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  1. K

    PC reboots when gaming

    I just bought a pc with following specs : Intel i5-8400 8gb ddr4 ram Saphire nitro+ rx580 Asus TUF gaming b360m Toshiba dt01aca100 1TB ZM 500-TX (PSU) (500W) 6x rgb fan I was playing rainbow six siege with this pc on ultra 60fps and this pc reboots randomly without any warning, after reading...
  2. A

    OC not saving after turn off and turn on again

    Hello Guys I have always used the ryzen 3 1200 in overclocking at 3.8ghz and ddr4 at 3000mhz. all working fine on windows, no crashes, no blue screen, all perfect in extreme gaming at 144fps. A few days ago, I noticed that when I turn ON the pc, bios detects some problem and the cpu overclock...
  3. J

    DIY pc case

    I am going to be building a pc case out of acrylic but i am not sure if i should us 3mm or 5mm sheets for the case and if i should mount the motherboard to plywood instead thanks
  4. C

    how di I know the value of my inetrnetadapter

    I have a AMD FX8350 motherboard. My providerspeed is 200Mb, checking the result with speedtest is was only 85. I checked my PC and it tells 100, but to my opinion i have seen, during privious speed test, around 200 !! Question 1 is the AMD adapter 100 or 1GB Q 2: if 100 is it possible to buy an...
  5. J

    Is -5v supposed to be lit up on a psu tester?

    I've been trying to check if my 24 pin psu plug works and when I plugged it into a psu tester all lights lit up except -5v. My power supply is EVGA 450BT. Is this normal?
  6. Ragnarous

    Windows key won't get me out of a full screen program

    Hi guys, I used to press simply the windows logo key next to alt and control whenever I needed to momentarily stop gameplay at full screen to do something, then hop back in. Now the only way for me to do this is to use ctrl alt del and enable task manager. Is there a way to make the windows...
  7. A

    My PC keep randomly blackscreening but continues running

    Specs: Ryzen 7 2700x Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Corsair Vengence LPX 16gb Asus B450-F Motherboard EVGA 750W gold power supply I recently upgraded my PC and now for some reason my PC will randomly blackscreen but will continue running, it most likely isn't something wrong with the displays or cords...
  8. Lucian Dragos

    Suggestions for a Sata3 controller

    TL;DR Need a cheap and reliable PCIe 2.0 1X Sata3 Controller and I have no need for raid... I'm looking for a decent PCIe 2.0 1X Sata3 controller for an old rig that only has Sata2 onboard... I need something reliable but not too pricey and don't need raid.. It's for an old gaming rig I dug...
  9. M

    Psu problem question

    My last psu faled and it took my gpu with it i bought a new gpu and psu will i have problems in the future.Im scared my psu affected motherboard so it will brake gpu
  10. R

    Copy windows to a different drive with secure boot enabled

    I have a 128GB SSD with windows 10 on it, but it has secure boot enabled from when I bought the laptop. I'm trying to dual boot MacOS and Windows together but I can't because I have to disable secure boot every time I want to switch to my MacOS boot and re-enable to go back to Windows. The new...
  11. H

    How to extend partition to a non-contiguous space? I am trying to extend the Windows partition so that it'll include the 455gb unallocated space. I had just cloned a smaller drive to a newer one using macrium reflect and of course, I want the new space to be usable!
  12. R

    SSD NAND for Older Laptop...

    So, I've been researching around a bit for whatever minor upgrades I can do for laptop and going for an SSD is one of them. So I started looking through Amazon for SSD's and came across NAND SSDs and then again I had to do a bit of research on them and basically came out with the conclusion that...
  13. I

    What should fan speed RPM be for a 50c i7-6700k

    Right now my fan speed is running at 1000-1100 RPM, I had to slow down my fan in bios because it was doing 2300 RPM at 40c, I was wondering if 1000 RPM for 50c was fine or if I should turn it up a bit.
  14. Nightlake

    Been asked to log in every time

    Hey, I made an account earlier on today with a different username & email as I don't like my current username (was from like 2 years ago). Every time I try to log into Tom's Hardware, it just keeps asking me to log in again. For example, I go to and log in, I press profile...
  15. G

    Advice on board choices?

