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  1. obi1kenobi

    Question Portable HDD vs External HDD

    Hi all Has anyone got any experience or has used Seagate HDD.I currently have the 3TB 3.5 and theres a very good deal on the Seagate 6TB 3.5" Backup Plus Hub Desktop External Hard Drive.Can somone please give me some feedback
  2. hoangvietha

    Question RX 470 trouble

    Recenly, I've bought a RX 470, everything is fine while I'm not play game, but when I open a game, the game crash, sometimes everything crash and my monitor like old TV when it lost signal: drive.google.com/file/d/1H9GGSm4HMu7VFdwY3YXZN_poEKiLvfmH/view?usp=drivesdk My specs: I5 3470 4GB RAM RX...
  3. P

    [SOLVED] pc shutting down

    my pc keeps switching off. guessing its a heat issue. could it be due to bad thermal paste or could it need redone? or is it a power issue? pc is around 6 years old now. or how do i test what is wrong? only get about 4 minutes before it shuts off. then the more it goes on the quicker it...
  4. H

    1 stick of RAM worked for first boot, but what about adding the rest?

    I have a new build, my second one. MSI M Powered Gaming z270 Titanium mobo 4 identical CORSAIR Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (4 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 DRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) Intel Core i7-7700 Kaby Lake Quad-Core 3.6 GHz LGA 1151 65W BX80677I77700 Powered up, all 4 were in there, all the fans were...
  5. T

    best software to benchmark your pc

    so basically i am looking for the best software to benchmark my pc
  6. P

    Whats a good AMD4 Motherboard in the $100-$150 range that does NOT have onboard graphics?

    I need to know of a good AMD4 motherboard that does NOT have onboard graphics that does not "break the bank", so to speak.
  7. A

    Changing gpu heatsinks

    Hello! I just got MSI rx570 4g armor and its really loud when gaming. Im thinking is it possible to switch heatsinks and fans with msi gtx960.(its just laying around) Gtx960 heatsink is bigger and the fans were quieter. Am i going to face some problems or not?
  8. L

    GTX 1050ti Low Profile

    Im planning on using GTX 1050ti for my optiplex 9010. Is there any special requirements for it?
  9. H

    ryzen 5 2600x voltage?

    my 2600x voltage is almost hitting 1.45v at stock settings then reverts back to 1.39v and rises up again every second or so. ive heard that the safe voltage is below 1.45v for longer lifespan, will my current voltages affect my cpu longevity? amd wouldn't make a processor that isnt capable of...
  10. D

    Random restarts while gaming

    Sorry for another thread on this (I read through several) but, like everyone, I feel like this situation is a little different. This is a new build(5 days old) and also my first build. I'm a noob forsure. System CPU: Xeon x5675 3.07ghz (Used) Cooler: Cryorig M9i (New) MB: Asus Sabertooth X58...
  11. C

    [SOLVED] What should I prepare for when upgrading my mobo and cpu?

    So I've ordered a new motherboard from ASUS along with a new cpu, as well as a gpu though I am not worried about that part. I am upgrading my processor from an AMD FX-6300 to an Intel i7-4790S. These components should be coming in a couple days. I've checked PcPartPicker and I'm very sure that...
  12. R

    Ryzen 3 2200G Showing 256 Celsius

    Ryzen 3 2200G showing a core temp of 256 Celcius while running World Community Grid. Only one of the four cores shows this temperature and it quickly goes back down to 30-65 Celsius depending on the load. I was wondering if this sounds like a legitimate heat issue, a sensor issue, or a software...
  13. M

    Gaming PC Build, Budget $2,500

    Hey guys, I have always wanted to build my own gaming PC for as long as I can remember and recently I have decided to make it a reality and finally start saving towards one. My budget is $2,500 and that's for everything, PC, monitor, keyboard, etc. My goal is to build a super beefy gaming PC...
  14. Limyx826

    Quick Question: Why some icon support large icon some doesn't?

