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    will the i7 7700k work with MSi Tomahawk z170

    I currently have the i5 6600k and im gaming at 1440p over 120 FPS. Its causing my CPU to hit 100% usage which causes my mouse to stutter in game. Will the i7 7700k work with my current motherboard? its the z170 MSi Tomahawk, I was sure it would but then people started telling me if it was before...
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    Motherboard power supply

    I am going to buy a msi b450 gaming pro carbon ac, with a ryzen 2600 and 16GB of RAM, if you need the model tell me and I will send it. My power supply is the AEROCOOL KCAS 500w. The mobo, (appart of the 24pin cable), needs a 8pin pcie+other 4pin-pcie. My power supply only has two 6+2 pcie...
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    Please help chose a PSU

    Hi, I have been looking around for a new PSU. I have slowly been upgrading things and this is next on my list. I have a budget of around £80GBP. I reckon something 600w + to keep me ahead of any other upgrades later on. I quite like the EVGA 650W SuperNOVA G3. A wee bit over budget but for the...
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    Will these specs run Fortnite at 60fps

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K AsrockFM2A58M-VG3+ R2.0 Gtx 1050 2gb oc
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    How do I use fiest generation fire tv box with projector and get audio when movie is playing

    Connected fire tv box via hdmi to projector. Video works fine, movie trailers on Amazon Prime work fine, including Audio. When I select movie to play the video works fine, but no audio. Projector has it's own external speaker that is wire connected or Bluetooth. Used wire connected
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    Professional/Gaming hybrid monitor

    Trying to pick a monitor. I will be using it professionally, for CAD and Revit. But, I also want it to be a good gaming monitor. Every time I find something that claims to do both well, it's a 60 Hz monitor. Any suggestions?
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    Very slow windows 10 boot time with ssd

    Hello everyone,so a couple days ago i purchased a kingston a400 120gb ssd,as an upgrade to my toshiba DT01ACA100 hdd. The boot times i used to have with the hdd were around 35 seconds.I clean installed windows 10 on the kingston ssd and surprisingly my boot times are even worse now,at 37...
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    Headset mic picking up in game sound

    So I bought a new logitech g231 prodigy headset and when i plug it into my laptop it picks up any in-game sound there is. Any way to fix this??
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    Ram Not Working

    My computer has a 8gb ram card in it and I decided to get another 8gb ram card. The second one was a leftover laptop 8gb card and i bought a convertor. When putting the converter one in it didnt start up. It gave the code : 0xc0000428 - Please Help
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    Ram slot problem

    2 out of 4 ram slots are not working.I bought my asus b85 gamer pro motherboard 3 years ago.i had two 4 gb ddr3 rams so I only used two ram slots.but now those memory/Ram slots are not working properly whenever I turn on my computer I can see nothing in my monitor though my motherboard is...
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    What should I get if I want to play Action/Adventure games?

    Which type of monitor should I buy If I want to play action/adventure games with a 1080Ti ? A 4k@60Hz or a 1440p@144hz?
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    Strix 1070 ti in Corsair 280x

    So I'm thinking about building a pc in the recently released corsair 280x. The problem is that the GPU that I'd want to buy is 29.8 cm and the maximum GPU clearance is 30 cm. My question is. Are those 30 cm of clearance with or without the pc fans? The GPU I'm talking about is an rog strix 1070 ti.
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    graphic cards for 2.0 x16

    Hello so i need some help,i don't know what graphics card to buy for my pc that got a 2.0 x16 motherboard,i don't know either if my psu can take a new gpu,i can send any data about my pc and the psu label
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    Threadripper 2950X Virtualization

    Hi All, This thread is tangential to my other thread posted here: This is a separate concern, as I would like to use this build as both a gaming rig and a productivity workstation. If virtualization works...