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  1. P

    WD Elements 2TB not recognised by Windows

    Good day, My WD Elements has been slowly giving problems and now is not recognised anymore by windows. Basically what happened: 1. Fell from about 1m 2 months ago 2. Continued working but sometimes had to plug in and out a few times before being shown in Windows 3. Then started having issues...
  2. I

    windows doesn't recognise more than 1 video card

    I 've just completed a mining rig X5 Sapphire nitro+ limited edition 8GB I m using the H81 PRO BRC R2.0 motherboard thay are all using risers,thay all work fine separate,even when i boot they all work and spin but windows only recognises 1 video card and that is the one placed in the...
  3. O

    Upgrading my current build

    I have around £350 to upgrade my system and i need to upgrade everything what parts would you recommend for a smooth 60+fps on rust, battlegrounds, ark and more big titles. My current specs are Cpu:amd x4 880k quad core Gpu: nvida GeForce 1050 2gb Ram:8 gb Mobo:Gigabyte F2A78M-HD2
  4. S

    My pictures do not want to import on computer

    I am unable to download or import my pictures for some unknown reason from my Canon. I switch it on, the pictures are there but it does not import?
  5. O

    Ordering rig tonight, omg the nerves. Anything faulty I've missed in this config?

    Hi people, after talking with a thousand people I'm ready to order my new gaming setup. The specs are as follows. Anything off or wrong? Much love from Denmark. ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 Ti  ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-I GAMING Cooler Master Hyper 212 Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4-3200 DC 16GB EVGA SuperNOVA...
  6. A

    Displayport and HDMI

    Ok so quick question, i have a monitor that has a HDMI port and nothing else, and my GPU has HDMI and displayport, ports. Now i have a HMDI cable and HMDI to Displayport cable, so my question is should i use HMDI TO HMDI cable or HMDI to Displayport cable, what one will look and be better for...
  7. J

    Radeon HD 8670d (Integrated graphics card) latest drivers?

    Hello everyone, so I have an APU A10-6800k processor and it has hd 8670d integrated graphics. So, I recently bought fifa 18 and it runs pretty smoothly but when I try to play "The Journey" it gives me this error https://imgur.com/a/sHArl which I figured my drivers is the root of my problem. The...
  8. N

    New budget gaming build

    Hey guys its been a while since my last build and I haven't kept up with much. Looking to do a build for my little cus, round 1000$ budget, cheaper if possible. Any suggestions? Is dd4 the standard now? it was just coming around when I did my last build. I prefer Intel/Nvidia. I was thinking...
  9. torpedoestostern

    Acer Aspire r14 not responding to input after being closed

    I have owned an Acer aspire r14 for a couple of years that was given to me by a relative, and from day one it has been plagued with problems. One of the more recent problems happens to be quite annoying in that if I close the lid of the laptop without having put in to sleep mode manually...
  10. E

    Sata ssd vs Nvme ssd

    i am planning to buy a ssd but i cant choose one between these two samsung 850 evo 250gb sata iii samsung 960 evo 250gb m.2 850 costs around 110$ and 960 costs around 145$ here in my country... i will use that drive as os drive and some softwares such as matlab,eclipse and maybe one or two...
  11. K

    Right click with mouse doesn't work consistenly

    Hello, for the last two or three weeks I have been experiencing a weird bug with my mouse (Logitech G302 Deadalus Prime). I first encountered the problem when I was playing Rainbow Six Siege - I noticed that when I tried to aim by pressing down the right mouse button it switched between the...
  12. S

    New monitor, various problems

    I've for a long time had two 1080p 60Hz monitors. Today i bought a 1440p 165Hz monitor, replacing one of the previous. Firstly, i can only get it up to 144Hz in Nvidia control panel, i am using a displayport cable. Secondly and most importantly, I have only play one game thus far that properly...
  13. T

    No video output on boot (I have read many articles)

    First off, I have read this as every article asks! http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/261145-31-perform-steps-posting-post-boot-video-problems I have tried many many things, but perhaps my latest state is the simplest to troubleshoot: I have removed the graphics card and hard drives, so the...
  14. S

    USB wifi tether from andriod phone or tablet

    Hey everyone, to keep this post from being too long I'm just gonna summarize right from the beginning. My PC is ethernet only and I no longer have my ethernet cord or any funds to get a new one. In the meantime I've been tethering my phone to my PC and using the data, it's not fast enough for...
  15. T

    Asus rog strix gl702zc

    Does anyone know when the asus rog strix gl702zc will be coming out? I've been wanting to upgrade but I have not found much info on this laptop anyone else have any luck?
  16. M

    My PC is using half ram

    For some time now my PC has been slow before i start describing my issue i will mention my specs i5-6600 , 8GB 2133mhz DDR5 (Just 1 stick of 8GB), Rx480 8GB, MSI-H170 Gaming M3, Windows 10 The issue is the PC is some how only utilizing half of that RAM i can see in My computer properties that...
  17. Johntron1

    Will this fit?