    Here is a screenshot of a folder where I set to Extra Large Icon. As you see there are two icon that are stuck in medium size. May I ask why?
  15. E

    FPS drop on battlegrounds

    Hello, I've recently bought a new 1060 in the hope it would boost my FPS on battlegrounds. I had a 670 before so I thought this would suffice. Problem is my frames have barely improved and they are dropping to around 20 - 30 quite often. Is something bottle necking my computer? baring in mind...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] Reinstalling Windows and keeping apps

    So a few days ago my computer tried installing some update or feature and was shut down before it could finish, resulting in a corrupted bootres.dll file and being unable to start up or repair itself. I've already gone through the whole song and dance of chkdsk commands which are telling me I...
  17. D

    Which laptop out of these 2 should I get?

    Hi guys Which laptop config should I get for casual gaming, Lightroom & Photoshop, and occasional video editing? I tend to multitask quite a bit (happy when I can at least keep 10 tabs open in Chrome when I'm doing video editing for instance). Choice 1: GTX 1060 MAX-Q 6GB / 16GB DDR4...
  18. N

    [SOLVED] Power supply unit

    Just purchased a corsair HX1200. I'm used too buying cheap power supplies not anymore will I do that lol. Could someone explain to me, what the difference between the single rail and the multi rail switch?
  19. Nerdtweak

    Is 600W Gold 80+ Enough for This Build?

    I am upgrading my system because my current one has started to get slow, so I'm curious as to whether or not my power supply will be able to handle the job. The PSU is 600W, Gold 80+ and is about 2-3 years old (I can't remember the exact model) MOBO: Gigabyte B360 AORUS Gaming 3 Intel B360...
  20. A

    i7 6700 (non-k) bottleneck 2080?

    I currently have an i7 6700 (non-k) paired with an MSI Armour GTX 1070, I'm planning to upgrade my graphics card to an RTX 2080. I'm afraid that my computer would then have a major bottleneck issue due to my cpu. I'm on and off about the topic so I just really don't know if I should upgrade my...
  21. Z

    Can't install windows 10 on ssd Crucial MX500

    Hello, I buy new Crucial MX500 ssd for my laptop but I can't install windows 10 on it! I read some guides on this forum and google, but stil I'm not able to install. I tried to solve this by doing the following things: - I tried clone system (win10) with AOMEI and MiniTool partition. - I...
  22. T

    [SOLVED] Setting up external E-brake for racing sim

    I'm trying to help a buddy set up an e-brake for his sim set up for forza, he has got a usb joystick interface and a precision switch for it. The device is being picked up by windows but the switch itself is not working when I'm trying to map it to a button. Anyone able to help with this issue...
  23. A

    [SOLVED] HP OMEN Z4D33AA 27" vs Dell s21416dg 27"

    which monitor is simply better? :D Thanks
  24. I

    [SOLVED] New build not loading to usb boot drive

    I recently got a new processor, motherboard, and case. I5 6400 to i5 6600 Predator g3-710 motherboard to asrock z270 taichi and i updated the bios to p,30 G3-710 predator case to NZXT H500 case I finished installing all the parts and the last thing i have to do is install the OS system. I have...
  25. realghostbuster

    [SOLVED] PSU dimensions query

    Hi there, I have a question about PSU dimensions that I hope you could kindly help me with. I currently have a Win Power ATX 450 PSU in my PC case which I'm hoping to replace with a better more modern supply unit. The dimensions of this unit are as follows: 14.5 x 15 x 8.5 cm As my current PSU...
  26. S

    Computer monitor no display after windows 7 factory reset

    Monitor has not turning on with boot monitor has power. Black screen after windows 7 factory reset
  27. A

    Ping spikes every ten minutes

    About 3 months ago I would start getting ping spikes every ten seconds that would last anywhere between 5-10 seconds and my ping could skyrocket up to 1000. My pc is plugged in directly to the extender in my house so I don’t understand what could be causing the problem. I’ve tried researching...
  28. R

