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  1. H

    Monitor loses signal, fans rev up to insane speeds

    I bought a GTX 1070 8GB EVGA Card about 6 or 7 months ago and a Ryzen 5 1500x around the same time. Everything was working fine for months until yesterday. Yesterday I was playing rainbow six siege and my monitor went dark and lost signal. I could still hear all the audio and there were no...
  2. M

    Samsung 970 EVO 500GB NVME SSD isn't appearing in BIOS menu after installing Windows 10 Education into it

    Well, i just bought some new computer components for my new gaming pc. And that includes a Samsung 970 M.2 EVO 500GB NVME SSD. When all the components were at home and installed correctly and finished i started to download windows to the M.2 disk. And the installation process worked like a...
  3. hope0183

    [SOLVED] New build: CPU LED flashes once, shuts down

    Just built new PC, all new parts, nothing old or re-used. Mobo is an MSI B250 PC Mate w/debug LEDs. At first power up the power came on for a brief moment (1/2 second) then shut down. After unsuccessful troubleshooting I now have the mobo isolated on a non-conductive surface and the only thing...
  4. H

    GPU usage fluctating violently using nvidia inspector

    Hello, I was browsing through some forums recently because I was curious about some high idle temps my graphics card is producing. I found the culprit boils doewn to my use of multiple displays. My setup monitor is 1x 4k LG monitor via Display Port, 1x 4k LG TV via HDMI, 1x 1080p Asus monitor...
  5. F

    How to hook up a Ken Wood KC-991 System to a 46" Philips smart TV

    I bought a semi used "Kenwood Stero System" as had One in my semi younger days days of high school & later on i choose to get it to hook it up to my smart TV well seems getting older did not make me smart in sense of keeping booklet close by or did it help when i got the other system as it did...
  6. A

    Strange problem kill me

    Hi, my computer sometimes hangs, I do not know why, but I'm doing a kick to the case (it's the only way to hit it). Meanwhile, if you start the restart after hanging it, it does not recognize the hard drive, of course. I also think punching is a solution.
  7. G

    [SOLVED] Black screen white line

    Hello everyone, I have a R9 270, I had it plugged in and everything, when I started up the computer it was fine, and would say “Asus” but then it would go black with a solid white horizontal line in the top left, any help would be appropriated. Thank you
  8. J

    First Build, No POST - RAM DOA/damaged? 3 long beeps on start up

    MoBo: ASROCK Z270 Killer SLI/ac P2.10 CPU: Intel i5-6600k RAM: G.Skills Ripjaws V DDR4-2400 (2x 8gb) RAM model: F4-2400C15D-16GVR PSU: EVGA Supernova G3 650w First time builder. Assembled my PC with no POST and no signal going to the monitor. Ended up bread boarding with just the basics when...
  9. S

    New build pc keeps rebooting

    Second PC build. Got the pats for my son for Christmas. Intel - Core i3-8100 3.6 GHz Quad-Core Processor Gigabyte - B360N WIFI Mini ITX LGA1151 Motherboard Crucial - Ballistix Sport LT 8 GB (2 x 4 GB) DDR4-2400 Memory Gigabyte - GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB Windforce OC Video Card Cooler Master -...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] asus prime b350-plus rgb

    I just bought a asus prime b350-plus, I have a Martexx 55 case but can't find out how to use the rgb fans
  11. K

    B360 Motherboards with more than 1 RGB/LED Header

    Hey Everyone, I was wondering if there was any B360 motherboards that have more than 1 RGB/LED Header. Cheers,
  12. johnupham80

    how much CFM and mmH2O do i need for radiator fans?

    hi I will have a ID Cooling Frostflow+ 280mm aio, so the cpu should be as cool as possible, because I am going to overclocked the cpu. My case is carbide 400c and the cpu is i7 8700k so what do you think? also, i've been thinking would it be better to have more CFM less mmH2O or less CFM...
  13. M

    CPU changed to i7 3770, motherboard keeps rebooting

    Hi, I had a Asus (H61M-CS) motherboard with Intel Pentium CPU. I just replaced it with a i7 3770 CPU I want to reinstall windows, and when I load external DVD drive, I get the Windows logo for like 3 mins, then the circling loading icon comes up and immediately the motherboard reboots. When I...
  14. M