    So I'm trying to price out the upgrades for my system, and this year is the big bullet, cpu/mobo/ram. CURRENT gear: PSU: corsair 850w CPU: i5-2500k Motherboard: asus p8z68-v Memory: 2x 8gb corsair vengeance ddr3 Video: asus gtx 970 Case: antec DF-85 Upgrades so far: i5-6800k 4x 8gb corsair...
  16. M

    How do I convert optical connection from TV to 3.5mm headphones

    Just bought a 43 inch 4k TV from Amazon - Hisense H43A6200UK. This one - I'm trying to figure out if it has a normal 3.5mm audio out connection as my and the wife like to lay in bed at night and use our...
  17. Y

    Is this good value

    I'm building a new system and I thought I'd ask before I pay too much for too little. Notes: I will probably get a1060 instead during black Friday. Yes, I can get win10 for 80$ The thing that confuses me most is the CPU. Everyone is talking about how...
  18. S

    Computer Made Loud Pop Then Shut Down

    So around a week ago I built my pc and when I was playing the forest today, I heard a loud pop in my pc and then it followed up with a shut down so I turned it back on and it was fine, I opened the case and there was no smell or anything , but I was hesitant so I shut it down and searched for...
  19. P

    What RGB case fan should I get?

    I am deciding which fan I should get and have come across two good looking fans (rgb lol) and both have fairly high reviews and controllers. I'm wanting to get one of the two: or...
  20. C

    Looking for help finding a suitable motherboard

    I would like to use an ASUS motherboard and I want to overclock so I would also need a z370 chipset. I was looking at the Prime Z370-P and Prime Z370-A and I am on a budget, but I don't know if the features on the Z370-A would be worth my money. I plan on putting 6 fans in my case and I want to...
  21. Z

    GTX 1060 'no signal', but works on other pc

    Okay firstly, my gpu was working flawlessly until one day I accidentally turned off the power. From then onwards, no signal error is what I get on my monitor. And it is pretty weird. My specs are: GTX 1060 6gb 8GB Kingston DDR3 RAM ASUS H85m-g Thermaltake Smart SE 550w And here comes the things...
  22. bagus_mukti

    Radeon 535 Performance?

    Is This Good? What Nvidia Mobile Series have Similiar Perf. of This GPU? i search Google Found Nothing About This (Except AMD Site) i want user review about it
  23. F

    PC Spinning Mouse

    HP Envy pc. Can enter pswd, screen opens, mouse cursor spins in task bar, cursor is white outside of task bar. I can’t Ctrl Alt Del, can’t open desktop icons nor can I seem to open in safe mode. Small Microsoft Windows box opens but is solid white. Tried selecting both white boxes and both go...
  24. T

    Normal temperature on CPU and GPU

    Hey I was wondering what is the normal temperature on my GPU and my CPU while running the msi kombuster i get 57-61 on GPU and 69-72 on my CPU and I have a gta 1080 and a intelcore i7 8700k
  25. L

    difference between DRR and DDR 2 Graphic cards?

    Do i need a DDR 1 Graphic Card in order to run on my DDR1 computer or is it fine to run a DDR 2 Graphic card on a DDR1 computer?
  26. M

    should i upgrade ?

    so ive had my system for a little shy of 2 years now, and i am thinking about upgrading it. I have a gtx 1060 3 gb from gigabyte and an fx-6350 black series. i am getting about 70-90 frames high setting in pubg which is my favorite game. my budget is 500$. can someone please help me with what...
  27. H

    gtx 1050 ti 4gb, sudden fps drops very weird

    so basically i'm having sudden fps drops from around 80-100 fps to like 20 and less on my factory NEW laptop. it happens every 10-20 seconds and lasts around 10 seconds.i seriously don't know why does this happen and it makes me abnormally nevrous because i don't want to send it back to the...
  28. Jason H.

