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  1. MurdyPlay

    Question ECC memory on 1150 mobo

    Chassis: Cougar something (not sure if it is iportand here) mobo: h81m-e cpu: xeon e3 1270v3 (same as i7 4770-4790) rx580 nitro+ saphire hynix (modded bios) memory controllers after 775 built it to cpu. 1150 Xeon support ECC. but says that this mobo doesnt support it So is it going to...
  2. theoneandonlyfoohyking

    Question Question about R5 2600 ECC compatibility

    Hi all, I was thinking of building a FreeNAS system for my parents office based on an R5 2600. I read that it supports ECC (will be using ASRock B450M Pro4 F). However, I've found it's a bit of a hit and miss regarding Ryzen ECC compatibility. Some say it works, some have got it working, some...
  3. B

    Question High HDD response time with 100% usage when any kind of write activity on the disk.

    Hi HDD: ST2000DM008-2FR102 (Seagate barracuda 2TB) Problem: Once steam wanted to download updates to a game, but it wasn't be able to relocate disk space. The disk was spinning at 100% with high (~500-3000ms) response time and less than 1mb/s write speed. I have saved all the important files...
  4. n0_mercy

    Question Does my Workstation supports ECC?

    I have some DELL ECC DDR3 RAM, and I want put it in my Hp Workstation z220. It has a Xeon E3 1245 v2, so it should support ecc ram. But when I put the ram on, it just stays stucked in POST with 5 short beeps.
  5. L

    Question Msi z270 Sli plus Ecc Ram

    I'm seeing a deal on ddr4 ecc ram right now, I'm wondering if i can use the ecc ram in this board in non ecc mode.
  6. G

    [SOLVED] Question Ryzen 9 3900X Motherboard

    I am wanting to upgrade my FX-8350 build with a Ryzen 9 3900X build due to the insane performance at a reasonable cost. I already have 4x4GB ECC 2133MHz DDR4 lying around (SK hynix KOREA 4GB 1Rx8 PC4-2133P-RD0-10), a Strix 970, an RM650 PSU, a NH-D15 and a Silent Base 800 case. I am just...
  7. T

    Question Planning to add more RAM, do I have to use ECC?

    Hello, I bought a while back a refurbished office PC with added graphics card, mainly for gaming. I would now want to add more RAM, as that seems to be the bottleneck in some games. Motherboard is Fujitsu Celsius W530 with Intel Xeon processor, so EEC/non-EEc is fine, double channeling is also...
  8. Proprietary Software

    Question Is this memory compatible with my motherboard

    I need some ecc reg memories, but they are suprising hard to find? My mobo is The ram I am planning to buy is...
  9. D

    [SOLVED] Board fans start before power

    Hi, I have a RM850x Corsair PSU, ASUS WS C621E SAGE lga3647 board, XEON Gold 6130F 16C processor, Micron 16GB DDR4 2666Mhz 288 pin ECC LRDIMM, and Intel heatsink with fan. When I switch the PSU on, the fans in the case, on the PSU itself, on the Intel heatsink fan, and on PCIE cards if I...
  10. S

    Question Is The Asus Sabertooth x79 compatible with ECC RAM?

    I want to know this since i don't to want to buy incorrect ram that won't work on my system, I have a Asus Sabertooth x79 motherboard with a Xeon E5-1607v2 and the ram i want to buy is Hynix 16GB 2X8GB PC3-12800 DDR3 1600MHZ ECC
  11. S

    Computer starts stuttering/dropping frames

    FIrstly, my set up: CPU: i5 8600k GPU: GTX 1070 ti, 8gig RAM: 2, 8 gig ddr4 3k mhz Storage: 512 gig m2 SSD Motherboard: ASRock z370 Killer SLI/ac Powersupply: evga 850 supernova Monitors: Main, Benq 144, Secondary Benq 99, and a 55 inch samsung 4k Okay so about a month ago I noticed my...
  12. A

    [SOLVED] Used gtx 1070 or new rx 580

    Hello everyone, i'm going to buy used pc ,it comes without gpu and I want to buy a gpu I can get a used gtx 1070 still have 2 years warranty or a new rx 580 8gb + 16gb ddr3 ram , both the same price Pc specs : Cpu : i7 3770k Ram 4gb ( need to upgrade ) No gpu 1tb hdd The cost of the pc is...
  13. 0

    overclocking a 1080 ti on a 600w power supply

    so ive had a 1080 ti for a long time now and i was wondering if overclocking it on a 600w power supply is safe. rest of the specs i guess : i5 4570 (i know might seem like it bottlenecks my card but it doesnt at 4k) 16 gb ddr3 my power supply is an antec vp600p
  14. 9

    need help!!! did a restore but unsuccesfully installing windows 10 media creation

    Just now, I have rebooted my desktop PC in hopes of clearing everything without having to get into the nooks and crannies of every data file. It's a custom built tower from a friend of a friend who had constructed it and added Windows 7 OS for me (about 5 years ago). Now, I have rendered...
  15. K

    PC randomly restarts during gaming

    Hey, I've recently built a PC with all new parts and for some reason whenever I game the system sometimes shuts down then restarts again. It's not an issue while running any other program other than games, and my GPU should be able to handle all the graphical requirements just fine. My specs...
  16. T

    Zalman Z11 Plus Cable management

    Hey guys, I have Zalman z11 plus hf1 case and now FSP Hydro G 850w modular power supply (Not my fault, i had Corsair RM unit before, had to send it on RMA to reseller and they send me this thing in return), and i wonder if there is any way to do good cable management in this case, using modular...
  17. H

    overheating ehile playing

    hi, i bought a laptop a month ago. dell inspiron 15 5559 core i5 6200u 8 Gb ram amd r5 m335 2Gb the temperature while gaming (battlefield 1, gta v, far cry 4 , (low settings)) is arround 95°. is that safe. the laptop has never shuted down and iam not useing over clocking.. sorry for bad English
  18. D

    Dell Windows 8 Reinstall

    I have a Dell XPS 8500 that went through a botched Factory reset. Windows only offers Windows 8.1 via the Creation Tool. I used 8.1 with a dummy key hoping that the OEM key would automatically activate it but that did not work. I used a few of the key viewer apps and they either showed me the...
  19. A

    will the gigabyte geforce gtx 750 ti work for my pc

    hey guys..I want to buy a gigabyte geforce gtx 750 ti for my pc but I need to know if it will work.... my current specs are cpu-AMD sempron dual core 1.80ghz 2100 ram ddr2 2 GB 300watt power supply windows 7 ultimate 64bit hard drive- 160 GB gpu slot - PCIE X 16 current gpu - asus 8500gt 512mb...
  20. S

    $350 gaming pc build

    I need a $350 budget pc build without the g3258 and g4400 and has a decent gpu dont really care if its bought used. Thanks!