    [SOLVED] CPU PUBG Gaming

    Hello everyone, Goal: Pubg max graphics 1080p possible 2k 144hz Current setup is: i7 3770k using Corsair H110i asus p8z77-v 2x 970 SLI EVGA DDR3 16GB Debating on getting the 1070ti which is on sale on newegg, however was wondering how much of a jump would it be to throw in a (400+ more)...
  15. A

    Status of my system

    Ok so i have a fx 6300 overclocked to 4 ghz, a asrock 970-a mother board, hyper 212 evo cpu cooler, gtx 1060 3 gig, 1 gig of ddr3 ram clocked @1866Mhz in games my framerate is not great i mostly hover at around 55 on high or ultra settings but i get awaful studdering i am wondering if i should...
  16. C

    [SOLVED] Barely smudged thermal paste, very very very tiny pieces of lint (maybe only 3)

    Hi, I am new to computer building and I was wondering if I should reapply it, being stock cooler's (g5400 cooler) thermal paste, or test before hand. Like I said I barely smudged it, and there is about 3 pieces of lint, which are so small I couldn't tell until I inspected very closely. Also...
  17. J

    Asus 5G Over Clock profile

    I used the auto overclock profile from Asus to overclock my I7-8086k. All cores are clocked at 5.0 and the voltage is about 1.34. If I want to try for a lower voltage can I just manually lower the voltage, or do I have to change other settings as well?
  18. 3

    [SOLVED] Can an Intel i5 4690 be used for HTPC?

    My 8 yr. old HTPC just packed it in. I have a i5 4690 lying around and would like to know if its onboard graphics could run a W10 system using Kodi? I currently only use it to play 1080p videos (no 4K) 5.1 sound from my networked HDD. If the Intel won't cut it i think I'll just get a Ryzen 5 2200G.
  19. M

    Question Second screen connected using vga cable and vga to hdmi cable

    Hi,i'm currently using dual monitor but right now only one can work which is monitor that connect vga to vga.the one that cannot be use is vga to (vga to hdmi)..the monitor just show "entering power safe mode" me
  20. 6

    I don't have a virtual disk, i want to mount something on it UltraISO

    Title. I want to try out if a game is going to run on my pc before i buy it just because i dont want to risk it.
  21. T

    [SOLVED] Corsair Void Pro Acts Weirdly

    My Corsair Void Pro Surround 7.1 is behaving weird. I have been using it for a couple of days and it sounds robotic. I tried unplugging and replugging, tried to install new drivers but they were updated, tried to disconnect and reconnect, use different usb port, etc. So I used it on my friend’s...
  22. H

    are my specs able to handle gaming streams? please help

    im about to buy my first gaming pc so i went to a couple of stores to search and i told them i want a pc that is able to play games and stream at the same time and i want it to have good graphics. they both mostly recommended the same specs but what are your opinions about them? _phanteks...
  23. S

    Freesync monitor on a budget

    Can anyone recommend me a good freesync monitor, I try to get as low as possible without buying crap System specs: Gpu: radeon rx580 8gb Cpu: i7 6700K Ram: 16gb ddr4
  24. H

    Battlefield 5 Locks down my PC

    Hi so when I launched BF5 for the first time I set everything up (sensitivity, graphics, etc..) and then when I joined a match my PC locked down, the windows buttons not worked (ctrl+alt+del, etc) and I needed to hard shutdown my PC and restart, then I got into a match again, everything was fine...
  25. S

    [SOLVED] When Playing High Requirement Games There Are Crazy Fps Drops Making The Game Unplayable

    Every time I would load up a high usage game like fortnite I would experiencemajor FPS spikes, Like when I'd be loading into the Battle bus and everything would be fine then all of a sudden my frames would go from 90+ frames to down to 1 making the game unplayable. The only game it happens on is...
  26. T

    [SOLVED] What the hell!!

