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  1. Y

    Question Backlight problems, smart ideas?

    Hello everyone, I want to share my problem and listen to your ideas. I purchased a new monitor and noticed a problem with the backlight, after long disputes with the seller, he sent monitor to the official AOC service in my country. In conclusion, it is stated that no defects were found ... I am...
  2. G

    Question Largest capacity drive for a WD MyBook WD3200C032-002 enclosure?

    Does anyone have some idea of the largest capacity drive an old Western Digital MyBook WD3200C032-002 enclosure can take? I got one for free with a very dead (motor doesn't spin) 320 gig WD drive. I connected an old 160 gig SATA drive to it and that worked so the USB to SATA and power board are...
  3. L


    Mobo = MSI A75AM-E35 CPU = AMD A10 - 5800K GPU = MSI GTX 460 RAM = 8GB SMSG1600 Please let me know ur opinion ???
  4. E

    Question laptop charger port broke.

    hello all, today my laptop charger port broke, resulting in all 3 wires behind it getting detached. I have a soldering iron and can fix this, I just want to know if polarity matters. there are 3 connectors and I can provide an image. here is the google photos link -...
  5. A

    Question No post after upgrade, crosshair q-code 8 (red)

    Replaced mb, cpu, fan, and ram (asus rog crosshair vii hero, ryzen 2700x, wraith prism, tridentz). Pc worked fine before this with same gpu, psu, etc. I literally took these new parts out of the box. I'm pretty sure the power sw, reset sw, etc pins are in correctly, but the pc trys to boot as...
  6. salo14419

    Question PC reset, no warnings, no bsod, nothing.

    Well, that's it. My pc randomly shutdowns and turn on while playing some games (Warframe, Fortuna) and Metros Exodus, any other game seems to work fine. (DMC5, Resident Evil 2, Jump Force, Anthem, etc) Recently i tried to run FurMark test to start sorting out problems and turns out that i just...
  7. B

    Question Is upgrading worthwhile?

    I have a Q9550 running at 3.6GHz. Is it worth upgrading to a Q9650 or X9770? I have other questions regarding RAM SSD, and GPU that I will be posting in the other subforums.
  8. _ZomBoy_

    Question My internet speed is high but the download is slow

    When I do a speed test it goes around 400mb/s download but when I download something on steam/torrent the download won't go beyond 11mb/s. My network card supports up to 1000mb/s.
  9. FluffyFlounder

    [SOLVED] Does the Gigabyte - Z370M DS3H Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard have on-board WiFi?

    I mightttttttt get this motherboard, but I need to know if it has onboard WiFi because my friend thinks he knows a lot about pc's and he is %100 certain it has WiFi, but I don't entirely trust him...
  10. B

    Question slow internet

    I have broadband plan with telephone for which the promised speed is 20mbps till 1000GB, so it was working fine till last week when speed dropped down to 2mbps or below, usually in speed test the results would be around 10-11mbps, so i complained they sent their lineman, who after looking at...
  11. T

    Question Ram performing way below expectation

    I recently purchased new ram (Corsair Vengeance LP 2 x 8gb ddr3) and replaced my other two sticks as it was suggested. Here is a link to my benchmark https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/15383665 I have some knowledge of pc's but not too much p.s: I know my CPU is bottle necking my GPU...
  12. E

    Question Expensive headphones hurt my head when I turn 7.1 surround off

    Hey guys! I have a pail of cloud revolver s's from hyperx which are like 150$. they have 7.1 surround and whenever i turn 7.1 off which I need to in games as it's not real surround and messes with audio. when i do, in like 10 minutes my head starts hurting and im really confused. pls helpp
  13. Pentium4User

    Question Toshiba M1150-S1061 video issues

    Hello so I have been having a quite annoying issue, Yes I know this laptop old but I mainly use it for a network hotspot and sometimes I use it to watch dvds on it. The issue I am experiencing is that video drivers (It has a xpress 200m) it will not load no matter what I'm pretty much stuck with...
  14. L

    Question R9 290 "radeon wattman settings have been restored due to an unexpected system failure"

    Hello all After successfully installing the latest drivers about a week and half ago, the driver error "radeon wattman settings have been restored due to an unexpected system failure" started to show. It freeze my PC for a couple seconds and then works as usual. It happens more often while...
  15. D

    Question display port cable

    Hi i have a CFG70 monitor and was wondering if i need a 1.2 cable or a 1.4 - all i do is play games and at the moment the menu on monitor shows 1.1 and 1.2 i have set it to 1.2 but if i connect a 1.4 cable will this improve anything ? Thanks
  16. S

    Question Can my PSU handle the upgrade?

    i have i7 3770 and 8gb and PSU corsair cx600 and i'm planing to buy gtx 1060 6gb so will my PSU able to handl it ?
  17. News Memory Pricing Is Falling the Fastest it has Since 2011

    DRAMeXchange reported that DRAM prices in the current quarter dropped nearly 30 percent, which it said is the "sharpest decline in a single season since 2011. Read more here. NATHANIEL MOTT @nathanielmott Nathaniel Mott is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He covers software and...
  18. K

    Question Asus Z390-A Motherboard CPU light flickers red on startup

    I got my new build all setup and things are working perfectly fine after the PC starts up. I just want to ask a question about something to give myself a little piece of mind. When booting from no power (PSU is switched off, then back on) the CPU light flickers red, the fans spin, and the...
  19. M

    Question GTX 1060 6 Gig Battlefield G-SYNC

    Hi All Really hope you can help. I have a Alienware 34inch screen 2018 model - I got the 1080p version with G-SYNC. Also have a GTX 1060 6 gig. When i paired it up all was really good and Battlefield 4 and 5 ran really smoothly at 144Hz no problems. Now V hardly runs above 30 and 4 runs at...
  20. ShouseR

    Question Need help, 1. time ever building PC.

    Guys I need help. 1. time ever I built my PC with NZXT H500 case, NOCTUA NH-D15 on 8700k and ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-H GAMING. However this cooler is that big I can only use last 2 ram slots. So I am not using my 32GB RAM in dual channel, it is a problem? I am new to PC tech stuff. Welp Here is...