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  1. S

    Question Does anyone know a site that can use specs that you choose and approximate what FPS you'll get with certain settings in a game?

    Might anyone also know a site like userbenchmark that can compare different laptops/PC specs all at once without having to individually compare each spec?
  2. J

    Question Laptop: i9 with 3070, or i7 with 3080?

    I recently received BestBuy in-store credit in order to to get a new ~$2000 gaming laptop. I’m trying to weigh the options between an 11th gen i9 with RTX 3070, or a 11th gen i7 with RTX 3080. I’m torn between a MSI GS76 that has: 17.3” 1920x1080 360hz screen, i9 11900H, RTX 3070, 32GB ram, 1TB...
  3. bruh669

    Question any budget microphone recommendition?

    howdy! as i'm very sensitive within money spending for electronics goods. i'd like to ask one question for my specific requirement, 1- i wanted a microphone for streaming and broadcasting with decent quality, main goal lol 2-sound quality which it was always questionable at every review i saw...
  4. BobMcSmith

    [SOLVED] RAM Comparison

    Patriot Viper Steel 16GB 3600...
  5. M

    Question Lenovo LEGION 5 vs. ASUS TUF Gaming A15

    Asus laptop: Lenovo laptop...
  6. Freakntalyn

    [SOLVED] Gtx 1650S vs gtx 1660

    I was going to get a gtx 1660 but I'm not entirely sold when I can get the gtx 1650S for £40 less so I'm not sure if it's worth the slight upgrade or if there's any better cards around £150ish they'd also be appreciated
  7. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] How does the gtx 1080ti stack up in 2020 ?

    Considering the release of the RTX lineup and new amd cards , how does the gtx 1080ti compare to these cards ? Is it still worth buying in 2020?
  8. Luka231223

    Question RX 580 RAM

    I have two options for my new GPU. RX 580 4 GB PULSE (100 $ ) or RX 580 8 GB AUROS (145 $ ) My question is is it worth going for 8gb (im not that good on a budget) What can it improve? Is 8GB important in Gaming?
  9. P

    [SOLVED] Which of these 2 GPUs would you recommend?

    Ignoring their price, which of these two is best? I originally had an RTX 2070 in mind, but I think the 5700 XT outweighs it in terms of performance. Also I've heard "Mini" GPUs are loud and and heat up easily, but I've never had any experience with them. Thanks. PowerColor Radeon RX 5700 XT 8...
  10. Nova43

    [SOLVED] Netgear AC1750 R6400 vs. R6700?

    Which is the better router for my buck? I'm mostly interested in its performance, wi-fi range, and typical router features like usb drive file sharing locally and remotely. I bought the R6400 router just a few days ago at Bestbuy for $100. I discovered today that the R6700 router is actually...
  11. K

    [SOLVED] Help with build. Which case should I buy?

    Im building a new pc. Any help on the build would be helpful, but I'm kinda lost on which case I should buy. SSD: M.2 2280 Western Digital Blue SN550 1TB 3D NAND NVMe PSU: Seasonic Focus Gold GX 750W RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws V 2x8GB DDR4-3200MHz CL16 Cooler: CPU Noctua NH-D15 Chromax Black...
  12. F

    [SOLVED] Is it worth buying a ZOTAC 1050 2gb mini over a Windforce RX 460 2gb?

    I presume they are very similar but I'm not too sure on that. The 1050 is slightly more expensive where I buy from.
  13. Buddhika94

    Question Upgrading my 8gb 2166mhz ram to 16gb ram kit (2×8) improve my gaming performance??

    Hello everyone, I'm planing to upgrade my 8gb 2166mhz single ram to Corsair Vengence pro 3600mhz ram kit (2×8). My pc specs, i5 9600K Asus Z390-e mother board Msi GTX 1660ti Samsung evo 250gb SSD Corsair vs 650 psu This upgrade mostly for improve my gaming performance of my rig. Does this...
  14. S

    Question Does 10-bit color demand a lot more from the GPU than 8-bit color?