    When I play games, my computer just shuts down! I don’t know what to do. Can someone help please...
  27. Graybush

    User Guide to the New Tom’s Forum

    Welcome to the user guide for the new XenForo forum platform! This forum features major improvements over what you’ve previously seen, including increased security, speed, and extensibility. Our Community Staff has assembled this handy guide and FAQ to answer any questions that you might have...
  28. S

    Gaming & TV Movie Headset Surround Wireless or not

    Hi guys, I'm having a problem with finding a correct and good (gaming) headset that offers me 5.1 and 7.1 Now here's my situation. I'm having a couple of gaming consoles, xbox one, ps4 and switch. I also want to use the headset for watching movies on tv. Now i don't want 2-3 different...
  29. P

    Bad microphone quality on new PC

    Hello, I built my first PC today and everything went well until I installed discord and went to talk to my friends. They told me that I sound like a robot. I tried different USB ports, different driver updates but nothing seemed to help me. Could it be that I messed up somewhere in building the...
  30. S

    Asus Laptop Freezes When Idle

    Starting last week, my Asus laptop running Windows 10 suddenly began encountering a problem where leaving it idle for 10 to 15 minutes will cause it to freeze, the clock doesn't go up, the mouse won't move, I can't put it to sleep, the only choice it to hold the power button until it shuts down...
  31. T

    USB ports not working

    okay so little warning before he and I'm using text-to-talk to write this so grammar might be a little bit off let me know if anything seems confusing. Summary: none of the USB ports on my computer are working even though they are still providing power to whatever I plugged in. I believe this...
  32. K

    [SOLVED] battery replacement kindle fire 10

    I have a kindle fire 10.1 tablet 2017 edition and i want to replace the battery. Is there an original battery replacement for it or i must search on third parties batteries? and if i search to the third parties battery replacement can i use a bigger battery for it?
  33. B

    How to change a hardrives capacity details

    Hi guys. I would like to ask how do I change an external hardrives capacity details? Like for example- make a 500gb think that it’s a 1tb or so.
  34. J

    RAM speed in BIOS 1600, but in Windows 800

    My RAM should be running on 1600MHz I am running these CRUCIAL BALLISTIX 8GB DDR3 PC3-12800 CL9 2x4Gb. When I enter CPUZ it shows 800Mhz, so it is normal for 1600MHz, but when i enter "wmic memorychip get speed" command in cmd it shows 2 lines of 800, also in task manager properties it shows...
  35. A

    PSU Weird noise

    Recently I bought an EVGA 750w BQ psu for my new build. I plugged it in and as soon as i did I saw sparks followed with crackling and buzzing noise. Everything seems to be working fine now but I do hear an off putting buzzing noise coming from the psu and my fans speed constantly changing. As...
  36. J

    Small Minecraft server???

    I have a question, lately i am thinking about buying my own server. The plan is to run a Minecraft server on it with max 5 players (i am thinking about 12 gb ram max), but i don't now ANYTHING about servers... Can someone who nows more about that give me some advise?
  37. A

    How many watts do I need for a custom loop w/ OC gtx 1080 and OC 8700k?

    At the moment I have a 650w Bronze PSU and I am thinking of upgrading to a full custom loop very soon. I have a 360mm AIO and a Strix 1080 both with fairly high OCs on them but mainly my GPU is getting very hot. I have decided that I want to go for a custom loop but I'm worried I might be...
  38. csomagergo123

    Is 1.525V VDDCR Voltage TPU II safe? Ryzen 1600X Turboing SYSTEM FAILURE

    Hello, I have this issue where Aida gives me a "SYSTEM FAILURE" when trying to do a FPU stress test. My VDDCR Voltage is 1.525 by auto and VDDCR SOC is 1.1375V. (Screenshot here:) I have seen other people saying that 1.4 or above is way overkill, but this is set...
  39. D

    Maximum pre rendered frame

    Hi I just recently found this setting in nvidia control panel just wondering does setting this to 1 will lower cpu usage gtx 1060 , i3 3220
  40. G

    new SSD causing stuttering in games?

    I recently bought a second 480 gb SSD to add to my first 240 gb SSD since I was running out of room and wanted to have more games on my computer at once. Before this, I never had this stuttering problem in any games. In fact, the last game I played before I bought the second SSD was the...