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    Question New GPU, but I only get a black screen

    Hello, I tried to upgrade from a GT 630 to a RX 570 today. I got a new PSU aswell, so power should not be the problem. Anyway, I put the new card on the motherboard (the motherboard is very old and crappy, but it does have a pcie 16x slot) but when turning the PC on there is no video at all, I...
  2. L

    Question Do I need to change any settings (in Bios etc)

    I’ve got a Gigabyte GA-H81M-S2H with an i5-4590 & I’m going to swap the i5 for an i7-4790K. I know the motherboard isn’t great for gaming & I certainly won’t be doing any overclocking. But these are the components I have in front of me. Can I just swap the cpu’s & away I go? Or are there...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] SSD compatible with old laptop

    I have a Compaq Probook 4540s that needs its drive upgraded. I have a SSD that I know is compatible. but my father not wanting to spend that much found this SSD and I can't find if it's compatible with my laptop or not. anyone know if it is? specs of current HD: approx 750GB
  4. A

    Question Upgrading PC for the first time. Thoughts?

    I built my PC with my father when I was 16 and kept it ever since. Fast forward 6 years later and I'm here planning to finally upgrade it once and for all. I'm planning on building a budget performance PC (budget is 1500$ CAD) for 3D software (rendering) and gaming 2-3 times a week (nothing too...
  5. T

    Question Can the Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite boot from an M.2 drive?

    I'm fairly certain that my mechanical hard drive is going bad and I want to just bite the bullet and finally make the upgrade to SSDs. A friend of mine suggested getting an M.2 drive to load my OS onto to increase boot times and all that good stuff, but I don't want to spend all the money on a...
  6. R

    [SOLVED] Upgrading Components + Unboxed Newegg Question

    I am looking to upgrade my PC and I have a few ideas that I will share. I am looking for some advise in case I have incompatible items. Also has anyone had any experience with buying Open Box items (Mobo) from Newegg? Current PC Specs: Mobo: ASRock Z97 Anniversary LGA 1150 -...
  7. X

    Question GPU/Mobo Compatability Issue

    I need help deciding how, or even if, I should upgrade my MOBO and GPU. I ordered this online as a gaming PC in 2011, I know I got ripped off, but there isn't much I can do about that now. I don't know much about upgrading PCs, but I am a fast learner and have learned a lot the last few days...
  8. T

    [SOLVED] Is this motherboard compatible?

    So i was wondering if this motherboard Asus - PRIME H270-PLUS-CSM (newegg link) Is compatible with a i5-9400 (amazon link)...
  9. King4bood

    Question Is an Intel I5 8400 Coffee lake compatible with a 06D7TR Motherboard

    Just want to know if I could upgrade my system a bit thx ;)
  10. P

    8350 4.4 GHz idle Volts?

    So I wanted to OC it to 4.4 ghz and I did it and I passed the stress tests from prime95 + Valley both at the same time for 30 min and whats weird for me when the PC is under load the voltage slowly dropping to a certain point, I think it was 1.35 cca but when PC is on idle my voltages go high at...
  11. E

    Looking for a solution

    New system: After using it to play music for s first time I reboot it trying to boot it said “PC did not reboot completely" Wat is d solution
  12. N

    Ryzen RAM on Intel?

    Hi, this G.Skill Trident Z RAM is currently on sale and i'm interested in buying it, however i'm just checking that it should work on my Motherboard since it's "AMD Ryzen Edition". Does this mean it still will work with XMP on Intel? Specs below, thanks in advance. - ASRock Z170 Gaming K6+ -...
  13. S

    Hello everyone! I’m Chris I’d like you to question how can I get a new motherboard for toshiba radius 15 p50w 10e that doe

    Hello everyone! I’m Chris I’d like you to question how can I get a new motherboard for toshiba radius 15 p50w 10e that doesn’t cost too much?? I have friends who can put it on my pc for free but I have some really hard times to find a new motherboard for this specific model! Please help me...
  14. E

    VGA Compatibility with Processor

    Hello, I have a MB Intel DP67GB and intel i7 2600 (yea old), and i want to upgrade my current graphics hardware i want to see what is the compatible Hardware with the CPU. My current Graphics hardware is 550 TI. If i get the 1060 or anything of the new series are they compatible? (i'm not...
  15. E

    HELP with this FAN question on this BUILD!!

    Hi, I'm a noob when it comes to pc builds this is my first one btw so plz take that in consideration haha.. Well I know pretty much about all the components on my PC build except from one.. THE FANS!! I wanna buy this two pack fans, my tower comes with 2 preinstalled BUT my motherboard only has...
  16. B

    Display on on-board gaming on Nvidia

    Hello guys I have bought a new GTX 1050 Ti and it has some ports like HDMI and etc but it has no RGB port and my monitor has RGB only. I wanted to know if it is possible to use my integrated gpu and it's RGB port to have windows display and use the Nvidia to play games or I should buy one of...
  17. S

    pc restarts after powercut

    Hello i have a gaming rig and a 35 inch led tv connected to my ups but randomly during sudden power cuts my pc restarts i know there is a problem with my ups but i want to know why its happening i have a 650 watt psu and a 35 inch led tv connected to my ups. i don't know why its not providing...
  18. G

    CPU Upgrade for Dell XPS 210 CPU

    I have a Dell XPS 210 with an E6320 (1.86 GHz) CPU. Here are the specs, including most current BIOS 2.4.0 I'm concerned that I would need to upgrade the...
  19. B

    Complicated Problem With PC | Help ASAP

    I will post my PC specs at the bottom of this post Lets start form the beginning So I bought this computer about 2 years and since have replace about every thing inside here except for my motherboard and processor. I do clean dust out of it regularly. I play tons of video games on this pc...
  20. M

