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  1. bobjackieson

    [SOLVED] Hyperx asking amazon?

    I asked hyperx to replace my alphas because they are faulty and jsut stopped working after 32 days. But it's out of amazon's window of return, they said that amazon has a 1 year return. Is that true or just a ploy to not replace them?
  2. N

    Question So uh I think I broke my Mobo with a defective water damaged graphics card

    ❌ No swearing please --- not allowed on these forums! I did the “oven tactic” as a last resort to try to recover my sisters water damaged graphics card I fixed her computer 2 months ago and I don’t want this card to go to waste. Turns out after the oven tactic I assembled it again reapplies...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] Need help diagnosing / fixing a faulty wireless card.

    Edit: I no longer need help with this issue, seems to of sorted itself out for now. I'd delete the thread if I could figure out how. I'm having a strange problem that I could use some help with. I recently purchased a new laptop and am having some strange issues with the wireless connectivity...
  4. N

    [SOLVED] Bought used gpu, monitor turns on but stays black

    So i bought a used 1050ti. The previous owner said it worked great(already thinking to get a refund) but i've tested it on 3 different known working computers and it won't work. Everytime, the monitor turns on but it stays black, not receiving any video signals but the gpu seems to be getting...
  5. A

    extending amplified cellular signal

    Hopefully I can make this understandable - I am far from a techie on any of this. I work from home and need decent wifi. I also live in an area where hi speed internet is not readily available and so I use a jetpack and cell phone hotspot from verizon. This area does not have good cellular...
  6. S

    Corrupt root, mbr?

    Hi! I have read a couple of threads of corrupted mbr etc, but i don´t know if they have been solved. Anyway, I have/had a harddrive that acted very weird after I have installed W10. But it worked at first,..say 1 month or so. Suddenly when i was surfing the harddrive started to spinn or work...
  7. M

    How do I separate my mobo with my case??

    so I bought this case it came with nothing to separate the mobo with the case, was this intended or should I contact the manufacturers? If it was intended how do I separate the mobo from my case?
  8. O

    Help on how to cheapen this build while staying with an i7 6 core

    Hi, I'm currently researching parts for my next PC build. I didn't build my first one so I'm a little over my head here. I've read a lot on this site (a lot of helpful info) but I'd like some help on this particular build. I need a PC for music production. So a lot of RAM and a good CPU. I...
  9. 10thmtnarty

    Cheapest computer thats reliable and can run dead frontier

    I need the cheapest reliable pc possible that can run discord app and dead frontier. Here's the sites if you're unfamiliar. Dead frontier is a unity browser based mmo Dead frontier: Tier 3 psu and wireless card required. Got a good...
  10. T

    MSI z97 gaming 5 confusion

    I am getting an msi z97 gaming motherboard: and I am a bit confused when it comes to the audio boost as you have to flip a little switch on the board and plug your molex to 3 pin adapter in for power. What does this do, it is really confusing...
  11. D

    Any advices for a good gaming laptop around 500$?

    I'd like to know model, how much RAM, cpu speed and space in hard drive
  12. ModMonster

    What is the difference in 300MBPS and 200?

    Will I notice a difference in 300mbps and 200mbps?
  13. G

    Laptop for animation

    Hello, I recently finished a 3D course and I decided to specialize in character animation. I'm currently working on my showreel with a very old pc and, seen that I'll probably leave home very soon, I was planning to buy a laptop. I know that a mobile workstation would be the best choice for me...
  14. Centurion855

    How can I overclock my Intel E6750 higher?

    Hey guys I'm wondering how I can overclock my Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 higher than i have so far. I would like to get it up to 4Ghz. The highest I could reach so far was 3.70Ghz. If i set the FSB higher than 475x8 it reverts the settings and goes back to 2.66Ghz (333x8). Of course I have invested...
  15. T

    recording straight to a pc

    Hi, I have a samsung camcorder with hdmi and av port. How can I use the camcorder to record videos straight to my pc?
  16. foscooter

    Did I just BRICK my new Samsung XP941?

    I think I "bricked" my brand new Samsung XP941 M.2 PCI-e SSD. While secure erasing my system drive(s) with Parted Magic, I (accidently) also secure erased the new drive. It took 32 minutes to secure erase the brand new drive, then froze at the end. PM wouldn't close the program, and I couldn't...
  17. T

    While PC is connected to Ethernet then overall Internet dramatically slows down.

    Hi all, While my PC is turned on, all of my internet (including other Ethernet devices (but the pc speed is normal)) slows down. I have no Idea why this is happening. (I have tried going into activity monitor to see if there was a lot network activity but there's not) if anyone could help me...
  18. T

    2 4gb GTX 760 3 monitors question!!

    I'm a bit new to the graphics cards and what they will my question is with 2 gtx 760s at 4gb what games will i be able to handle and how smoothly will they run. I currently have 1 4gb 760, just curious if i'd be better off ditching it and going with something completely different...
  19. W

    Upgrading to SSD and windows 8.1

    Hello, I just bought a Samsung EVO 840 250GB SSD that I want to add it to my PC and have my OS and main programs I use on it. I also want to upgrade my OS from windows 7 to windows 8.1. I will be buying windows 8.1pro student which requires windows 7 to be currently installed. I would like to...
  20. R

    Can This card bump up to 1GHz?

    I've been looking at creating a 280x/FX-8320 build. I'm making it black and red themed, and I like the look of the XFX Black Edition Double Dissipation at ,1GHz but it costs $50 more than the regular Double Dissipation, which has a clock of 850MHz. They both look the same, and I think that they...