    I have a $2000 Acer Predator X27 4k 144hz Monitor. My best resolutions options are: 1. 4k 98hz 10-bit color 2. 4k 120hz 8-bit color 3. 4k 144hz OC'd 8-bit color From my understanding, 10-bit color is a lot better than 8-bit color. Does this mean that running 10-bit color at 98hz will be a...
  15. BobMcSmith

    [SOLVED] RAM (Semi-)Mega Comparison

    Hello! Not much background info needed, but specs are listed below. Trying to find the best 16GB kit of DDR4, here are my options, unless there is an unlisted one that is better. Thanks! Mushkin Redline: G.SKILL...
  16. I

    Question Compare Builds

    Hi, I am going to be building my first PC soon. Which build do you think is better? This is pretty max to my budget so can't really afford many changes. or Cheers
  17. T

    Question Better headset for music.

    Hello! I am in the market for a new headset and am trying to decide between two headsets. Hyperx cloud alpha And Coolermaster mh751 I ususally use my headset to listen to music, so I would love to know which one of these two would be better. Thanks in advance!
  18. utkarsh5474

    Question Help selecting my card!

    Which one is the best to play games? What's the difference? Can it play Pubg + at what fps? ASUS Graphics Card Original GTX 750 Ti 2GB 128Bit GDDR5 GIGABYTE Graphics Card Original GTX 750 Ti 2GB 128Bit GDDR5 GIGABYTE Video Card Original GTX 750 Ti 2GB 128Bit GDDR5
  19. S

    Question What is the biggest AIO CPU cooler I can buy for my new Super Tower Case? Does bigger radiator = lower CPU temperatures vs smaller radiators?

    Hello all, I recently bought this Super Tower PC case by Thermaltake: I have a 9900k CPU and currently have this air cooler rated at 230W...
  20. T

    Question PC not playing any games. Goes into fullscreen with huge black borders

    I have an xps 630i. Graphics cards are properly installed and read fine. Directx 11 in installed. Currently using windows 7 ultimate. If i try any game, screen hangs in fullscreen with huge black borders and smaller square in the middle of screen, anyone can help me and point me into the right...
  21. T

    Ryzen 1600 rig shuts down under stress (>100'c)

    All the testing done under 33'c room temperature thou pc shuts down all the time under peak cpu load... While running any CPU intensive task like benchmark!, handbrake. my CPU goes above 100'c within 15 seconds and when it reaches 113'c system shuts itself down for obvious reasons. I haven't...
  22. wesambukhari

    Can power phases protect your cpu from a faulty psu?

    Hey guys i was wondering if power phases on a motherboard could potentially protect your cpu from a faulty power supply
  23. K

    Will I bottleneck my GPU?

    I currently own an AMD A10-9700 on a MSI a320m motherboard. I'm planning on buying a gtx 1060, but will I be able to make use 100% of the card or will it bottleneck?
  24. B

    Audio only plays through 1 side of earphones

    I know there are already a lot of posts like this, and I've tried many of the solutions proposed but there's something distinct about mine that I makes me think the problems hardware related. I've had 2 pairs of earbuds in the past 2 months and the 1st pair worked fine in my laptop until one...
  25. F

    Is it time to backup my hard drive? (getting Microsoft warnings about the HDD)

    Hey friends. Figure I'd keep this simple. This morning I received a warning message about the state of my C: drive. I decided to run Crystaldiskinfo, and it lists the HDD under the caution status, but the only warning is on the "Reallocated Sectors Count" with a value of 5. I know nothing of...
  26. M

    Red dots in bios and windows 7 boot-loop

    Hy, this is my first real problem that i dont know how to fix so im reaching out here for help. I recently reinstalled a fresh version of windows 7 64bit ultimate. It all worked fine untill it crashed one day and it kept restarting since. It just comes up to windows 7 logo and restarts. I...
  27. S

    NZXT S340 Storage device cooling, or lack there of

    So after completing my build, I seem to have overlooked that the two drive bays are in the front and underneath a shield that covers both the psu and wires and the storage devices. Because of this shield, the drives seem to be shielded from the air flow, leading me to believe that the air...
  28. nwgamelover

    Speakers needed for my TV

    Here are the specs for my TV: Sanyo 32" DP32242 HDMI It has a USB port so I would like to try these speakers, but not sure they are right for my TV. The audio has always been poor on this TV, and I used to wear headphones but they wore out. Now I would just like speakers. Below is one set I...
  29. J

    Changed my resolution to 3840x2160 and i get a screen full of static, please help !