    I've asked something similar previously, but I just want a second opinion. Right now I'm rocking a Memphis-B motherboard, all this time I thought it was Standard ATX but I just measured it and it's 244m by 244m (Micro ATX). This brings me to my question. Will a Memphis-B motherboard fit in...
  18. D

    Upgrade cpu i3 6100

    I am having mother board of asus 1151 d d3 . I have processor i3 6100 graphics card msi 4x 470 4gb if I upgrade my cpu i3 6100 to i7 6600 or any other i7 will it work I only want it for best gaming experience my budget is 30000 inr (Indian rupees) . I am also confused with ryzen series can...
  19. T

    NZXT Sentry 3 PWM functionality

    Will my NZXT Sentry 3 control my fans via PWM if i connect PWM fans to it?
  20. M

    need some help!!!

    i have a dell 755 optiplex with a 2tb hard drive and 8gb memory and no grapics card. i have a standard 280 watt power supply. what can i do too play games like simm city deluxe. what grapics card can i use with and with out up grading power supply!!
  21. C

    GTX 760 Shutdown Problem

    I am having sudden shutdown problems for 3 months and I think that it is because of my PSU or GPU. There is no problem when my computer is at idle or i am browersing but when I started to play a game,it shutdowns after 15-20 minutes. The time that lasts before the shutdown is not same in every...
  22. J

    battery time remaining varies from 1 min to 800 hrs without changing percent remaining

    I have a dell inspiron laptop. Since I got it the time remaining has been extremely erratic. Sometimes I will have 800 hrs remaining, other times I will have 1 minute. All while staying at 98% (or whatever the percentage is). There is absolutely no correlation between battery percentage and...
  23. G

    21 Video Game Adaptations We'd Like Netflix to Make

    After the success of Netflix's Castlevania series, here are the video games we're hoping to binge-watch in the near future. 21 Video Game Adaptations We'd Like Netflix to Make : Read more
  24. O

    PC won't POST after power outage

    I had a power outage about an hour ago, and my PC was on when it happened. Came back to the computer and it simply refuses to post. All the fans spin, glow, so do all the LEDs on the motherboard and the GPU fans spin. This has happened before, but resetting the BIOS usually fixed the issue. Now...
  25. S

    insert video cable appears after inserting gtx 1050

    Hi guys i am really sad i just bought a gtx 1050 few hours ago and i even checked it at the shop from where i bought it it worked fine there. but when i got home and connected it to my monitor it says check video cable i tried replacing video cable and avi to vga adaptors still the same problem...
  26. D

    Phanteks p400s with sp120 RGB fans

    Will the inbuilt fan controller work with the corsair sp120 rgb because that would be really awsome the inbuilt fan speed control and color control is really handy
  27. H

    Official 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Release Delayed To Q4 2017

    The additional time will allow the developers to add all of the necessary features to make it a finished product. Official 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' Release Delayed To Q4 2017 : Read more
  28. KeenanGreen

    Will all of these parts be compatible with my case?

    I want to upgrade my pc and I've sorted some parts out and would like to know if they're compatible with my case. I can't check on pcpartpicker because my case is not on there as an option, If any changes need to be made just tell me and I'll sort it out. :) Parts...
  29. J

    I can't get my dell inspiron to do anything! can't set up any kid of online connections or nothing. ca. someone plz tell me ho

    Need help asap from whoever can help at all it will a'll be very appropriated.
  30. T

    Slow laptop startup at cold boot

    Hey all, so I want to ask for a help.I guess it's normal that boot up takes little bit longer when I do cold boot , I mean if I don't use my laptop for more than 10 hours it starts quite slowly, but if I shutdown it after one hour of usage and turn it on again it start really fast, btw I'm using...
  31. M

    65% RAM Usage, Should I get More?

    Hello, I currently got into video editing and have been pushing my laptop a lot. One thing I noticed was that I when I am video editing my memory is constantly at 65% or more. This is reasonable but I was just wondering if adding more memory would help anything? I currently have 16gb of ddr4 at...
  32. J

    Gtx 1080 for non OC

    What is the best gtx 1080 for no OC'ing?
  33. S

    DVI - VGA adapter not working!

    Hey, for some reason my adapter dont work. Its DVI-I>VGA. My graphic card is gigabyte radeon hd 7790 2gb OC which have both DVI. I have this adapter https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/31bHvdI5ILL.jpg and it doesnt work. What is the solution? I alerady installed drivers to this...
  34. R

    I have a terrible internet connection

    I have been having big troubles with my internet being terribly slow. i went on five internet speed testers and got an average of 16.07 mbps download and 3.386 mbps upload. Thats pretty bad right? would getting a better modem or provider solve it? I use a Wi-Fi adapter to my computer
  35. E

    So here i am, with a new HDD

    Got a new HDD, supposedly working properly and I try to partition it. I right click on the "unallocated block" and all of the actions are faded out. I tried clicking on them, and nothing happens.
  36. J

    Engineering PC budget Build

    I am looking for a build to use autocad within the region of £500-£600, preferably an i7 processor with 16gb ram however i know that it may not be in the budget. just need some guidance on which gpu i should be buying as I know different gpu's are more commonly used for different applications...
  37. J

    x99 or z270 motherboard with a twist

    Hi, I need to buy some new computer parts and are weighing x99 or z270 motherboard. What to pick has asked before, the twist though is that the reason I need to buy the parts in the first place is to replace broken parts of my current x99 gaming rig. I currently have a x99 gaming rig...
  38. G

    I am able to use google.com and browse the web, but I am unable to load any other webpages.

    I have just installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 Professional. Everything was working great, I installed AVG, and Avast just fine, then I left for an hour or two. I came back and I was able to use Google.com, and search, but no website other than Google would load at all. My internet connection...
  39. P

    Best Gaming Headset/Headphones In Around ~100 Range

    Hello everyone! Finally decided to pick some audio gear for gaming. I Don't have any strict budget, however i wouldn't like to spend too much, like over 150~ or smth. Anyway, without any thorough analyzing ive come across HyperX cloud, people say these are among the best for the price you pay...
  40. B

    Will a i3-2120 3.3Ghz Bottleneck GTX 1050

    I know that i3-2120 is a bit old CPU but I have no other choice. So I just want to ask that how much percent will it Bottleneck with a GTX 1050