    Remove windows 10 from my tablet

    I have a Telcast t11 tablet with dual os windows 10/Android 5.can I remove windows 10 from it?
  29. W

    [SOLVED] RTX 2080 Micro Stutter in All Games

    I have been getting pretty bad micro stuttering in all games, and sometimes in bios and on the desktop when moving my mouse or windows around (Stutter on desktop happens rarely, stutter in game happens frequently). Everything seems to freeze up for .5-1 seconds and then catches up. The only...
  30. Icetou87

    ASUS Dual RX 480 8G is it worth it?

    Alright so I am planning on buying a new GPU for my 3 years old custom PC, due to old one having a burn. Got a 600W PSU and Z87 Extreme4 ASRock motherboard, 16 gigs of ram and a i5-4590 cpu. I've came across the ASUS Dual RX 480 8GDDR5 gpu for a price, a bit too cheap for such a graphics card -...
  31. us

    Board with intel core i7 950, looking for other processor which supports AVX

    I have a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.1GHz in my Gamer PC. For Dual Universe, i need a processor which supports AVX. Is there any processor which supports AVX which i can change directly against the intel core i7 950? (same socket and so on, i hope there is one) Thanks...
  32. M

    Need help with cpu

    So I bought a i3-7300 & bought a gigabyte H310MA mobo, that apparently supports 8th gen processors. Do 7th & 8th gen processors have the same chipset? & is my mobo compatible with my cpu?
  33. J

    [SOLVED] HP Laptop screen flickers and freezes

    So I've noticed recently that while using my laptop, it's started to freeze. While initially I thought it was due to the OS being slow or a memory problem, I quickly noticed it was a hardware problem. At first it was a rare occurrence, now it's almost permanent. What I've noticed is that only...
  34. B

    Samsung monitor flash on and off randomly

    Just built a new PC and connected it to a Samsung 28" UE590 UHD Monitor. The monitor came with an HDMI and a Displayport cable. When I connect the monitor to my graphics card with HDMI the monitor will go black and after a second it will turn back on. A HDMI sign is displayed on the top right...
  35. J

    How to connect desktop with 2 monitors and a receiver

    I have a windows 10 desktop with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB. It is a pre-built system with one HDMI port coming from the graphics card. I run my HDMI to one TV that I use for work (I work from home). I also have another TV that is connected via a YAMAHA RX-A680 receiver (HDMI from desktop...
  36. R

    [SOLVED] How do I restore a Win7/10 system image from my NAS?

    I've been successfully creating full system image backups for months on my Synology DS218+ (Windows 7 backup utility on Windows 10), and now I need to restore my machine. I proceeded to create a bootable flash drive (Windows Media Creation Tool) on another machine, inserted it in my PC that's...
  37. Paul Wagenseil

    Best Windows Antivirus 2019

    Kaspersky Total Protection is the best antivirus software overall, but Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is best for customers on a budget. Best Windows Antivirus 2019 : Read more
  38. S

    Laptop Overheating Problems

    Hi, recently I've ran into problems with my laptop overheating and I'm currently trying to figure out what could be causing the problem. -I've already bought compressed air and cleaned out the fan and heat-sink. Both seem to be working well because I can feel lots of airflow and when I unplug...
  39. K

    Does my laptop cause ozone?

    I'm worried because I found something online about computers producing ozone from their PSU. My laptop cpu gets up to like 90 degrees when gaming and my gpu gets up to 70? Is my pc producing ozone? Heres what i found: https://www.quora.com/Could-a-gaming-computer-create-ozone
  40. M

    [SOLVED] Dell Poweredge T30 doesn't boot up with new memory

    I bought this memory for my Dell Poweredge T30. But the computer doesn't boot up after I installed the new memory. I tried all combinations but none of them worked. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820232251 Could anyone tell me if there is compatibility issue? Thanks!