    Hello, I bought a i5 4460 sometime ago, and earlier this week I bought a new LG 49UH6100 UHD 4K TV all connected to my Onkyo TX-NR646. Once I changed my resolution to 3840x2160, it was well besides there being white dots showering the blacks on the screen. Then I put in Wall-E on blu-ray...
  30. C

    Looking for a low budget laptop for Fiance

    Need a cheap laptop that can basically deal with photos and internet, but at the same time not be dirt cheap (extremely slow, overheat easily). Thank you for your help.
  31. C

    Sound Card for ATh-M50Xs?

    Hello, as I am planning to purchase one of these headsets, I am wondering if a dedicated sound card is worth it over the Realtek ALC1150 on my X99-A II? I plan on using them for a mix of music listening and gaming. If a sound card is recommended, which one would do the job the best? I don't...
  32. E

    system freezing randomly

    Currently the computer is randomly freezing while in normal operation like watching YouTube videos. Yesterday it was boot looping and would only start up in safe mode or fail safe mode. We switched hard drives and eventually got Windows reinstalled after resetting the cmos. Step three: History...
  33. R

    CPU Bad Performance

    Hi, i recently upgraded my cpu and motherboard to an AM3+ socket, in hopes my overall performance in games and even out of games would improve, but not so much. since the upgrade not much has changed, for instance, my average FPS on csgo, with everything on low and even a low resolution, is...
  34. O

    Two 1080 or one 1080

    So after purchasing two 980ti then watching the whole 1080-1070 announcements then quickly tearing the two Gtx 980ti out of my rig and returning them to the store I had purchased them from I am caught in a dilemma. So I currently have one Asus pg279q awesome display btw. My dilemma is, should...
  35. H

    windows 10 ok for gaming

    hey everyone complete noob for software, but pretty good at making computers, i was wondering does windows 7, 8, 8.1 have any better gaming performance, or does windows 10 have trouble for games, or is windows 10 all good for it. thanks to everyone who answers ;)
  36. W

    i need a power supply for a hewlett packard pavilion elite m9402f pc made in 2008. product # FQ512AA#ABA. THE OPENING IS 6" HI

    Power supply for a hewlett packard pavilion elite ( m9402F pc ) Product, ID number (FQ512AA#ABA) SN # ( 3CR8370M8V. I HOPE THAT YOU CAN HELP ME.
  37. X

    Best Budget GPU price maxium 150$

    I'm looking for the best budget gpu that can give good gaming performance while not giving me issues with my current PC spec, I currently have an AMD FX -4350. with a lmt78-usb3 mother board and a 400watt psu, I was thinking the GTX 750 ti or the R7 360, but if you have any other suggestions...
  38. L

    Desktop keeps restarting itself

    My desktop keeps restarting itself. It does it fairly randomly but generally within a minute or two of being turned on. Sometimes it trolls me and stays on for half an hour. Not really sure what information would be needed to offer help. It's running 64 bit windows 7, which I've reinstalled so...
  39. B

    PC Crashes?(goes black), but PSU continues to run

    My Win7 Ultimate 64-bit will run fine for "a while" (sometimes a few days, sometimes a few weeks) & then it just goes dark. The PSU continues to run (the fans are spinning etc) & it's on a KVM & the little monitor icon shows that it's still connected, as opposed to when I shut off the PSU or...
  40. i try and budget

    is it ok for usage at 100% when gaming???

    ok so . i HAD a 1680x1050 monitor with i3 4160. when gaming usage would be at around 60 or 70% all the time every game. NOW i have 1920x1080 monitor with i7 4790 cpu and an extra 4gb ram(12 in total). now when i game usage locks at 97% and temps are around 65 degrees celcius is that normal?? i...