 99% in 1 day of usage

    I just installed my SSD yesterday and today after i installed some programs in it, the Kingston SSD Manager shows 99% in the Wear Indicator. What should i do? Im very worried.
  18. G

    2070 on x370 Killer SLI?

    Hello there, I bought a new msi rtx 2070 armor 8gb and i would ask you if the motherboard (Asrock x370 Killer SLI) can handle this GPU. Thank you for your help! Mfg. Geldix10
  19. A

    i9 9900k on 5ghz?

    Would an ASUS ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO WI-FI Z390 board and a Be Quiet Silent Loop 360mm AIO be adequate to constantly run an i9 9900k at 5ghz and above?
  20. TehPenguin

    Question UEFI CPU Multiplier does not apply? Used to work.

    Hello dear Tom's Hardware Community, I've been away for a while and so I hope I still remember all the rules that apply to posting. I haven't used my PC very heavily for a while so I cannot point out which Windows update has caused this, or preceded the issue. My CPU went back to its stock...
  21. G

    Best Bluetooth Speaker Deals in January 2019

    Instantly upgrade your smartphone's or tablet's sound with any of this month's best Bluetooth speaker deals. Best Bluetooth Speaker Deals in January 2019 : Read more
  22. N

    RazerBlade Stealth 2017 Fans Obnoxiously Loud and Screen Falling Over

    I bought a used Razerblade Stealth laptop and ever since I got it the fans are incredibly loud even when I'm barely using the laptop. In addition to this the connection between the bottom left of the screen and the rest of the laptop snapped so the screen falls over very easily. Any suggestion...
  23. A

    640*480 no work

    How to download new driver for my Toshiba satellite window 8
  24. S

    Will a good graphics card fit in a bad motherboard?

    Hi everyone. I want to know if a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB will fit in a LENOVO SHARKBAY motherboard? PC: Lenovo H30-50 Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 720 2GB Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 I hope you can answer this question :D
  25. N

    [SOLVED] Budget Trading System For Stock Market Trading

    I Want to build my Custom CPU.. I Will be Using 4 Display in one CPU.. No gaming.. I need System For Stock Market Trading.. I will be using Stock Trading Software in All 4 Displays and two three other software like Chrome, Mozilla, MS Excel.. so Which Mother Board & Processor Should I Buy...
  26. K

    Dell 24pin to 6pin power

    I recently purchased a Dell WWJRX motherboard out of a Dell Optiplex 5050 tower. This one uses a proprietary 6pin power input for the motherboard. My question is, has anyone used a generic 24->6pin converter from the likes of aliexpress or amazon? Does it work? If...
  27. T

    Monitor Blinks Off When Light Switch is Pressed

    Hey guys, first time posting here, so I really hope i'm not breaking any rules or anything (I have had a look through them). There was a similar thread to this in 2017, but I think my issues might be different. Essentially, I am running my PC by HDMI into an Onkyo TXNR686 receiver, and out of...
  28. H

    after moving into my new apartment my Benq monitor will not recognize the cables are in place.

    I made this PC myself. Only after moving has this happened. I've used various HDMI cords incase one was faulty but no, same result everytime. Just bought this wifi adapter for my PC so I ddint have to worry about long ass ethernet cables going from room to room. PC boots up fine, no weird...
  29. A

    New RAM is being weird

    Ive today got new RAM which is (2x8)16gb DDR4 3000mhz, an upgrade from my old (1x8) 8gb DDR4 2133mhz after I installed it and booted the pc, the fans were spinning louder than usual (still are) and cpu temps went up from average of 65C to 75C, and gpu goes up to 70C in bf5, but they definitely...
  30. spinningstill

    [SOLVED] Listening to Pandora Radio

    Is there a way to listen to Pandora radio outside of the US. I know it says they are working on the ability. Are there safe proxies?
  31. K

    [SOLVED] Best video card for around $200

    I was looking at the rx580 series the ASRock the mail or the sapphire. But I want the best bang for the buck. Any video cards that are better for the price? Would love some recommendations.
  32. I

    HDD light blink constantly, PC gets slow

    I had a PC (Core 2). There was the problem of constantly blink of HDD light and PC was very slow. I bought new PC Core i5 and install the same RAM and HDD from olde pc. And now the new PC has the same problem.
  33. U

    Dell Optiplex 3020 MT PSU upgrade?

    Hi, I hope you could help me. I am looking at possibly buying a Dell Optiplex 3020 MT and I would Like to upgrade the PSU. My Question is would a Seasonic S12 ii 620 Watt PSU be compatible with the Dell Optiplex 3020 MT? Thanks
  34. E

    My PC Never Restarts Properly

    I've had this problem for as long as I can remember, where is my PC is supposed to restart, it doesn't. The screen just shuts down and I have to turn off the PC manually by holding down the power button. Specs GPU: MSI GTX 970 CPU: I7 4790K @ 4.0GHZ, COOLED BY A DARK ROCK PRO 3 BK019 RAM: 2x...
  35. S

    [SOLVED] Nvidia driver 417.71 no working properly on Asus MG278Q

    Hello guys, I come with a problem that I am trying to fix since the launch of the driver. As you all already know the new nvidia driver 417.71 has been launched. Gsync is now enabled for freesync displays. I am using a Asus MG 278Q monitor with freesync. This monitor is part of the 12 Certified...
  36. M

    Dell SSD this computer hardware may not support booting.

    Okay so basically I'm having Dell N5010 model and I replaced SSD with the optical drive. I tried to install a new windows there and I got the famous problem of "windows cannot be installed to this disk. this computer's hardware may not support booting" in which I searched online a lot. Here are...
  37. C

    [SOLVED] 4x4gb or 2x8gb? Need help with ram (kind of new to this subject)

    So i have an Alienware 07JNH0 Motherboard, along with a INtel i7 3930k cpu and i was wondering what would be the most efficient way to upgrading my ram. I currently have 4 2gb sticks and im looking to upgrade to 16gb. Thanks
  38. J

    Question How can I lower the price of my build?

    I'm putting together a pc but it's still a bit too Expensive for my budget so I was just wondering if anything was just way too much for the rest of the build or if you know any way I can make it cheaper here are all the parts ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F. G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB)...
  39. M

    [SOLVED] What the heck is a bridge for?

    I am going to get a "free" bridge with my other components and have no idea what I can use if for. Can someone explain what they do and how I would use it? Here is what they are sending me. FREE GIFT ITEM GIGABYTE AORUS 2-WAY SLI HB Bridge (One Slot Spacing) Model GC-A2WAYSLI Thanks!
  40. M

    [SOLVED] compac laptop with win7

    it powers up begins to load, but restarts over andover will not boot, i am at a loss on what to do, i have tried other os but same results, i am open for thoughts and ideals.