    Weird Chirp/Squeek Coming From Pc (Audio)

    I included a video with audio of the sound. Before I start taking things apart, is there any experts who recognize this sound and know what it is? The sound happens 3 times during the video. Im just hoping its not the HDD but I dont know what a dying HDD sounds like but someone here might...
  29. S

    Remote desktop access to a Windows 2003 server Who is making a bridge connection

    After creating a bridge with the two nics of a server running Windows 2003 server, i lost the remote desktop connection so i cannot disable the bridge remotely. Is there any way to administer the server remotely despite of the bridge connection? Thank you!
  30. L

    Installing a LED-Strip in PC

    Hello there, I recently purchased an "Akasa Vegas MBA - Addressable RGB LED Strip Light", and upon further inspection, I can't seem to connect it to my motherboard. I've looked and didn't find any 3 pins or 4 pins on my motherboard that I can use. My motherboard: ROG Strix, Z270-F Gaming Link...
  31. Dcopymope

    Shared system memory vs Shared Video Memory

    In the image below, it says it isn't using any space as share video memory, but its allocating up to 8 gbs of system ram to be used by the GPU as video ram if needed. I've been getting mixed messages about this. One guy told me it would never use shared memory at all if the GPU has its own...
  32. Jake Hall

    Inverted ATX Case

    I'm looking for an inverted ATX case... WITH the psu also on the bottom. Anyone know of one?
  33. P

    Whats the best gpu for me

    Hi. I have 350-400 euros for a new gpu. I have a rx 460 4gb strix but planning to play the new fifa 19 coming out and the black ops 4. Im from Ireland Europe and this is my build. I have a ryzen 5 1500x 430w psu s340 case B350m motherboard Thanks In advance
  34. L

    ROG STRIX Z370-E Gaming BIOS Update?

    I just bought this motherboard and I'm wondering if it's worth installing the BIOS update, or only if I'm noticing any issues?
  35. A

    Uninstalling games doesn't free up space

    When I go onto the storage settings on my PC, it says my 1TB HDD has only 3.65GB of storage remaining. This was true, however, even after uninstalling a lot of large and unnecessary games such as battlefield one and Battlefront 2, it still says it is almost full, although over 250GB of games...
  36. D

    I cant connect my tv and pc with hdmi cable

    Greetings, I today bought and HDMI cable because i wanted to connect tv and my pc (NOT laptop). After I connected cable to tv and pc I got into screen resolution to put desktop into tv screen and after I clicked detect it didnt show anything new, just this regular monitor that i use right now. I...
  37. M

    I want help in Graphics driver as this one is doing problem

    Hello everyone, i have Gigabyte RX 550 (2GB) Single one fan. I think the other version got 2 fans and that's called OC something and gaming card i don't know. But, uhmm leaving that thing. Coming on the topic. I realised after purchasing this card and when i tried to update drivers i noticed...
  38. H

    m.2 in pcie 2.0 worth it?

    No idea on motherboard model. (fun times) I have had it since i think 2013 or 2014. I am assuming it is a pcie 2.0 (given that year timeframe). Is it worth buying a pcie to m.2 card if that is the case? I know it wont get best speeds, but if i use it for gaming will it matter? (prolly still...
  39. J

    best dac for 25-70euro

    hello, i currently have realtek alc887 8-channel hd audio and im using ubuntu 16.04. the audio isnt as good as id like. what dac should i buy to improve the audio? i would like if you could give me choices for each category (25-49, 50-69, 75~euros) best regards & thank You for help <3
  40. Z

    Buying a gaming laptop

    Hello, i'm looking to buy a gaming laptop around 700-800euros and the one i have found is the Lenovo Legion Y520, which has an i5, 8gb ram and a GTX 1050 4GB. The question is, will this laptop be able to run games such as PUBG? Keep in mind that the graphics card said GTX 1050 4gb but not Ti.