    Custom loop with D5 Vario possibly airlocked

    I have a custom loop being driven by a single D5 Vario pump. I was changing out the fluid and now it won't flow. There is a bubble I can't get out, but not sure if that's a symptom or the problem. When I turn the pump on, everything moves for just a second then stops. I worried that my pump was...
  21. K

    Plugged In, Not Charging

    hey Guys, Im using DELL E6510, and the old battery got drained then I have replaced the battery and charger now when I connect its showing "plugged in, Not charging" and even my Touchpad is not working after replacing. when I check my battery status its showing Communication Error!
  22. S

    motherboard question with best sli capability

    Out of all of these which is the best for sli. -i am gna 2 way sli gtx 970 -maybe 3 way (BIG MAYBE)- GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD3 ASRock Z77 Extreme4 ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 ASUS P8Z77-M PRO i have a i5 2320. I know its not overclockable but even if the best board out of...
  23. A

    windows 8 dell laptop won't turn on

    My windows 8 dell laptop won't turn on and I've had it for less than ten months. I already tried taking out the battery and plugging the charger into it. I tried different outlets and it still won't turn on. It's not the charger because it works on a different computer. My laptop just won't...
  24. A

    Memory, motherboard, GPU or other hardware issue?

    I built a PC in July of 2012. It ran perfectly (loads of hours gaming MechWarrior Online, Diablo 3, Hearthstone) until January of this year. When it all of a sudden started random BSODs. I assumed it had to do with a new Nvidia driver I installed as I was having video performance issues and game...
  25. ascarygrunt

    Putting a laptop hard drive into a desktop

    The other day I was in my friend's garage and noticed a decently new HP desktop sitting there. I asked him what was wrong and he said it was "broken". I took it and within 30 minutes, had it running again, Just had to unplug two ram sticks. The desktop is an HP Media Center PC Product Number...
  26. J

    Huge BSOD Problem!

    Hi guys, First off, i want to apologize if this is in the wrong section. Anyways I've been having tons of BSOD'S, almost always occurring right when i start playing a YouTube video, but not always. I will either get critical process ended which will play me the noise on a loop/stutter and shut...
  27. sougo

    best intel i3 processor for overclocking

    Hello, friend . i want to choose a i3 processor which is best for overclocking , and within price 100-125$ . and for choosing the socket type it's lga1150, so please give me some suggestions, other than intel pentium g3258 hashwell processor, Thank you in advance
  28. F

    How to add an SSD to a system that has been running for awhile...

    So over christmas i bought a 120gb sandisk ssd, and i would like to use it as a boot drive for my system, i am currently using a 1tb 7200rpm hdd for everything. I tryed reinstalling windows onto the ssd, but for some reason the installer wasnt excepting my windows key, (legit copy of windows), i...
  29. Mr Davo

    Strange printer installation error; driver not requested or taken...

    Hi Everyone, I am attempting to install a printer onto an XP (SP3) computer and I am experiencing the strangest error. Here is a little background about the installation - 1). The printer (a Kyocera FS-1100) is connected to a Windows 7 computer by USB, 2). The printer is shared from the...
  30. M

    Need help to build a computer around this graphics card

    I need help to build around this graphics card and as cheap as possible. Looking in a range of 350 - 600 MSI GeForce GTX 770 2GB TWIN FROZR Video Card Since its black friday hopefuly there will be some good deals
  31. P

    200 gb missing from SSD after restore

    Hi I recently did a restoration of windows 8.1 which i had installed on a corsair 500 gb SSD Now when examining the disk space, it only shows that 100 gb is free, although the C drive only has 109 gb of used space.. So where is this 240 gb of space located?.. I have deleted the hibernation...
  32. F

    Looking to build a new PC - Budget $2000

    I got another response over in the GPU section, but I figured this would be a more appropriate place for this thread. I'm looking to build a gaming/streaming PC for around $2000 (maybe an extra $100 or so depending on if any potential upgrades would be worth it) I would like to have the 980...
  33. G

    USB Does Not Work

    Ok so I recently bought parts for the new computer I built. When I turned on the PC for the first time the monitor never displayed anything and the USB ports did not detect my mouse or keyboard. PLEASE HELP!
  34. J

    AMD A10 5800k vs AMD A8 6600k with asus r7 260x

    which is better??
  35. evvdcaec

    Game is sometimes slow.

    I've only noticed this with Space Engineers and it's only been happening the past few days. Sometimes it runs fine and sometimes it's like a slideshow. There is no change over time; it either runs well from startup or it does not. When it runs well my processor is at around 50%, when it runs...
  36. V

    Thoughts on my build

    with a little help i put this together, some thoughts please? 1. Team Group Vulcan Gold, DDR3-1600, CL9 - 8 GB Kit TLYD38G1600HC9DC01 Redna cena 85,05 € | Spletna cena 69,74 € | Vaš prihranek 18,00% | KOLIČINA: 1 | Znesek: 69,74 € 2. Trdi disk WD 1TB 7200RPM 64MB 6GB/S BLUE WD10EZEX Redna cena...
  37. P

    is windows vista like windows 7

    I want to know if Windows Vista is similar to Windows 7?
  38. Y

    My Computer keeps crashing and rebooting.

    I'm not sure where to post this. Please help. My computer keeps crashing and rebooting. It will just randomly reboot, while playing games (Star Wars TOR, WoW) , working in Lightroom or surfing the web (Firefox). Sometimes it will crash, reboot and immediately reboot again after loading up...
  39. S

    windows problem help

    i have windows xp 32 bit and graphic card geforce 9500 pentinum duol core cpu 2.7ghz.can i run it