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    [SOLVED] PC makes a constant weird noise after a few minutes connected to internet via USB

    As mentioned in the title, my PCs just few months old, everything was working fine until today.. I normally powered it on, went to the bathroom, and then i heard this loud constant buzzing sound.. Display was turning off and on like it was losing signal. I panicked and powered PC off with PSU...
  2. A

    Question New earphones buzz and have very staticy noise ?

    For gaming and watching movies I always used Huawei AM115 earphones, I know it's for phones but it always worked excellently with the speakers of my pc too. I always plugged it into the speakers, not directly into the pc. the right side died, so I purchased two new pairs of the same brand and...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] LED Strip VS microphone

    Hello! I bought a led strip today. I plugged in and everything was fine, but when I join to teamspeak or discord my microphone is buzzing. Is there anybody who has the same problem and if there any solution? The led strip isn't connected to the PC, it has an own 240W plug. My mic is connected...
  4. R

    Question Buzzing coming from PC case, not fans?

    I'm not sure why, but recently my 1 year old custom PC started buzzing. It just happens randomly, and it's been around 3-4 times in the past 2 weeks. The first time it happened, I unplugged my case fans and turned on the PC and it still happened. I can say that my case has very good cable...
  5. SeeneX1992

    Question Mic picking buzzing noises

    Hello all, i recently got new pc and when plugging new mic i get buzzing noise, tried other mics and still problem persists, what i have found is that when i touch cable of mic that sound of buzzing reduces so maybe i have grounding issues? Would be really glad to get any kind of help. If needed...
  6. Question [Samsung UN40ES6100] Repairing an old television with a periodically flashing backlight

    Hello, I'm pretty sure this is the right board to ask this but correct me if I'm wrong. I'm the owner of an old Samsung UN40ES6100 LED-LCD TV. I'm not sure when we bought it, but I do know it hasn't been working properly for quite some time. When turned on, the display will appear dim, turn...
  7. Fer0x

    Question Buzzing noise coming from the case

    Describe your problem. List any error messages and symptoms. Be descriptive. The PC makes a weird buzzing noise when there's an input such as scrolling or pressing a key on the keyboard. The noise is not too loud, but in an empty and quiet room you can easily hear it. It also buzzes when under...
  8. S

    Question Speaker buzzing

    I have my soundbar linked to my PC via a 3.5mm jack. After switching it on today, I have this buzzing that slowly gets louder and then quieter repeatedly. Only started happening today Sound still comes through, even with the buzz. I've tried reseating the connectors on both ends with no luck...
  9. B

    Question my AMD 2700x core clock spikes randomly

    Hello , i've been have random half a second buzzing/freeze lockups every now and then, and i have noticed looking at HWMonitor, my AMD 2700x core clock spikes randomly to speeds up to 4800 and even 5000Mhz on one occasion, does anybody have a idea what this could be? i have tried most things...
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    Buzzing sound - is this the SSD or a fan and what's my best course of action?

    Hello! I own an Acer Aspire VN7-792G laptop, had it for over a year and a half. It's a great machine and never had any problems before, nor did I go for any "personalization", as in it's still just how I bought it in terms of setup and everything. About two months ago, I noticed that whenever...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] Pc makes weird buzzing noise

    When i play certain games my pc starts to make a high pitched buzz noise. It is not loud and it does not sound like the fans are hitting something. It immediately goes away as soon as i quit the game.
  12. G

    WHEA uncorrectable error - Is it my CPU?

    I recently started playing AC-Odyssey. i get constant BSOD with "WHEA uncorrectable error" and then the system reboots. I should mention - last year the movers banged my cpu and it got some bent pins which I corrected with a pen, but since then I had no troubles whatsoever with any games until...
  13. C

    AMD + NVIDIA same PC question..

    im looking to buy a used 1070 FTW from someone but i currently use 2 gpus, and am getting rid of them both to get the 1070 FTW.. im mostly using my 2nd gpu (non sli and both Nvidia) for 2 extra monitors cause i have 2 hdmi and 2 dvi monitors, so each gpu has 1 of each hooked to it, and i use my...
  14. V

    Upgrading CPU and MOBO

    this thread is closed I am going to wait.
  15. T

    What monitors are compatible with wireless bunker home security camera model 62368

    What kind of monitors are compatible with wireless bunker home security camera model 62368
  16. L

    Does Switching Motherboard (brand) affect system perfermance/Networking speed?

    I switched my Asus board out for an MSI gaming motherboard a while back, and at first, everything worked well, but recently, I've noticed serious lag spikes while gaming (where once I would have around 110-150ms ping, I now skyrocket to about 1100-3000.) If so, is there anything I can do to...
  17. ajmcgrady3

    Super Slow Download Speed?

    Paying for 20mb/s. I'm getting 2.0mb/s while downloading anything on my PC.
  18. A

    MOBO for 7700

    I am looking for an all black MOBO ATX for the 7700
  19. B

    Windows 10 BSDO

    So I was browsing the webs using firefox then I ran utorrent. Pc crashed. Play some games with utorrent in the background pc went BSOD as well. utorrent could be the culprit but I ran whocrashed and got this: On Tue 8/22/2017 5:07:06 AM your computer crashed crash dump file...
  20. U

    RX 470 problem with temps and performance.

    Hello guys, Basically i bought a brand new gigabyte radeon rx 470 g1 gaming 4gb two months back and it had been working like a charm. Recently however i have started to feel micro stutter in games and they have started to grow more and more annoying. When i use Fraps however it shows perfect...