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  1. C

    Question How good my system

    Well i was thinking to buy Asus p8h67m-pro Motherboard , I5 2400 cpu , GTX 660 gpu.And i have few question. 1. Will my motherboard support my gpu. 2. What PSU do i need.I was thinking to buy 420w. 3. How good is it for gaming (Fortnite,CSGO)
  2. V

    Question SuperMicro X8DTU-F motherboard compatible case

    I've checked their platform to know form factor, but it's unknown: https://www.supermicro.com/products/motherboard/QPI/5500/X8DTU-F.cfm There are only dimensions of it: 12.075" x 13.05" (30.67cm x 33.15cm) If someone knows which cheap case will fit, then please write in the discussion. I don't...
  3. M

    Question Build suggestion for these two budgets 1200$ and 1800$!

    Looking for two builds on both of these budgets. RTX cards and I7 8700 preferred. Except Monitor and HDD.
  4. I

    Question PC freezes with random solid color when under GPU load

    When I play almost any gpu-intensive game or work with complex meshes in Maxon C4D, my computer freezes with my main screen freezes showing just a random solid color while my two other screens just freeze as they are (my main screen is connected to my gpu and the two other are connected to my...
  5. L

    How to save data from broken phone?

    Hi, so a friend of mine recently broke her phone and got a new one but she wants to recover all the photos and data from the old phone. But the problem is the old phone has its screen all cracked and ripped apart and won't even start. The screen is just black and nothing shows on it so i...
  6. T

    Question Cpu overclocking

    My spec:Ryzen 7 1700,MSI B350 Tomahawk, Team group 2400 8gb 2 sticks I tried to overclock the memory and IT worked, after that i oc the cpu and IT stoped booting After that as a test i tried manualy oc IT to 3200 mhz and IT stoped working again (no post) the strage thing is that bios has an...
  7. O

    Question Can I SSD Cache a Secondary drive WITHOUT reinstalling Win 10?

    I've got a small SSD I want to use to speed up data reads on large capacity 7200RPM secondary drives. Apparently I have to switch from ACHI to RAID in the ASUS UEFI. However, it leads to a blue screen when rebooting. I don't think I'm trying to setup a traditional RAID (mirrored drives etc) -...
  8. Jarda

    [SOLVED] PC reboots on intensive graphics

    Title. It all started some time ago, PC would reboot while playing certain games. After trying everything I could think of, something sort of worked: Underclocking the GPU. These are the main components: Gigabyte H97m-D3H MoBo Seasonic S12II 520w PSU MSI GTX 970 4GD5T OC GPU Intel i5-4440 CPU...
  9. B

    Question Will an RTX 2070 be bottlenecked by i5-6500?

    I want to upgrade to a 2070 so I can play in 1440p but I'd hate to spend all that money on an expensive GPU and new monitor just to have to upgrade my processor as well. What are your thoughts?
  10. D

    Question Connect additional fans

    So I have one fan in my case (apart from CPU and GPU fan ofc) which is connected to a 3pin connector on my motherboard (the only one, it seems). Buying a new case would mean having extra fans. Now I did some research and I seem to be able to connect additional fans to the PSU for power, and...
  11. D

    Question Building a PC after 5+ years

    I built my last PC about 5 years ago and im totally overwhelmed with all the new hardware there is. Does this build look ok for gaming, i think it is all compatible? Case: NZXT H700i, White/Black, Mid Tower Computer Chassis, Tempered Glass Window, Smart Control, E-ATX/ATX/mATX 4x Fans...
  12. D

    Google Chrome Popups?

    Hi everyone, I keep getting strange popups from google chrome. It seems to be a windows notification. It says things like"your computer may have a virus" and "buy ___ product" I did do a virus check and it said there wasn't any problems. Its pretty weird. They only appear when chrome is open...
  13. A

    Dark screen HELP

    My laptop screen went dark and I can’t get it to brighten up to see it
  14. D

    Need a MOBO for i7 9700k

    Looking to pair a 9700k with a mid/high range z390. Willing to spend up to about $250 USD. I was mainly looking at Asus & MSI boards but I am open to suggestions. (Gigabyte worries me with poor BIOS & Software) Asus boards: ROG Strix F or E Maximus Xi Hero (if on sale) Prime A MSI: Gaming...
  15. D

    Cannot find lan drivers

    I just got z390 aorus ultra... and i cant connect to the internet..windows cant find the proper driver for ethernet .. i saw the same topic here.. the guy sais he was able to resolve the problem but he did not say how...
  16. D

    horrible msi 2080ti performance???

    i keep getting 5600 in 3dmark time spy extreme and most other test really low scores and i cant figure out why i thought i should hit at least 7800 but im getting garbage scores https://www.3dmark.com/3dm/33295198? please help
  17. l3tr1xingame

    Resident Evil 2 Remake: HDD can't load game zones at time and freezes

    I recently installed Resident Evil 2 Remake on my second drive, a new Seagate Barracuda 1TB HDD. Game runs smooth without stuttering but in some zone, sometimes, they aren't loaded. When I try to access a new zone, by a door for example, there is nothing and I can see the other room that was...
  18. M

    Why does only ArmA 3 stutter because it is installed on a HDD?

    Hi to all! My laptop has an SSD and an 1 TB 5400'' Toshiba HDD. I have installed GTA V with a tons of mods,and NBA 2K18 on the HDD and they work perfectly! Only ArmA 3 gives me stuttering and huge FPS drops when installed on the HDD. I installed it on the SSD and the stuttering and the FPS...
  19. R

    What type of spray paint for PC Case (metal)?

    I apologize in advance if this question has already been answered, I have been looking through forums and on google for a few days now and cannot find an answer. If it has already been answered please link me the forum. I am working on a project and am going to painting the inside of my PC...
  20. R

    GPU core clock is stuck

    My gpu core clock is stuck at 450mhz while gaming ( it should go up to 1100mhz) , if i turn on streaming then it gets locked at 1000mhz but then temps are 80-95c... This started happening since i upgraded my pc with new mb ram and cpu. My gpu is r9 270x MB b450 aorus m