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  1. Question AMD or NVIDIA eGPU Support

    Hi there guys not sure if this is the right place to ask but here is my current predicament, I've been looking into getting a new GPU for my laptop (4-lane PCI-e) and enclosure (HP Omen Accelerator) but I cannot decided between the RX 5700 XT and the RTX 2070 (non SUPER). I did some price to...
  2. i76700hquser

    Question HD 7790 in 2019?

    Hi, i'm planning using a eGPU for my laptop, saw a HD 7790 at a good price on my country, how is it compared to a ddr3 950m? Thanks
  3. i76700hquser

    Question m.2 different slot?

    Sorry if i'm on wrong categorie, i'm new. So, i was planning to buy an exp gdc, but i saw that my wifi uses the new m.2 slot, so i took a look into an adaptor and found one, but it's different, have a look: Can anyone please tell the diference? Thanks.
  4. J

    Question GPU One Fan Stuck at 100%

    I've had an RTX 2080 Ti Fe for a few weeks now in an eGPU enclosure. It's been running amazingly until yesterday. After downloading and trying Metro Exodus for its RTX features, one of the GPU fans went up to 100% and stayed there, even when all temperature sensors read it as being in the low...
  5. T

    Question Can you make a DIY GPU enclosure

    I've been doing some research to get a Egpu so I can have a powerful laptop with good battery life and still be able to come home plug it in an use my HTC vive. I've been doping some browsing and I can only find pre-built enclosures for thunderbolt 3. I have seen you can use mini PCI if you just...
  6. J

    Question Jerry rig Thunderbolt 3 to a laptop?

    So I've been learning up on ways to implement eGPUs, and looking into thunderbolt and the less popular m.2 method, and I was wondering: If PCIe x4 cards like this one...
  7. mbayou75

    Question 8 Pin PCIE Female to 4 pin female molex adapter

    Aloha, Just like the title says, I want to feed my eGPU setup (Riser 006c that has a male molex) with a Dell DA-2 220W. The problem is this that it has a male 8pin output, so I should find a female 8pin to a female 4pin molex, right? well internet doesn't help me, I looked everywhere, but there...
  8. Flave

    [SOLVED] Which of these VR setups are superior and reasonable?

    Hello Everyone, I am looking to jump into VR with the upcoming Rift S and Rift Quest VR headsets. However, I cannot carry my PC to a place-space I can play within. I have an RTX 2060 Zotac Mini without virtual-link, and a boot-camped MacBook Pro 2018. I was thinking either one of these...
  9. H

    Question Designating GPU to specific monitor?

    I’m running an Asus laptop with a gtx 1050. Recently I bought a portable, secondary screen for my laptop for a few reasons: utility, convenience, workload, and because I can’t stand to not have a secondary screen after years of using dual screens on my desktop. I want to buy an eGPU for my...
  10. W

    Question Can I game at 144fps with my Intel NUC8i5BEK? (external eGPU)

    Hi :) I've always been a console gamer, and have used this little Nuc for work until yesterday I decided to try and play my favorite game on PC and.. it failed big time even on lowest setting. (Sorry, I'm really new to gaming hardware but I am trying to do a lot of research right now) turned...
  11. A

    Question Computer no longer outputs to monitor

    Hello, about 2 years ago I built my desktop and it's been working fine. However, when I turned it on tonight my monitor remained in power saver mode with no output. Looking at the motherboard (Gigabyte Gaming 3) the VGA light was on and, on closer inspection the fans of the GPU would stop a few...
  12. B

    Sell my laptop

    I have a toshiba s55 screen is broke but works fine
  13. A

    Is it running stable after the overclocking?

    I bought ryzen 7 2700x and trying to overclock and achieved 4.2 ghz 1.375v,ram is 3200 mhz 1.35v. I ran cinebench 15 for 6 times and it scored 1853 points and stressed cpu using cpuz for 5 mins . I am new in overclocking , is it ok? will it hurt my cpu ? please he lp.......
  14. natedog1636

    Can i overclock my cpu?

    I have a A4 7210 and i was wonder can i overclock it?
  15. X

    EVGA 1060 running way higher than it should be

    Greeting all, long time reader. First time poster, I have a strange problem with a graphics card that came in a system that I had bought off craigslist recently, and Im not sure of what to do, but here is the jist of the issue. Ok, I have a evga Geforce 1060 GAMING Single Fan edition, and the...
  16. C

    GTX770 recommended upgrade from here?

    What would be a decent upgrade for gaming past the GTX770. Here is my current setup, everything is stock minus the gpu and psu. XPS 8700 12gb ram (stock) i7-4770 3.4 (stock) ASUS GTX770 (upgraded) EVGA 850 G3 PSU (upgraded) I know very little about this kind of stuff, but from what I have...
  17. D

    Ryzen 3 2200g vga or dvi

    Will my ryzen 3 2200g work with my monitor? Cause I only have a MSI Pro Vd/s and it only has VGA and DVI. My monitor is Samsung Syncmaster SA300
  18. P

    will my cpu bottleneck my gpu

    i have an i5 7400 and am getting a gtx 1080 strix i know its overkill for 1080p but i want it to be futureproof will the cpu bottleneck??
  19. A

    Best budget Pc under $200-$300 (Already own Cpu and Gpu)

    What is the best cheap pc I could build with some of the parts that I already have. I already own an Intel Pentium G4600 and a GT 730 4gb. I got these parts from my friend for free. Do you know what rhe best combonation of these part would make the best gaming pc. I want to be able to play some...
  20. M

    R9 Fury production life

    TechPowerup claims that the R9 Fury is still in production. Is this accurate? It seems rather unlikely.